Episode 1466

Australian Air Date: 16th May 1994
Writer: Sharyn Rosenberg
Director: Grant Brown

Tug is embarrassed when he discovers that Beth is aware of his attraction to her. Shane is determined to prove his worth to Angel.

Extended Summary

At the Diner, Luke is talking to Nick and he mentions that Tug is in love with Beth. Nick does not believe him. Luke tells him more about this. At school, everyone is ready for yoga. Beth has just come in when Nick says that he has almost given up on her. She tells him that she had problems with Tug and that he called off his lessons. Nick comments that he may have developed another interest. She has guessed it right that it would be about girls. Beth asks him about her, but he is not revealing the identity.

Shane gets a phone call from the council; he now has a job. Nick and Angel want to know where he’d be working, and he does not tell them straight away. He says he’d be working in the Waste Management Dept! They still don’t understand until he says the sanitation dept; he is a ‘garbo’.

Beth comes into the Diner and sees Luke there. She asks him has Tug been. Irene tells her he has not come in yet. Beth says that they have a lesson, and she tells Luke what Nick has told her, and gives out about him spreading gossip. He tells her that he was the one who told him, and she gives him an earful; he should get his facts right. He tells Beth that Tug is in love with her as he has told him last night.

Sam writes on the list and tells Sally that she forgot two things; chocolate and ice-cream. She tells him they do not need them; they eat a lot of junk food anyway. She asks him does she want to go with her, and Michael returns home. Sam does not want to go to the shops as he wants to talk to Michael. Michael asks him what does he want to talk about and Sam asks for a new skateboard as the kids in his school have their own, and even offers do clean up his room. He says he does not have money to throw away on skateboards and he should use Damian’s. Sam wants his own, and Michael shouts at him.

Nick is at Alf’s shop and tells him of Shane getting the job as a garbo. He admits that he does not like the idea. Shane comes in and Nick says he would have given him a lift. Shane does not mind, and Nick leaves; Alf tells him that Nick is not impressed with his job. Alf tells him not to worry, as some of his best mates are garbos. Shane finds Nick in the Surf Club and gives out to him. Nick tells him that Alf has misunderstood him and that he is proud of him as not many would have been prepared to take this job.

Tug has come in the Diner and apologises for being late. Luke tells him that he was keeping Beth company and Tug tells him as long he kept her company. His lesson starts, but he gets distracted when he does not answer the question for five minutes. She acts cold towards him and he discovers that she has found about him loving her. She tells him that she is his teacher and no more.

Angel asks Nick how long would Shane keep the job. She is sure that he would chuck it in at the end of the week and reminds him that he has not even done a hard day’s work yet. Nick says that he may surprise them; the job may require a lot of discipline and Shane may prove it to everyone. She tells him that she does not think he would even do discipline well.

Sam is outside looking at a gardening book. Michael apologises to him for shouting at him, and Sam suggests planting more vegetables in their veggie patch. Michael tells him this is his best offer in days. Sally returns home with the shopping and Michael discovers an envelope. She tells him that Tug handed it to her for Pippa. He is surprised to find a cheque addressed to Pip, and thinks that Alf may have charged too much.

Shane is sure that he will be back with Angel. Nick advises him to be a friend with her now. Shane suggests having a picnic, and says that he cannot wait around doing nothing. Back home, he asks Angel if she would like to go to a restaurant in Yabbie Creek. She refuses, and he persists they go as friends. Nick has just come home in the middle of the argument between them, and asks them how are things going. She is trying to get through Shane’s thick head that she is not his girlfriend.

Tug gives out to Luke in the Surf Club for telling Beth about him being in love with her. Luke tries to tell him that he had to warn her before he made a fool of himself. Tug says that he now knows where he stands; he cannot rely on Luke in the future, and that he does not understand the meaning of the word ‘friend’…

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