Home and Away Spoilers – Mali’s brother Iluka to arrive

This week on Home and Away in Australia, Mali’s brother Iluka arrives in Summer Bay, but is trouble set to follow?

Mali Hudson (Kyle Shilling) arrived in Summer Bay in January last year as Dean’s (Patrick O’Connor) board shaper.

Mali lived in nearby Mantaray Point, a few hours up the coast, and it was Mackenzie (Emily Weir) who initially brought him to Summer Bay to help her set up the nursery for Dean and Ziggy’s (Sophie Dillman) baby, complete with hand-crafted miniature surfboards.

We soon learnt that Mali was one of seven, having four sisters and two brothers back home, who in turn had given him five nephews and three nieces.

We have since been introduced to one of his sisters – Elandra (Rarriwuy Hick) – as well as Mali’s mother, Victoria (Ursula Yovich).

Mali began dating Rose (Kirsty Marillier) soon after arriving in Summer Bay, but stepped back the second he realised that she was a police officer.

Mali explained that you couldn’t trust the police where he came from, with it hinted that it was because of his family’s Aboriginal background.

However, he eventually accepted that Rose wasn’t like the police he and his family had known at Mantaray Point, and agreed to give things a go.

It was upon meeting Mali’s mother Victoria that we learnt the family’s true strength of feeling.

When he heard from Elandra that his mum had seen photos of him and Rose together online, he invited Rose to meet her, but she went cold as soon as she learnt about Rose’s job.

We learnt that Mali’s brother Iluka has had issues in the past with drinking and fighting, and whilst he has tried to get his life back on track, the local police have continued to unfairly target him, alongside anyone else he happens to be with.

Both Mali and Elandra themselves have been picked up by the police just for walking down the street with their brother, hence the family’s distrust of the force.

Now, Iluka is set to make his first appearance in Summer Bay, played by Dion Williams.

Iluka shows up unannounced in this Wednesday’s episode, and while Mali is excited to see his older brother, he soon starts to wonder why he’s turned up on his doorstep after all this time.

We soon learn that Iluka is in trouble and hiding from what TV Week describes as “some very bad people from the brothers’ past”.

What has Iluka done, and is he about to bring yet more trouble to Summer Bay?

Plus, with spoilers for Thursday’s episode telling us that “Mali’s brother takes a shine to a Summer Bay local“, is another existing favourite about to find themselves caught up in the newcomer’s drama?

Dion Williams most recently starred as JT in Last King of Cross, and is also known for his performances in GallipoliThe Time of Our Lives and Angry Boys.

Here’s the full spoilers for this week’s Home and Away episodes in Australia:

Monday 3rd June (Episode 8269)

The Bay rallies for Tane’s day in court. A shock twist could derail Tane’s trial. Alf calls on Rose for help.

Tuesday 4th June (Episode 8270)

Tane receives his sentencing. Harper is left with mixed emotions. Summer Bay begins to heal.

Wednesday 5th June (Episode 8271)

Nelson makes Bree an offer. Harper confides in Dana. Mali’s brother hits the Bay.

Thursday 6th June (Episode 8272)

Bree must be honest with Nelson. Mali’s brother takes a shine to a Summer Bay local. Eden tries to broker peace between Cash and Remi.

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