Episode 1472

Australian Air Date: 24th May 1994
Writer: Sean Nash
Director: Michael Ailwood

Ailsa and Roxy’s friendship reaches a crisis. Jack is shattered to discover his family no longer wants him.

Extended Summary

Pippa and Michael continue arguing. She is distraught and rings Ailsa. Ailsa is perplexed and tells her she can come over. Pippa drops over at the Stewarts and pours it all out about Michael and herself.

Michael talks to Alf about the argument. Alf tells home a tip: he lost his business years ago and thought he would make up for it by working harder, but ended up losing his family. He replaced financial success with family.

Pippa gets a call and asks Sally to look for Jack. Sally can’t find him anywhere, and asks her what the call was about. Pippa says she has to tell Jack first.

Michael returns home and Pippa says they have to talk. Michael says the same, and they have made up. Jack comes in and asks Pippa what she wants. She tells him that the Dept rang her with some news of his family. They want Jack to remain fostered here. Jack asks how long would he be here, and Pippa replies permanently. She says that his mother was issued with an ultimatum: if Jack returns, his stepfather would walk out. Michael says he can stay here now. Jack reminds him that he said that he would boot him out.

Damian and Jack go to the beach and Jack is determined to return to his family. Jack says that his stepfather is just bluffing: he just hits him and he will keep his mouth shut in the future. Damian is taken aback and tells him he should stay. Jack says he would not like to go back to Pip and Michael’s brawls. Damian tells him that it was the first big argument he has ever seen, but Jack still wants to go home to his family, especially his brother, Jeremy.

Irene gets organised for her skincare party so that she could show the Wonderskin skincare range. She goes around asking everyone would they be coming. She suggests to Alf that she give Ailsa some money.

The party goes well, for a while, until Roxy makes some comments. Irene has applied a bit too much make up on Angel and admits her mistake. Roxy says that she looks a tart, and Angel demands to see a mirror. Irene tries to reassure Angel she is OK, but she insists on seeing a mirror. Irene is disappointed and ‘thanks’ Roxy. Irene talks about one of the products and Roxy then comments on her exaggerations; she tells her to be serious. Ailsa points out to Pip about Roxy being insensitive and she gives out to her about her thing about honesty, before storming out. She laughs and asks where did this come from, then starts feeling embarrassed…

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