Episode 1470

Australian Air Date: 20th May 1994
Writer: Annette Moore
Director: Grant Brown

Shane’s act of generosity backfires. Jack admits his involvement in the break-in at the store. Fin leaves for university.

Final episode. Left for university, dismayed following her failed relationship with Haydn.

Extended Summary

Jack goes up to tell Alf but chickens out. Damian tells him that he means it that he will tell Alf if he does not. Jack calls at the Stewarts to see Alf. He tells him that it is about the break-in. Alf is interested and tells him there is a reward, and Jack asks how much would it be. He thinks it should be $50 and tells him all he wants is a name. Jack gives him the name: Jack Wilson! Alf is not happy and gives out. Jack tells him that Michael does not need to know, but Alf happens to disagree with him. Alf drags Jack by his ear over to the Diner and tells Irene he has something to say. Jack admits that he was the one who broke into the store. Irene is shocked and Alf tells him to apologise. She points out that Alf owes him an apology as well as he blamed her for the whole thing.

Shane has received his first pay from his new job. He is asked what would he get with it and replies that he would be getting something for himself and heads off to do his shopping. Later on, Angel returns home and Shane tells her he got her something. She is annoyed and tells him that she has told him before that she does not want anything. He shows her what he got for Dylan and tells her that even though they are not together, he still wants to be in Dylan’s life.

Jack goes home and Michael asks him is he in trouble. Michael is furious when Jack tells him he was the vandal of Alf’s store. Jack tries to explain, but Michael does not, saying that he had too many chances; he would boot him out personally if he wasn’t going next week. Michael goes to Alf’s shop and apologises to him for Jack and asks him how much does he owe. Alf tells him not to bother, but Michael insists.

Fin is overjoyed as she has received a letter; she has been accepted into a TAFE course in childcare. She is so happy and goes on about the changes in her life. Irene is disappointed when she hears that Fin is starting in the city as there were no places in the local. Irene leaves, and Fin wonders what is wrong. Michael points out to her what she is doing; her excitement has made her mum feel like that she wants to get out of the Bay. She realises what she has done.

Fisher is now getting unsure about the job he has to do at the ball. Angel asks him who is the lucky lady. Not understanding her, he eventually learns that he should have a lady accompanying him to the ball. She asks him what he would be wearing; he replies that he would be wearing his tux.

The next morning, Irene is at the beach and is sad. Fin finds her there and apologises for her carry on. Irene is sad that her girl is no longer her little girl and she is so grown up now. Fin asks her would she like to move to the city with her. Irene does not want to accept her offer as her place is in the Bay now. She suggests that she go to the city with her for a few days to help her settle and Fin agrees.

Angel calls over to see Sarah. She shows her Dylan’s clothes Shane bought and thinks that he is using Dylan to suck up to her. Sarah points out that he may not be.

At the Rosses, Fin is ready to leave and she says goodbye to everyone. Irene says that she came to the Bay to get her family together but she is ten years too late. Michael says that they would still have a home to come to. Fin leaves, and Sarah asks Angel what is she going to do about Shane. Angel has an idea. Back at Fishers, Shane asks her what is she going to do about Dylan’s clothes. Angel says she is doing nothing as he is not getting them. She accuses him of using her son to blackmail him…

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