Episode 1467

Australian Air Date: 17th May 1994
Writer: Sharyn Rosenberg
Director: Grant Brown

Jack believes he’s found the perfect way to attract women. Shane is forced to accept that Angel is no longer a part of his life.

Extended Summary

Tug continues to refuse to return to his lessons, despite Beth trying to convince him.

Jack comments to Damian that Sarah is a cool chick and Damian reminds him of the trouble he got into chasing Angel. Jack can never forget what has happened. He asks Damian about the delivery job, but Damian tells him that he needs someone reliable.

Damian asks Alf about taking Jack on now that Shane is working. Jack is reading a magazine; when Fin comes in, he tries to chat her up. She is disgusted and tells Damian that he needs to see a shrink! Alf tells Jack that if he spends as much time on girl research as he does on the job, he would not have a problem.

Shane is up early at 4 o’clock in the morning getting ready for work, and Nick has just returned home for work. Shane thinks he came home to check on him, but Nick tries to convince him otherwise. Shane does not believe him, and Nick was only trying to help. Shane suggests that he give him a lift to TAFE after work as he wishes to enrol for HSC night classes.

Damian and Jack are walking by the beach. A young man is walking past, carrying a dog. He gets attention from the girls. Jack asks Damian whether he has seen it. He thinks that a pet would be the answer to his prayers; he is getting a pooch!

Shane arrives at the depot and is introduced to three men. When they are working, they talk to him. After work, he finds Nick there and asks him has he been waiting long. He hasn’t and Shane tells him about work; how he feels they have known him for years. Nick tells him he can tell him more on the way to TAFE. Shane tells him he wants to go straight home as he has changed his mind.

Angel has discovered that Shane has changed his mind about doing his HSC. She knew this would happen and asks him what does he really want to do. He tells her he would have to disagree with her views on education. He thinks he wants to own a business and be a foreman, but she points out that he does not know what he wants to do. He suggests that he go to TAFE if it would make her happy. She tells him that she has been thinking if she was really serious about their break-up; who was she trying to kid? She lashes out at him as he has no clue about the relationship.

Jack arrives home with a dog in his arms. Sarah sees it and fondles with it. Damian tells him that Pip and Michael would not keep it here, but Jack is convinced that they would melt after looking at it.

Tug is playing pool at the Surf Club and Luke comes in. Tug tells him to leave him alone, but Luke won’t leave until Tug talks to him. He tells him that it is hard to do lessons with her around. Luke tells him of his mistake in his past when he fell in love with his mother’s best friend. He wrote love letters to her but got laughed at. He convinces Tug that he told Beth because he wanted him to stop him making a fool of himself like he did. Tug asks why was he not told this before; Luke admits that he was scared he would be an idiot. He comments that he is a sick man! Luke suggests that he talk to Beth and do the lessons soon; Tug will think about it.

Shane tells Nick what has happened and does not understand it. Nick points out that Angel does not want him to do HSC just to keep her happy, but to do it for himself. Nick hates to say this, and tells him that he thinks he has blown it big time and forever…

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