Episode 1473

Australian Air Date: 25th May 1994
Writer: Boaz Stark
Director: Michael Ailwood

Jack is welcomed as a permanent member of the Ross household. Shane gets a rude awakening about the cost of living.

Extended Summary

Sam decides to give Jack a present. Jack opens it, but is angry when he discovers that Sam has used the frame and taken his brother’s picture out. Jack asks where is the picture and finds it in the bin. He is so angry and threatens to hit him. Michael and Damian come in just as Jack is about to hit Sam.

Ailsa is angry with Roxy. Roxy does not understand what is wrong, and apologises to Irene; Irene tells her it is not her fault. Pippa overhears them and tells Roxy the real reason of Ailsa’s problem: Ailsa says that Roxy is insensitive.

Sarah drops into the Diner and asks Ailsa about Roxy. Ailsa is still angry, and Sarah points out that she may have been thoughtful. Ailsa returns home and Sarah leaves the room. Both Ailsa and Roxy talk at the same time, but they have finally sorted it out and hug each other.

Shane arrives in the Diner with his pay and tells Fisher that he is thinking of saving for a car and that he will be paying him $25 for board. Fisher is taken aback by this amount. Shane, thinking that it may be too much for him, offers $20 instead. Fisher is shocked at this; he mentions that he thought it would be near the $60 mark. Shane asks him is he ripping him off, and Fisher tells him he could ask him the same question.

Shane is wondering what he can do about getting money for a car; he wants to have a car so that he can go to TAFE so that he can do his HSC. He asks Fisher abuot the board: if he does all his chores such as washing his clothes, dishes and so on, he should pay less. Fisher reluctanly agrees, but Shane’s persistence makes him change his mind: the board has gone down to $45. He points out that if Shane gets lazy, the board would go back up to the amount originally agreed.

Michael and Pippa talk to Jack about his actions. Jack is surprised when he does not cop anything: Michael says that no-one hits each other in the house. Jack admits that the worst thing he always got was that he always got a beating. Pippa says that Jack has picked up bad habits and Michael suggests he stay and pick up good ones: Jack agrees.

Shane and Angel are talking about his money problem: he asks Fisher if he skips breakfast, he should pay $30. Fisher scoffs at this, saying that he eats a lot more than this a week. Shane says that there is somethinbg out there with a fortune waiting to be made: if only he could work out what it may be…

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