Episode 1469

Australian Air Date: 19th May 1994
Writer: Greg Millin
Director: Grant Brown

Jack tries to rescue his puppy from Alf’s store. Alf is crushed when he discovers Fisher has been chosen to host the d̩butante ball.

Extended Summary

Damian phones Tug to let Jack into the store to retrieve Aftershave. Tug is reluctant but Damian persuades him and Damian and Jack dash out to meet Tug. They find he is not there, and Tug jumps out from behind, scaring them! He knew that he forgot something and Jack gives out. He was only kidding and hands Jack the key to the store. Jack opens the door, and discovers the mess. He calls Aftershave who comes out from the back. He starts cleaning up the mess. Meanwhile, Damian and Tug are waiting for him. Fisher’s car comes up and slows down; they are relieved when he drives off.

Fisher calls into the Stewarts and Alf wonders who it could be at this time of night. He tells Alf that he thinks he saw someone in his store. Alf asks Roxy to call the police and dashes off; Roxy tells him he should stay and leave the police to handle it. He refuses to stand by and do nothing.

Tug and Damian sees Alf’s car come up and run off. Jack notices a light come through the windows and panics. He goes into the back. Alf enters, and finds the door is unlocked. Aftershave makes noises and Jack quietens it down. Alf comes into the back and gets flour and eggs chucked onto his head! Jack comes down and grabs Aftershave and runs home.

Tug and Damian are surprised to see that Jack has made it; Jack fills them in and they realise why he took so long as he had to clean up the mess. Tug is annoyed and tells them that if anyone found about him, they would suffer also.

Roxy is trying to do a budget but finds it difficult to keep costs down. Alf asks her about choosing a person to present the girls and boys to. She says she is thinking about it and he gives her some advice, dropping hints at the same time. Roxy asks does anyone want tea and Sarah comments on his hints dropping and how subtle he was! She knows that he wants to be the guest of honour.

Sarah returns home with Alf’s kilt. Alf thanks her and glances at it. He says that he knows that the cost is high and offers to pay for the cost of hiring the hall. She is glad and asks her about getting

In the Diner, Luke and Roxy are talking about the ball and she says that Alf would be a good person for the guest of honour. Sarah is listening to them.

At school, Luke and Roxy ask Fisher to be the guest of honour and he accepts straightaway; he is delighted. He is at Alf’s shop now and they talk about the ball. Alf asks him what part has he got; he is surprised and disappointed that he was not asked. Alf drops into the Diner and Sarah is sorry that he was not picked, saying that he would be a great choice.

Jack tells Damian that himself and Tug are in the clear. Damian tells him that he does not think so and tells him that his mum is in trouble as she as been blamed for leaving the door unlocked. Jack is disappointed but says that she will bounce back as adults do. Damian tells him that it is worse; her shifts have been cut back. He tells him that he must tell Alf that he is the vandal he is looking for; if he does not, he will tell him…

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