Home and Away Spoilers – Will Tane leave Summer Bay?

This week on Home and Away in Australia, Tane decides to leave town after realising there’s nothing left for him in Summer Bay, while Valerie proves a bad influence on Theo.

Having returned to the farmhouse from a spontaneous visit to New Zealand last week, Tane (Ethan Browne) walked straight into an argument between housemates Mackenzie (Emily Weir) and Mali (Kyle Shilling).

He was stunned when Mac subsequently revealed that she had started a full-blown affair with married doc Levi (Tristan Gorey).

Tane was soon filled in on the details by Mali, and confronted Mac over her behaviour, reminding her of all the times she’d told him it was important to have honesty in a marriage.

Mac pointed out that she wasn’t the one who was married, as Tane told her she was about to ruin someone’s life. After Mac told him that no-one was perfect like he was, Tane apologised, admitting that he wasn’t in any position to judge anyone.

Tane then revealed to Mac that he had slept with soon to be ex-wife Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) shortly before he went to New Zealand, and immediately regretted it afterwards.

Mac commented that it was always going to be hard to resist temptation when they’re both living in the same town, and Tane was about to reveal a solution he’d come up with when they were interrupted by Mac’s phone going off.

This week, it transpires that Tane is planning on leaving Summer Bay for good!

Tane has already expressed his desire to return to New Zealand one day, with he and Flick having started the process of buying some land over there before they split up. Although Tane pulled out of the purchase, it’s clear that his brief trip has rekindled that yearning.

In a promo for tonight’s episode, Tane is seen trying to talk to Flick in Salt, but she’s very busy setting up for their inaugural ‘Moonlight at Salt’ evening and asks if they can talk later.

Tane then goes back downstairs to Mali, where he tells him that there’s nothing left for him in Summer Bay and it’s time he moved on.

A concerned Mali goes to Flick and asks if she knew Tane was back, and whether she has spoken to him. As Mali implores Flick to talk to Tane as soon as possible, she tells him that they’re no longer up in each other’s lives constantly.

That might not be a problem any more,” he cryptically tells her, before Flick asks what that’s supposed to mean…

With Flick seemingly now having come to accept the end of her marriage, will she attempt to keep Tane in Summer Bay?

There may already be an indication that Tane is set to stick around however, with show producer Lucy Addario having teased a future storyline.

Speaking to TV Week in advance of the show’s return to Australian screens last month, Lucy stated that Tane would be “in serious trouble with the law” amidst the fallout from his marriage breakdown.

The mystery of newcomer Valerie Beaumont (Courtney Clarke) continues to unwrap this week, as she begins to lead Theo (Matt Evans) astray.

Valerie came to Summer Bay to see Leah (Ada Nicodemou), who she had shared a room with during her recent stay in a mental health clinic.

Valerie found that Leah hadn’t moved back home with Justin (James Stewart), but had instead decided to stay with Alf (Ray Meagher), Marilyn (Emily Symons) and Roo (Georgie Parker) in Summer Bay House. Valerie herself soon scored a free van at the caravan park as she decided to stick around a while.

Valerie soon met Leah’s nephew Theo and the two hit it off straight away, pleasing Leah who urged them to spend some time together.

Theo was clearly smitten, and the two continued to hang out and get to know each other.

Valerie eventually chose to open up to Theo about why she had spent 8 months in the clinic—she had been the cause of an accident that killed her brother, and her family had disowned her as a result.

In the meantime, Leah made the decision to move back home, which seemed to put Valerie out a little. As she later told Leah she was all for the move if that’s what she wanted, she was quick to pick up on the fact that Leah mentioned they had more than one spare room at the house.

Marilyn was a little wary when Valerie then suggested that she come to stay with Leah and Justin, with Leah thinking it was a great idea to help her become more settled around Justin.

Justin wasn’t as keen however, not knowing Valerie’s background, and his attempt to find out more about what led her to the clinic only resulted in her lashing out at him.

Having eventually agreed to have her stay, Justin was later surprised to learn from Marilyn that it was Valerie who had pushed the idea of moving in with them.

This week, as TV Week reports, Theo continues to be boosted by Valerie’s confidence and matter-of-fact nature, and reveals to her that he’s feeling a little lost at the moment. He’s been struggling with his TAFE assignments, to the point where he’s failing, and the passion for his music seems to be wavering now that Lyrik are on another enforced break.

As the two head off for Theo’s duet gig with Kirby (Angelina Thomson) at Salt, Valerie pulls Theo to one side in the alleyway off Saxon Avenue to give him another sort of boost… Theo is stunned as she hands over a pill, which she claims will ease his mind for the evening.

Theo hesitates, but decides to trust Valerie and pops it in his mouth.

That evening, Theo has a whale of a time performing at the gig. He feels as though he’s on top form, and in his euphoria shares a passionate kiss with Valerie.

Theo’s ex-girlfriend Kirby is a little uneased by Valerie though, and seeing Theo’s out-of-character behaviour, she warns him to be careful. But will he just see her concern as jealousy?

There’s definitely an element of intrigue and mystery from [Kirby and others] especially when things start to get a little friendly with her and Theo,” Courtney Clarke told TV Week.

The next morning, Theo is still feeling on top of the world, and he’s quick to ask Valerie for some more.

Is Theo at the top of a very slippery slope?

Here’s the full spoilers for this week’s Home and Away episodes in Australia:

Monday 12th February (Episode 8199)

Tane is ready for a fresh start. Dana plays Cupid for Harper. Mali confides in Xander.

Tuesday 13th February (Episode 8200)

Xander and Harper are the talk of the town. Theo and Kirby clash. Valerie leads Theo astray.

Wednesday 14th February (Episode 8201)

Kirby issues a warning to Theo. Bree falls apart.

Thursday 15th February (Episodes 8202-8204)

Harper’s back in the dating ring. Does Dana have a new crush? Theo’s desperate for more.

Mackenzie’s affair creates tension at home. Mali serves Levi. Can Dana keep her feelings secret?

Mali’s loyalties are questioned. Eden confides in Cash. Can Roo dissuade John?