Episode 1471

Australian Air Date: 23rd May 1994
Writer: Sean Nash
Director: Michael Ailwood

Michael is furious to discover his wife has taken on a job without his knowledge. Sarah and Angel finally decide where they stand with one another.

Extended Summary

Tug has received a letter. Luke asks him about it; the letter is about the appeal, which has been set for Thursday.

Angel gives out to Shane and still thinks he is blackmailing her with Dylan’s clothes. She later discovers he is posting a parcel containing clothes to Dylan. Shane later returns and Angel gives out to him. Shane tells her that if anyone told him off for sending clothes, he would tell them to get lost.

Tug turns up for work. Alf comments that he has finally decided to face the music. Alf sacks Tug and puts his hand out for the return of the keys. Jack has heard about Tug and is sorry.

Michael is getting annoyed when Pippa does not seem do be anywhere. He calls everywhere, but has no luck. Alf calls over with the groceries and Michael says that he would have to call Nick. Alf says he would not advise him to do this, and tells him that he may know where she is. Michael is listening and Alf tells him that she is working in the Surf Club and that she asked for the job and he gave it to her.

Angel is now feeling bad, and goes to Alf’s shop to find something for Shane. Alf suggests chocolates, but she says no as she accused Shane for buying her chocolates. He then suggests flowers, but she has been there, done that. Alf has a thought: the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. She buys expensive ice-cream and tells Shane it is a peace offering and apologises to him.

Michael is annoyed and heads over to the Club. He causes a scene when he demands that she go home as they have things to talk about. Pippa is annoyed and tells him it is not the right time and he should leave her to do the job she is paid to do.

Jack talks to Alf about Tug and Alf calls into Tug later; Tug is delighted to get his job back. Alf tells him that it was Jack who changed his mind. He mentions that he should have told him about the courts case and he would not want Tug to look bad.

Michael returns home and asks the kids to leave. Pippa says that it was unnecessary. He gives out to her for lying to him. She says she was not lying, and was waiting for a good time to tell him. He did not like the fact that he was kept in the dark while the rest of Bay knew. She realises that he was worried about his wife working in the toilets and she tells him that his dignity and ego would not pay the bills. He says that her job is totally unnecessary, but she says that they have no money and bills to pay and asks him what would the bank managers think are necessary. Jack, Damian and Sally are in the hall, eavesdropping in the conversation. Jack is not happy about the situation. Pippa starts crying…

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