Episode 1468

Australian Air Date: 18th May 1994
Writer: Greg Millin
Director: Grant Brown

Beth decides to continue tutoring Tug despite Fisher’s warning.

Extended Summary

Jack enters into the Diner with his dog. Irene tells him to take him out but he complains that it may be stolen. She tells him to keep it quiet so that Ailsa would not know. He sees two girls at the other table looking at the dog, and he lifts his paw and waves it at them; they giggle and wave back. One of them goes up to pet it, and Jack starts chatting. He has named the dog Aftershave.

Shane is up late the next morning, and Nick offers to give him a lift. He arrives at the depot and is given out by the foreman. Nick covers for Shane when he says that he promised to give him a lift, but he had a flat battery. The foreman asks who he is, and tells him that accidents happen; he orders Shane that if he wants to keep the job, he must find the lorry and be on it when it comes back and he must have done some work.

Shane thanks Nick for covering for him and drives around the Bay looking for the lorry. Nick asks Shane does he really want to keep the job for himself or does he want to keep it to impress Angel, pointing out that they may as well go home if he is trying to impress her. Shane says that he wants it for himself, and Nick continues helping him with the search.

Michael asks Jack why did he get the dog. Jack explains that the owner was going to put him down and he could not let it happen to a defenceless creature. Michael still does not understand why he got it as Jack is going back next week, Damian then spills the beans; he learns that he got it to pick up girls. He is annoyed and tells Jack that he must get rid of it. Jack lies that the owner is gone away; Michael agrees to let it stay overnight on the condition that it stays overnight, and it is to go back first thing in the morning.

Shane comes into the caravan park and Damian says hello. Shane tells him that he blew his chances with Angel. Damian is listening; Michael drives up and Damian runs off to warn Jack. Michael has seen him running off and asks Shane. Inside, Jack, Sam and Damian are lined up against the wall, and Jack tells Michael that it is good to see him. Michael is suspicious and asks them what has been going on. They deny anything. When Sam is asked what he has done, his reply that he has done Maths, English…! A whimpering is heard, and Michael says that it sounds like a dog; Jack tries to cover this up by saying that one of the guests has a cough! Michael is not fooled as he does not believe that a guest would be hiding in the laundry; he opens the door and finds a dog there.

Tug asks Sarah would she be his tutor. She says she cannot afford to go over stuff she has already done and she has her own study to do. She points out that he needs a professional; Roxy and Beth have just come into the Surf Club. Sarah tells him that Beth is here now and suggests that he talk to her. He refuses, and she persists, offering to go to talk to her. Tug grabs her, and, being shocked, asks him what is his problem. He tells her that when he says no, he means no. Roxy has seen this and asks Beth what is the story between them. Beth does not want to tell her but makes her promise not to tell Fisher; Roxy learns that Tug likes her so much. She is told that it happens and Roxy tells her that some of her students are attractive and points to two guys and talks about them. Beth feels embarrassed.

The next morning, Michael comes down the stairs and finds his slipper on one of the steps. He is shocked to discover the mess in the living room, and the dog is still eating away. Jack has come down and is surprised to see the mess. Michael tells him that he must get rid of it, and Jack says that he cannot; it may have to stay for a few days. He orders Jack to clean up the mess before Pip returns.

On the way to school, Damian asks Jack about the girl. Jack will ask her out; Damian finds it hard to believe it but he is sure that she will agree. In the corridor, Jack finds her and asks her to go out. She agrees and he says he will see her at 7:30. Damian is puzzled about this and Jack tells him that he should get a dog himself. Damian is wondering why he has not thought of the idea earlier.

Fisher asks Roxy what is up with Beth and Tug. She does not tell him anything as he should ask Beth this. He comes to the conclusion that they are involved. Beth is asked for a word in private and tells him that it is between her and Tug. Fisher tells him he has to know and he discovers that Tug likes her. He advises her that it would not be a good idea to continue, but is glad to hear that the lessons have stopped. He agrees not to let Tug know.

Damian and Jack arrive at Alf’s shop late. Jack has brought Aftershave with him and Tug is wondering what he is doing with it. Aftershave is carsick and must be left at the back of the shop. Tug is reluctant to agree to have him in the back, but gives in.

Tug asks Beth if they would continue the lessons, but she asks that she think about it first and he will know this afternoon. Beth finds Fisher in a classroom and lets him know that Tug wants to continue. He hopes that she has said no, but she wanted to see him first. She wants to help Tug as it is close to the trials, and Fisher cannot force her not to continue. He asks her does she know the risk she is taking; she does, because Tug is worth it.

Damian and Jack arrive at the Surf Club; Jack is waiting for his date who has not come yet. A minute later, she arrives, and they spend time together. Later on, at the Rosses, Jack returns from his date and Damian asks him how it went. Damian changes his mind – he does not want to know. He realises that Jack has not brought Aftershave back; Jack thought Damian would bring it back as he was ‘busy’! Damian points out that it is his dog, and Alf will go furious in the morning if it is left there. Jack says they must get Aftershave out and quick…

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