14 Neighbours Spoilers for Next Week – 8th to 11th July

Next week on Neighbours, Jane decides to break up with Mike, Nicolette gets an awkward blast from the past, Logan’s connection to David is exposed and Wendy keeps her family hidden.

Here’s everything coming up on Neighbours next week, from Monday 8th to Thursday 11th July.

1) Nicolette and Kiri are reunited

The end of this week saw Kiri Durant (Gemma Bird Matheson) return to Erinsborough. She and Glen (Richard Huggett) moved to Magnetic Island after Kiri and Nicolette (Hannah Monson) broke up, and we later learnt that their split was caused by Nicolette making a move on Sasha McLain (Sunny S Walia), the leader of Kiri’s church.

Nicolette and Kiri, when Nic was still played by Charlotte Chimes

Kiri was delighted to catch up with Leo again, and revealed that she wanted to make an investment in the vineyard. While it wouldn’t match what Victor (Craig Hall) planned to invest, it was enough to keep the business afloat until they could turn things around.

Kiri then revealed to Mackenzie (Georgie Stone) that, thanks to her vineyard investment, she was planning on sticking around in Erinsborough permanently. Soon after, Leo was shocked by a text, revealing to Mackenzie that they were about to have “a very big problem.”

Monday’s episode sees Nicolette and Byron (Xavier Molyneux) arrive at the vineyard before Leo has a chance to warn Kiri, leading to an awkward reunion between the two ex-girlfriends.

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

Things get tense pretty quickly, especially when Nicolette realises that Kiri has made an offer to buy into the vineyard, the business that so very nearly belonged to her and Byron.

She and Byron still want to invest, and they pitch their hearts out as they offer up the money that Vic left them, determined to be chosen over Kiri.

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

Leo admits that neither offer comes close to what Victor was originally investing, and confesses that in a perfect world, he’d partner with all three of them.

Knowing that Kiri and Nicolette working together could be a recipe for disaster, Leo offers a trial period so the foursome can see how they gel together.

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

Although Kiri and Nic both agree to give it a try, there’s still a lot of tension when they later run into each other. It’s painfully clear that this trial won’t be smooth sailing…

2) Aaron struggles with moving on

This week, Aaron (Matt Wilson) grew closer to Logan (Matthew Backer) as the two bonded over cocktails.

Aaron briefly freaked out when Logan doffed his cocktail shaker like a hat, as it reminded Aaron of his flirty cocktail-making sessions with late husband David (Takaya Honda), but he soon apologised to the new arrival for his overreaction.

Next week, the pair bond further, especially when Logan makes a positive first impression on Isla (Hana Abe-Tucker).

Aaron was also seen bagging up David’s clothes this week, and while he told Nicolette that he wasn’t yet ready to get rid of it, next week sees Aaron move forward in his grief and donate the clothes to the foundation.

However, when Andrew (Lloyd Will) makes a comment on the obvious connection forming between Aaron and Logan, it causes Aaron to freak out again.

He shuts Andrew down and demands that Toadie (Ryan Moloney) give him the clothes back.

Toadie is forced to tell Aaron that David’s clothes have already been bought, but reminds him that there’s no correct timeline on how to move on, and it’s not a betrayal of David if he finds himself enjoying Logan’s company.

Realising that he was overreacting, Aaron takes Toadie’s words on board and accepts that he does like having Logan in his life.

Of course, what he doesn’t know is that Logan shares a secret connection to David… and he’s the one who’s just purchased all of David’s old clothes!

3) Vera causes problems

Vera Punt (Sally-Anne Upton) was recently revealed as the new owner of No. 32, and has been causing problems for the sharehouse residents ever since.

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

Next week, when the hot water system stops working, their tyrannical new landlord refuses to pay to fix it unless the housemates can make it worth her while.

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

Haz (Shiv Palekar) is forced to give Vera a manicure in the garden in a desperate attempt to placate her, but Mackenzie takes a more hard-line approach and puts Vera in her place, demanding she cough up for a new system.

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

With the hot water restored, Mackenzie offers Vera a compromise – restricted access to the pool if she respects their boundaries from now on.

4) Melanie catches Logan out

Melanie (Lucinda Cowden) gets a telling-off from Logan next week, when she shows up at his caravan. He’s busy trying on David’s clothes, and just has time to change out of them before she catches him, but he makes it clear that she’s overstepping by turning up unannounced.

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

Later, after Toadie’s words of encouragement, Aaron invites an excited Logan to hang out. As they pop around to No. 28, they’re surprised to find the Ramsay Street history book open on a page of photos of David and Aaron.

Unable to resist, Logan suggests that they borrow the book and take a trip down memory lane.

Karl (Alan Fletcher) mentions that Logan’s street in Parramatta must have not had a history book, but Aaron corrects Karl – Logan is from Liverpool.

Logan assures Karl that he must have misheard, but the cracks in Logan’s story are getting too big to ignore.

When Mel shares her concerns about how quickly Logan and Aaron are connecting, Karl brings up the inconsistency. Remi (Naomi Rukavina) also chimes in with her own doubts – she swears that she met Logan at a medical conference he was attending as a doctor, but he insists that he was just there as part of the catering staff.

As Melanie’s internal alarm bells ring loudly, she lets herself into Logan’s caravan and discovers the bag of David’s clothes, just as Logan unexpectedly returns…

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

5) Tensions simmer for Nicolette and Kiri

As Day 1 of the new agreement begins at the vineyard, Nicolette is frustrated as ‘boss mode Kiri’ gives her all of the lowest and dirtiest jobs.

Yet as the pair work, they fail to spot each other’s longing glances, both of them secretly wanting something more from each other.

After a whole day of simmering tension, the pair finally have it out. Kiri admits that she’s still angry that their relationship ended because of Nicolette’s flirting with Sasha, prompting Nicolette to admit that somewhere along the lines she did in fact develop feelings for Sasha.

Nicolette wants to explain herself further, but Kiri leaves before she has the chance.

6) Wendy and Cara keep each other’s secrets

Wendy (Candice Leask) continues to burn the candle at both ends as she parties with her Uni friends whilst juggling her job at The Waterhole.

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

She tells Andrew that her friends are aware that she’s at a different stage of life to them, but on campus she takes on a secret life, dressing in more youthful clothes and makeup.

Cara (Sara West), meanwhile, is enrolling on an IT course at the same university. When the two women stumble upon one another, Cara begs Wendy to keep her secret, as she’s worried she’ll fail the course and can’t bear for her family to know.

Wendy understands Cara’s insecurities as she spent years doubting her own abilities. She suggests to Cara that being open with her family may provide the support she needs to get her across the line.

While Cara appreciates the advice, she playfully calls Wendy out on her hypocracy, given she’s hiding her youthful new identity from her family. Each called out, the women agree to keep each other’s secrets.

7) Logan’s David connection is exposed

After Melanie catches Logan with the bag of David’s clothes, he explains that he only bought them in case Aaron regretted clearing them out.

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

He turns the tables on Melanie, acting shocked and accusing her of being paranoid, and puts her firmly in her place. He quits the Drinks Divas van and heads straight to Aaron, where he explains that he was the one who bought David’s clothes.

Aaron is touched by Logan’s caring nature and he too confronts Melanie, telling her to lay off Logan.

Over at No. 30, Remi is still suspicious about Logan’s inconsistent stories about his identity, and she approaches Melanie to investigate further. However, Melanie is still stinging from her two tellings off, and doesn’t want to get involved.

Remi takes the matter into her own hands and confirms that Logan is a doctor who practised at a hospital in Liverpool, Sydney. She conveys this to Melanie and the pair call someone who knows him back home.

Off the back of this call, Melanie rushes to warn Aaron: Logan is unhinged and, incredibly, connected to David.

8) The No. 30 sunroom collapses!

Disaster strikes at No. 30 next week, just as Dex’s (Marley Williams) ‘date’ with Nell (Ayisha Salem-Towner) gets underway.

Nell continues to misconstrue Dex’s romantic hints as friendship, and JJ (Riley Bryant) is once again forced to reluctantly advise his brother in the leadup to the big ‘date’.

As the pair finally sit down to start their movie night, the sunroom Dex has chosen as their venue suddenly collapses! Thankfully nobody is hurt, but as dust billows, Dex rues the demise of his romance plans.

Toadie’s brother Shane (Nicholas Coghlan) built the sunroom as a surprise for Toadie, and it’s faired well over the years. However, as he surveys the disaster, Toadie feels guilty for selling the Varga-Murphys a substandard structure.

When Cara decides to fix the mess herself, Toadie volunteers to be her off-sider – but will being back in No. 30 bring back painful memories for Toadie?

9) JJ begs for a second chance

Time is running out for JJ to decide which school he wants to go to after his expulsion from Erinsborough High. However, it’s low on his list of priorities, as he insists that he’s enjoying his new job at Eirene Rising and he’d rather stay there than start in a brand-new school.

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

Remi approaches Jane (Annie Jones) and asks if there’s any way they can overturn JJ’s suspension. Jane suspects not, but seeing just how well JJ has managed to turn his life around in recent months, she can’t resist giving it a shot.

She approaches Terese, Susan (Jackie Woodburne) and the Eirene Rising residents to write character references for JJ to give to the Education Department. Will JJ get a second chance to finish his studies?

10) Wendy pushes things

Cara agreed to keep Wendy’s secret that she’s dressing younger on campus to impress her friends, but in next Wednesday’s episode, she’s stunned to discover that Wendy’s friends think she’s single.

She overhears Wendy’s uni friend Parker (Gaz Dutlow) inviting her to an upcoming ‘traffic light party,’ and it’s clear Parker has no idea that Wendy is married.

Cara isn’t impressed and tells Wendy so, but Wendy justifies that she never got the chance to have a ‘young’ uni experience, and she likes fitting in with the other students.

Cara agrees to continue keeping Wendy’s secret, but she’s concerned that Wendy is hiding the fact she has a family.

11) Logan explains himself

Aaron is left reeling after Melanie reveals to him that Logan is a doctor who studied with David.

Leo (Tim Kano) is then able to fill in the rest of the details – Logan became so obsessed with his brother that David had to get the university involved.

Leo is outraged to learn that Logan has been weaselling his way into Aaron’s life, but Aaron wants to hear Logan’s side of the story first.

Backed into a corner, Logan is forced to fess up. He tells Aaron that back then, all he could see was how special David was, but David didn’t share his affections and Logan can now understand how inappropriate he was.

Aaron can’t understand what Logan was hoping to achieve by coming to Erinsborough, but Logan becomes emotional as he explains that he came with a pure heart – he just wanted to meet the people who loved David as much as he did.

As Logan breaks down, Aaron can’t help but be moved.

12) Susan craves intimacy

While Susan and Karl have spent plenty of time together in recent weeks, it’s mainly been at Eirene Rising, their new shared workplace.

When Terese excitedly tells Susan that things are back on track with Toadie, Susan laments that she and Karl barely have any time for themselves.

Despite dropping hints for some alone time, Karl remains oblivious.

What will Susan have to do to attract Karl’s attention?

Well, with spoilers for later in July revealing that “Susan finds herself in a compromising position” in one of Eirene Rising’s treatment rooms, it seems she’s willing to do just about anything to get her man.

13) A Toadie mystery begins

As Toadie bonds with Cara during the rebuild of the collapsed sunroom at No. 30, he opens up to her about his friends, family and lost loves in the house that was once his home.

When Cara is called into work, she leaves Toadie by himself to continue the work.

Suddenly, he’s overwhelmed by a sense of déjà vu. He shrugs it off, but the odd moment is the start of a major new storyline for Toadie, which will see him struggle to move on from the past.

Is the new storyline paving the way for Toadie’s departure?

14) Jane makes a big decision

The Stones are still reeling after Vic’s decision to skip town without as much as a goodbye. While Nicolette and Byron at least got letters, Jane was hurt that she got nothing.

Next week, Byron finds a letter from Vic in Trevor’s kennel – presumably stolen by the mischievous dog, rather than one final confusing move by Victor – but Jane can’t bring herself to read it, convinced that it’s full of excuses.

Jane Zhang / Amazon Freevee

Eventually, she gives in and reads the letter, but it leaves her feeling distressed. She opens up to Terese and Susan, angry that Vic still has the gall to be giving her unsolicited advice on her relationship with Mike.

Susan is shocked to discover that Jane and Vic kissed, but Jane gets defensive as she claims that Victor was simply playing mind games.

She tries to sell just how committed she and Mike are, but Susan confesses that she shares Vic’s concerns about just how long Jane and Mike have been separated. Terese gently concurs, leaving Jane confronted.

As a wistful Jane revisits the Tram and remembers a time when she and Mike reconnected and were full of hope for the future, she’s left with a heavy heart.

Later, when Byron finds her in an emotional state, she voices the painful reality – she has to break up with Mike.

New episodes of Neighbours air Monday–Thursday on Network 10 and 10 Peach in Australia, and on Amazon Freevee in the UK.

Here are the Neighbours spoilers for the next two weeks:

Monday 8th July (Episode 9072 / 169)

Aaron deepens his friendship with Logan, whose obsession takes a disturbing turn.

Havoc breaks out at Yorokobi.

The Share House face their toughest battle yet.

Tuesday 9th July (Episode 9073 / 170)

Melanie inches closer to the truth. Nicolette reveals a painful truth.

Wendy and Cara find themselves in a compromising situation.

Wednesday 10th July (Episode 9074 / 171)

Logan and Melanie face off.

Dex’s ‘date’ with Nell comes to a crashing halt.

JJ earns a second chance.

Cara’s concerns grow over Wendy’s deceit.

Thursday 11th July (Episode 9075 / 172)

Aaron grapples with shocking revelations.

Toadie is hit with déjà vu.

Susan craves intimacy.

Jane faces a difficult truth.

Monday 15th July (Episode 9076 / 173)

Jane and Mike reach a life-changing decision.

Byron fights for his dream.

Toadie is troubled by reminders of his past.

Tuesday 16th July (Episode 9077 / 174)

Krista’s loyalties are tested.

Wendy takes a big gamble.

Aaron hides a controversial secret.

Wednesday 17th July (Episode 9078 / 175)

Melanie is troubled by Aaron’s frame of mind.

Nicolette goes all out to help Kiri.

Wendy plays with fire to maintain her secret life.

Thursday 18th July (Episode 9079 / 176)

Wendy deals with the aftermath of being busted.

JJ plays unwilling third wheel to Dex and Nell.

Toadie is faced with a hard decision.

Susan tries to romance a clueless Karl.