Home and Away Spoilers – Justin attacked by Vita Nova… again!

This week on Home and Away in Australia, Justin is targeted by Vita Nova as he lies in his hospital bed – will they succeed in finishing him off?

A couple of weeks ago, doomsday cult Vita Nova reared their ugly heads again as they tricked Justin (James Stewart) and Leah (Ada Nicodemou) into thinking they’d won a luxury break for two.

The cult has had a vendetta against Justin and Leah since their actions led to their leader, Margot Dafoe (Mandy McElhinney), winding up behind bars.

As the pair drove out of Summer Bay in search of… a beach and some sun? … they were kidnapped by members of the cult and transported to an old abandoned warehouse, where they were left for dead.

Days went by and the pair began to get more and more desperate as they realised that the cult members wouldn’t be coming back for them. All of the doors were locked, they were left without food and water, and nobody even knew they were missing.

Justin attempted to climb up some metal pipework, hoping it would lead to safety, but the structure collapsed down upon him, crushing his chest, causing a tear on his lung and leaving him coughing up blood.

Leah’s own attempt to climb up to safety thankfully worked, and she managed to escape the warehouse.

After passing out from dehydration, she managed to gain enough strength to keep walking, and eventually found a passer-by to raise the alarm.

Justin was rushed to hospital, but the last week has seen him in a very bad way in Northern Districts.

He was in a coma and his heart was failing, with no signs of his condition improving. Bree (Juliet Godwin) was forced to tell Leah that Justin may not make it, and advised her to say her goodbyes.

When Justin started crashing in today’s episode, it seemed that the end had arrived. He saw visions of his own funeral, with Theo (Matt Evans) solemnly playing guitar at the front of a church, as Leah and other guests sat in silence. He tried talking to Leah, but upon looking around, saw his own coffin.

“Don’t you dare leave me,” screamed Leah, as Justin suffered a run of arrhythmia.

Thankfully, Leah’s words were enough to stir Justin out of his perilous state, and he woke up in the final moments of Monday’s Australian episode.

Unfortunately, that’s far from the end of the story, and Vita Nova make their next move later this week.

First thing’s first, Leah needs to convince Justin that she meant what she said when she asked him to marry her.

Upon waking from his coma, Justin reassured Leah that he knew she only proposed because he was on the brink of death, and he wasn’t going to hold her to the proposal now that he was okay.

“I know you only asked me to marry you ‘cos I was dying,” he told her. “I’m not gonna hold you to that. We can just forget about the whole thing.”

However, Leah is hurt by the idea, and reassures him that she meant what she said.

Leah explained that she was so desperate for him to survive, so she could keep loving him, and she very much meant what she said when she proposed.

Thankfully, Justin believes her, and he feels the same way.

Yes, I want to marry you,” he tells her in a preview for upcoming scenes.

“Yeah, good!” says Leah with a relieved nod and a smile.

However, if Vita Nova have their way, the wedding will never happen.

Justin’s room has been under police protection, but scenes later this week will show that the police are a little bit lax in their efforts.

According to TV Week, Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) visits the hospital, and questions Rose (Kirsty Marillier) on the lack of security outside Justin’s room. She’s worried herself, and calls her superiors to ask why there’s nobody posted there.



Unfortunately for Justin, one of Vita Nova’s members, Jordan (Jack Angwin), is posing as a hospital orderly and overhears Cash and Rose’s conversation.

Realising that the time is right to strike, quickly relays the conversation to his bosses.

“They haven’t had a cop on the door all afternoon,” he tells them. “Do you want me to make the move?”

“A faceless killer is about to strike again,” explains a new promo for the upcoming development.

Jordan then pays Justin a visit, acting normal to conceal his real identity.

Justin instantly feels safe with the hospital attendant, and he later assures Leah that she’s fine to go home, telling her, “Jordan’s gonna keep an eye on me.”

But he couldn’t be further from the truth.

In the background, Jordan watches on, waiting for the moment the coast is clear.

Later, returning to Justin’s room under cover of darkness, Jordan takes action.

“What are you doing?” Justin asks, panicked, as the orderly picks up a pillow and prepares to smother him with it!


The next morning, Leah, who is relieved that Justin is through the worst, heads back to Northern Districts Hospital. She happens to pass Bree, where she mentions Jordan the “helpful” orderly, and is shocked when Bree informs her that there’s no-one with that name in the hospital.

Quickly realising what’s going on, Rose sounds the alarm and rushes to Justin’s room, but it’s too late – Justin is lying on the floor unconscious!

“Initially no-one suspects anything,” Ada Nicodemou explains to TV Week. “Rose cottons on at the 11th hour and races back to Justin. Jordan has tried to suffocate him with a pillow!”

Suddenly, the race is on – both to save Justin and to find his attacker.

Will they succeed?

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