Home and Away welcomes new character Stevie Marlow

This week, Home and Away welcomes new arrival Stevie Marlow, as Cash finds himself a new job working for an actress in need of help.

New character Stevie (Catherine Văn-Davies) is reported to be a well-known actress, who hires Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) after revealing that she’s in trouble and she needs help – is Cash about to get himself into a world of pain in his new job as a security guard?

Cash has been going through a bit of an identity crisis in recent months, after leaving the police force late last year.

The former Senior Constable was suspended from Northern Districts Police after his part in harbouring Dana Matheson (Ally Harris), despite the fact he was protecting her from bent cop Detective Will Madden (Jonny Pasvolsky).

Frustrated at being suspended for trying to do the right thing, Cash eventually decided to quit his job and make a move into security.

While he relished the opportunity to embark upon a new career away from the bureaucracy and red tape of the police force, he soon found that his new job of mall cop wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.

He was placed on the night shift, which meant hours spent wandering an empty shopping mall.

As he explained to girlfriend Eden (Stephanie Panozzo), his partner wiled away the time on his phone, leaving Cash completely alone, and the most excitement to date came when when a shopkeeper had forgotten their keys.

Working for a private security firm with multiple contracts in the area, he hoped he could be transferred to a more exciting role. However, his boss soon confirmed that there weren’t currently any roles available, prompting Cash to make a spur-of-the-moment decision to quit, landing himself unemployed once again.

This week, Eden is surprised to see Cash come out of his room in a smart suit and tie, more excited than she’s seen him in months. TV Week reports that Cash is set to be interviewed by a potential new client, but he has no idea who it is or why they need him.

He heads to the specified location, where he finds a fancy boat waiting for him. There he’s met by a woman named Stevie Marlow, a well-known actress. Foregoing introductions, Stevie gets straight down to business as she tells Cash that she’s in trouble and needs his help.

What is Cash about to get caught up in?

Spoilers for episodes airing this Thursday tell us that “Stevie won’t take no for an answer,” and that “Cash balances Stevie’s demands with his own needs,” suggesting that he’ll have his hands full with his new boss.

On Wednesday, a promo for Thursday’s episodes gave us our first look at Stevie in action. As Cash walks down the jetty to a huge superyacht moored up at the end, he passes a man we assume is Stevie’s current security detail, who shakes Cash’s hand and wishes him good luck.


As Cash embarks the boat, he’s taken aback as he immediately recognises Stevie. If he didn’t, the movie paraphernalia strewn around the yacht’s living area would give him plenty of clues as to her identity.

She jokes that she’s actually “her best impersonator,” before laughing. “Of course I’m Stevie Marlow.”

As she opens up to Cash why she needs his help, she presents him with a folder.

“It’s the police report into my stalker,” she explains, as Cash flicks through pictures of Stevie sleeping, along with what appears to be a ransom note.

“This guy has broken into your house, he has taken photos of you whilst you sleep,” Cash remarks, stunned. “Hence why you’re hiring personal security.”

“You need to maintain a low profile or else you risk escalating this situation,” Cash tells Stevie, believing that she isn’t taking the threat seriously enough. However, Stevie isn’t ready to give up her freedom due to the actions of one man.

“I want this guy thrown in prison, but until they do that, I’m not gonna let him ruin my life,” she replies.

However, Cash knows that she’s drawing too much attention to herself by continuing to live off her yacht. On the phone to his superiors, he tells them, “She’s vulnerable here, she needs to get off that boat.”

While we know little else about the mysterious and troubled actress, it seems that she’s set to meet a grizzly end, and sooner rather than later.

Summer Bay’s exterior scenes, including the famous beach, are almost all filmed at the publically accessible Palm Beach in Sydney’s Northern Beaches. As such, fans, paparazzi and attendees of the Home and Away Tour often get a sneak peak at scenes being filmed, many months before they hit our screens.

Late last year, photos emerged of Catherine Văn-Davies filming at Palm Beach alongside Nicholas Cartwright and a number of other familiar faces.

Footage posted on social media showed what appeared to be a film set within a film set. It seems that actress Stevie will be accompanied by a production team as they film something at Summer Bay, presumably with Cash acting as her security detail.

Ingrid Rose Foster / Home and Away Spoilers and Gossip

However, Cash might be about to find that he’s no better a security guard than he was a cop.

Things take a dark turn, with footage taken by fan Ingrid Rose Foster showing Nicholas Cartwright (Cash) running towards Catherine Văn-Davies (Stevie), before a director shouts “Bang!”, signalling for the actors and extras to react to the sound of a gun going off.

Stevie then collapses in Cash’s arms before writhing on the ground, as the extras react in shock.

Video footage shows Nicholas Cartwright scream out, “She’s been shot, somebody call an ambulance,” as the beachgoer extras flee the beach in search of help.

Ingrid Rose Foster / Home and Away Spoilers and Gossip

Photos from a later date then emerged showing the filming of a wake, with a cardboard sign with ‘RIP Stevie’ written on it, appearing to confirm that the new character dies within months of arriving in Summer Bay.

Stevie’s wake is attended by at least Roo (Georgie Parker), Alf (Ray Meagher), John (Shane Withington) and Justin (James Stewart), suggesting that the actress will make a good impression on the residents of Summer Bay in her short time in the town.

Catherine Văn-Davies has previously starred in The Twelve, Barons, Hungry Ghosts and It’s Fine, I’m Fine.

Hot on the heels of Stevie is another new character, whose name is currently unknown, played by Mahesh Jadu. He looks set to be connected to Stevie, and was on the beach at the time of her shooting.

Ingrid Rose Foster / Home and Away Spoilers and Gossip

While the new arrival looks set to be connected to Stevie, he’ll soon attract the attention of an existing Summer Bay character.

A fan of the show who watched filming at Palm Beach saw Juliet Godwin, who plays Bree, kissing the new actor, suggesting that we’re just weeks away from a Bree and Remi split and a new romance for the Summer Bay doctor.

With thanks to Danielle Stevens

With thanks to Danielle Stevens

The as-yet-unknown character is played by Perth-born actor Mahesh Jadu, who previously played recurring character Dr Doug Harris in Neighbours between 2010 and 2011, and Ahmad in the Netflix series Marco Polo.

Mahesh is followed on social media by a number of Home and Away‘s cast and crew, including Juliet Godwin, Jacqui Purvis and Stephanie Panozzo.

Last week’s episodes saw Bree reveal that she had been accepted on a place with Doctors Without Borders, and that her training would start in Belgium within weeks.

This week’s Australian episodes see Bree give Remi an ultimatum. Could that be paving the way for a Bree and Remi split, leaving her free to explore a new relationship with Summer Bay’s newest character when he arrives in the coming weeks?

Stevie makes her debut on Australian screens this Thursday 29th February, and UK viewers will see her for the first time in late April.

Here’s the full spoilers for this week’s Home and Away episodes in Australia:

Monday 26th February (Episode 8211)

Theo is hooked on the high. A hurt Valerie draws boundaries. Tane faces a roadblock.

Tuesday 27th February (Episode 8212)

Valerie decides enough is enough. Rose makes a public plea. Felicity makes a rash decision.

Wednesday 28th February (Episode 8213)

Bree gives Remi an ultimatum. Cash throws a wrench in Felicity’s plans.

Thursday 29th February (Episodes 8214-8216)

Cash interviews for a new job. Remi is stuck between a rock and a hard place. John is on a mission to marry.

Alf runs into a shady stranger. Dana gets tricked into revealing too much. Stevie won’t take no for an answer.

Old tensions die hard for Eden and Levi. Cash balances Stevie’s demands with his own needs. Roo sees red.