Home and Away Spoilers – Will Eden blow Levi’s dirty little secret?

This week on Home and Away in Australia, Eden pays Levi a surprise visit that could uncover his affair, while Leah and Justin’s wedding is back on!

Life seems to be getting back to some sort of normality in the Morgan house for Justin (James Stewart) and Leah (Ada Nicodemou), but is Leah ready to take another big step?

Following her return from a mental health clinic, after sleep deprivation caused her to hold Justin at knifepoint, Leah made a temporary move to Summer Bay House, fearful of allowing herself to be around Justin in fear of relapsing.

The pair agreed to take things at a slow pace, though Justin couldn’t help but try and move things along quicker than Leah was comfortable with.

Leah eventually worked up the courage to move home, with her confidence boosted by friend Valerie (Courtney Clarke) also moving into one of the spare rooms. Leah and Valerie had been roommates at the clinic, and Leah credits Valerie’s encouraging words as helping a lot with her recovery.

Justin understood when Leah told him she wanted to sleep in the other spare room for the moment, knowing that their shared bed had been where her nightmares had started.

However, last week Leah took the step of joining Justin back in the main bedroom, smiling with content as he took her into his arms.

With Leah later saying it was the best night’s sleep she’d had in months, Justin’s hopes have been boosted further.

This week, according to TV Week, Justin again seems to forget their ‘taking things slow’ agreement, and blurts out to Leah that he wants to marry her. The couple’s engagement was called off by Leah last year before she went to the clinic, as she tried to overcome her issues.

Leah is still cautious – everything has to move slowly,” Ada told TV Week. “What’s to say she won’t snap again?

Leah can’t give Justin an answer straight away, and discusses things with Valerie who encourages her to take a chance.

Val has lived with her own trauma for some time, but found a sense of purpose in wanting to help Leah renavigate life in Summer Bay,” Courtney added.

Leah heads down to the beach to find Justin, and boldly tells him that she’s ready to become his wife!

With the engagement back on, the pair share the good news with their friends at the diner.

But as Justin quickly gets back into the wedding planning, Leah is subdued… are we back to square one with her already regretting her decision?

Also this week, as Levi (Tristan Gorey) continues his illicit affair with Mackenzie (Emily Weir), is he about to be busted by little sister Eden (Stephanie Panozzo)?

When Levi came to the bay as Mac’s cardiothoracic surgeon following her heart attack, no one had imagined that the two would fall for each other. Least of all Levi, who has a wife, Imogen (Georgia Blizzard), back home in the city.

Mac was horrified when Levi eventually revealed that little detail, not wanting to be the sort of woman who’d break up someone else’s marriage.

Mac knows all too well what affairs can do to a family, after seeing what mum Tanya went through after Mac’s dad Rick (Mark Lee) played away from home.

But despite calling it quits, neither Mac or Levi could resist temptation in the end, and so began his double life.

The pair have nearly been busted once already, when Eden called round to Levi’s motel room unexpectedly.

Having his sister find out is the last thing that Levi wants, given she’s only just started talking to him again after 15+ years of estrangement.

It was their father’s affair that had split up the siblings in the first place, with a 15-year-old Eden vowing never to forgive Levi after he went to live with their dad.

If Eden were to discover the truth, there’s every danger she could think it’s a case of ‘like father, like son,’ causing their relationship to break down a second time.

Levi and Mac’s relationship has already caused a huge amount of stress between Mac and housemates Mali (Kyle Shilling) and Tane (Ethan Browne), who also have to keep the secret.

When Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) turned up at the farmhouse unexpectedly last week to find Levi there, she subsequently managed to drop him in it with Eden, who wondered why her brother had been in town and hadn’t come to see her.

Levi covered by saying he was following up on a few patients and had to rush back to the city, but Eden could sense that he wasn’t telling her the truth.

Eden tried to quiz Mali about Levi’s visit, but the tension of covering up the affair caused Mali to snap at her that he didn’t know anything, which only aroused further suspicions.

As a promo for this week shows, Eden isn’t willing to drop it with Mali, as she follows him outside and continues to interrogate him about Levi’s movements.

I just don’t know what you want me to say,” a frustrated Mali tells Eden as he attempts to get on with his work.

I’m just trying to work out why my brother had time to drop in on a patient but he couldn’t text his sister for a coffee,” Eden replies.

Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) is quick to try and stop Eden upsetting the apple cart when she relays to him what’s bugging her, but once back at home, Eden decides to take things further.

Bringing a holdall out of her room, Eden announces to Remi (Adam Rowland) and Bree (Juliet Godwin) that she’s off to pay her brother a surprise visit in the city.

Wait, so he doesn’t know you’re coming?” Bree enquires.

I thought that I would surprise him,” Eden casually replies, before Remi asks whether she’s sure she knows what she’s doing.

Levi’s car is in the driveway when Eden pull up outside his and Imogen’s home in the city, as we hear Eden say that she can’t wait to see her brother’s face when she lands on his doorstep.

Will Eden’s surprise visit pave the way for the truth to come out?

Home and Away has added a picture of Levi and Imogen together to its social media channels, confirming that we will get to meet Imogen for the first time in this week’s episodes.

A promo airing after Monday’s episode also revealed a big twist – Eden returns to Summer Bay and gushes to Mackenzie over how her brother and his wife have the perfect relationship, and are about to have the perfect family.

That’s right, Imogen is pregnant!

How will Mackenzie react when she learns that she’s not only having an affair with a married man, but one who’s expecting a child?

Imogen is played by Georgia Blizzard.

Georgia previously appeared on Home and Away in 2016 as Stephanie Suttle, a girl who Evelyn McGuire (Philippa Northeast) tried to set up on a date with Matt Page (Alec Snow).

Here’s the full spoilers for this week’s Home and Away episodes in Australia:

Monday 19th February (Episode 8205)

Eden’s left out by her brother. Rose influences an influencer. John and Roo press Cash for answers.

Tuesday 20th February (Episode 8206)

Eden pays a surprise visit to Levi. Does Leah still want to marry Justin? Bree receives some unexpected news.

Wednesday 21st February (Episode 8207)

Leah asks Justin for more time. Mac bristles at word of Levi’s other life. Bree listens to her heart.

Thursday 22nd February (Episodes 8208-8210)

Leah has the opportunity to further heal. Dana puts her heart on the line. The anonymous donor is revealed.

Has Xander lost a friend? Alf reveals a secret. Tane makes a startling discovery.

Kirby issues Valerie with a warning. Mackenzie makes her position clear. Mali worries about Tane.