Home and Away Spoilers – Tane faces his day in court

This week on Home and Away in Australia, Tane learns his fate as his friends testify against him, and a shock twist threatens to derail any chance of freedom.

After a false start last week, the time has come for Tane (Ethan Browne) to learn his fate as he appears in court over his kidnap of baby Poppy.

Tane had taken the child, who he’d found on the beach and nicknamed ‘Maia’, from Northern Districts Hospital after learning that some emergency foster carers had been found in the area.

Tane had believed that he should be the one to take care of her, and had enlisted Roo (Georgie Parker) to help make it happen when he discovered he was ineligible to become a foster carer.

The plan was for Roo to apply to be a foster parent whilst Tane applied for permanent residency, but Tane hadn’t banked on the authorities finding an alternative placement in the meantime.

Tane had already been barred from the hospital after the police issued him with an AVO, but when Tane asked Nurse Dana (Ally Harris) if she would allow him onto the ward to say goodbye, he took advantage of her brief absence by fleeing the hospital with the baby.

With Tane hiding out at cousin Kiri’s house, it was down to Mali (Kyle Shilling) and social worker Harper (Jessica Redmayne) to talk him into giving himself up.

Tane was swiftly bundled into a cell at Yabbie Creek police station charged with kidnapping, and it was down to Rose to decide whether Mali and Harper should also face charges for not coming forward as soon as they learned of Tane’s whereabouts.

In the end, she decided against it, and Tane was bailed with the help of his legal aid lawyer.

In the weeks afterwards, Tane continued to be his own worst enemy as he sulked about the situation. Originally refusing to talk to his lawyer, figuring there was no point in fighting against the charges, Harper and Tane’s ex-wife Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) ambushed him and tried to make him see sense.

In the meantime, the lawyer in question, Marshall (Nic English), had been brought to the bay by Harper in the hope that Tane would meet with him, but when he found himself stood up, he ended up chatting to Flick in Salt, both unaware of who the other was.

The two slept together, which made for a pretty awkward meeting the next day when Tane finally agreed to meet with Marshall in Salt.

Felicity was mortified when she realised, and it didn’t take long for Tane to overhear Flick talking with Marshall and discover that his lawyer had hooked up with his ex-wife.

Tane’s subsequent mood caused him to miss his bail check-in at the police station, and when he rocked up over two hours late and stubbornly refused to give an explanation to Rose, she had no choice but to lock him up.

Marshall met with Tane and convinced him to let him carry on representing him, with the promise that he would do all he could to keep him out of prison, and Rose let Tane go on the condition that he wouldn’t stuff up again.

There was surprise all round when Poppy’s mum Sonia (Olivia Beardsley) agreed to testify on Tane’s behalf, with Marshall sure that it would provide a good chance of the court being swayed in Tane’s favour.

But in the meantime, Harper and Dana found themselves subpoenaed to testify against Tane, something Dana has since been struggling with, terrified that she will say the wrong thing and land Tane in prison.

Tane was all set to appear in court last week when he got caught up in the aftermath of Stevie’s (Catherine Van-Davies) shooting.

As he took a walk through the parklands in his suit, Flick had phoned to warn him of a gunman on the loose, only for Tane to immediately catch sight of Sidney (Joshua McElroy).

He gave chase, but Sidney hit him over the head with his rifle bag and sent him flying. Tane was taken to hospital by Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) and Flick, but was fortunately found to not have any lasting damage.

The court date was subsequently put back 48 hours, and this week Tane finally faces the judge (Tracy Mann).

I think he’s accepted his fate,” Ethan tells TV Week. “He realises his mistake and understands that it could mean serious jail time, so he’s mentally preparing himself for the worst.

“He understands how the system works and believes everything doesn’t sit in his favour.

As a promo for tonight’s episode shows, Dana faces a grilling from the prosecution when she takes the stand.

Last seen in the case against Irene (Lynne McGranger), prosecutor Matthew responds to Dana’s statement by suggesting that Tane had taken advantage of her kindness, and manipulated her into letting him visit the baby.

Tane can see Dana is struggling and asks Marshall if he can step in to help her, but there’s nothing he can do as she’s the prosecution’s own witness.

Back at the diner, Dana is sure she’s ruined things for Tane, when Harper then lands a bombshell.

Sonia has changed her mind about testifying for Tane!

Tane’s whole case was resting on having Poppy’s mother on his side, and as a result, Harper doesn’t think Tane stands a chance.

As a last resort, Marshall calls Tane himself to the stand. Tane questions him, pointing out that he’d previously told him that it would be a bad idea, but Marshall points out that they’re now out of options. Knowing that he could be facing 15 years imprisonment, Tane reluctantly takes his place.

Tane is stunned however when Marshall changes tack and brings up his history with Flick in the hope it will help his defence.

Whilst it’s the best thing Marshall can come up with on the spot, Tane doesn’t appreciate having to air his dirty laundry in the courtroom.

He’s not happy about it at all,” Ethan continues. “He feels it was a dirty move by Marshall – and by Felicity for telling him their private business.

As the day in court comes to a close, there appears to be an unexpected development with Tane and Harper as they await news of his fate.

He finds comfort and support from Harper,” Ethan adds. “And it helps him cope with the situation, so he leans in towards the friendship.

When they reconvene in court the following day, it’s time for the judge to deliver her verdict. The last time we saw this particular judge, she was sentencing Colby (Tim Franklin) to 25 years in prison…

Will Tane be saying goodbye to his freedom too?

Thankfully, for Tane at least, it appears that the judge lets him off pretty lightly.

Filming at Palm Beach over the past few months has revealed that Tane is still present in Summer Bay, and therefore not about to receive a custodial sentence.

Filming from Palm Beach in March
© Back to the Bay

Back in March, the Back to the Bay team spotted Tane and Flick getting quite cosy at a celebration that we believe to be Cash and Eden’s (Stephanie Panozzo) engagement party.

Further photos taken by fans more recently show that Harper is pregnant. When the baby kicks, she brings Tane’s hand for him to feel it, indicating that it could be the result of their liaison.

With thanks to Natalie Sharon Hance

Here’s the full spoilers for this week’s Home and Away episodes in Australia:

Monday 3rd June (Episode 8269)

The Bay rallies for Tane’s day in court. A shock twist could derail Tane’s trial. Alf calls on Rose for help.

Tuesday 4th June (Episode 8270)

Tane receives his sentencing. Harper is left with mixed emotions. Summer Bay begins to heal.

Wednesday 5th June (Episode 8271)

Nelson makes Bree an offer. Harper confides in Dana. Mali’s brother hits the Bay.

Thursday 6th June (Episode 8272)

Bree must be honest with Nelson. Mali’s brother takes a shine to a Summer Bay local. Eden tries to broker peace between Cash and Remi.

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