Neighbours announces ‘Death in the Outback’ week

Neighbours has announced a special ‘Death in the Outback’ week of episodes, in the leadup to Ryan Moloney’s final episodes as Toadie.

As the UK summer heats up, so will the drama on Neighbours, as some of our favourite characters head to the scorching hot Aussie outback.

Monday 19th August kicks off the show’s ‘Death in the Outback’ week of episodes, as a number of Ramsay Street residents head to the notorious Aussie bush… and one of them won’t return!

The story will involve many of the show’s favourite, with a focus on Holly Hoyland (Lucinda Armstrong Hall), Toadie Rebecchi (Ryan Moloney), Melanie Pearson (Lucinda Cowden), Haz Devkar (Shiv Palekar), and Mackenzie Hargreaves (Georgie Stone).

Also caught up in the drama is Tess Carmichael (Anica Calida), the assistant of Conrad Sinclair, the rich father of Krista (Majella Davis) and Reece (Misha Barton) who invested in Lassiters before dying last November after suffering a stroke.

Tess returns later this month, bringing with her a mysterious new character – Heath Royce (Ethan Panizza) – who quickly attracts the attention of Holly.

Holly is unaware of the danger that lurks around her in the Outback, both on land and in Heath Royce, her secret love interest…

When Haz and Mackenzie can’t reach Holly, they resolve to catch the next flight out to the Outback, adamant something isn’t right.

Meanwhile, Toadie and Melanie have disappeared from Erinsborough without a word, causing concern amongst the residents.

With new spoilers for the next few weeks revealing that Toadie is set for a crisis of confidence after being hit with numerous reminders of his ex-wives, just what causes him and Melanie to flee Ramsay Street together?

And will his trip to the bush be what leads to his exit from Erinsborough?

Ryan recently revealed that he is leaving Neighbours after 29 years, and his final scenes are expected to air in August or September.

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

“I can’t tell you what is going to happen to the character, whether or not we are going to see him again. Maybe I could be the next Jim Robinson and just…” Ryan revealed in a video message posted on the show’s social media to announce his departure.

“Or maybe I’ll be the next Harold Bishop and just keep popping back over the years.”

In an interview with ITV’s This Morning, Ryan revealed that his exit is “just bloody big,” and part of a “huge, huge storyline.”

He also refused to divulge whether he lives or dies, teasing that “it’s not something to be missed.”

Ryan Moloney is set to depart as series regular, but will still remain within Neighbours family. He is set to move behind the camera, and is currently undertaking director training.

“Although I won’t be bringing you our fantastic storylines from in front of the camera, I do hope to be bringing them to you from the other side, behind the camera,” Ryan continued. “I’ve just started director training and have just finished filming my first episode as a director, so I really hope you enjoy that.”

‘Death in the Outback’ will air from Monday 19th August to Thursday 22nd Aug, kicking off when Holly and Heath head to the Outback for a last-minute holiday without notifying anyone of their plans.

New episodes of Neighbours air Monday–Thursday on Network 10 and 10 Peach in Australia, and on Amazon Freevee in the UK.

Here are the Neighbours spoilers for the next three weeks:

Monday 8th July (Episode 9072 / 169)

Aaron deepens his friendship with Logan, whose obsession takes a disturbing turn.

Havoc breaks out at Yorokobi.

The Share House face their toughest battle yet.

Tuesday 9th July (Episode 9073 / 170)

Melanie inches closer to the truth. Nicolette reveals a painful truth.

Wendy and Cara find themselves in a compromising situation.

Wednesday 10th July (Episode 9074 / 171)

Logan and Melanie face off.

Dex’s ‘date’ with Nell comes to a crashing halt.

JJ earns a second chance.

Cara’s concerns grow over Wendy’s deceit.

Thursday 11th July (Episode 9075 / 172)

Aaron grapples with shocking revelations.

Toadie is hit with déjà vu.

Susan craves intimacy.

Jane faces a difficult truth.

Monday 15th July (Episode 9076 / 173)

Jane and Mike reach a life-changing decision.

Byron fights for his dream.

Toadie is troubled by reminders of his past.

Tuesday 16th July (Episode 9077 / 174)

Krista’s loyalties are tested.

Wendy takes a big gamble.

Aaron hides a controversial secret.

Wednesday 17th July (Episode 9078 / 175)

Melanie is troubled by Aaron’s frame of mind.

Nicolette goes all out to help Kiri.

Wendy plays with fire to maintain her secret life.

Thursday 18th July (Episode 9079 / 176)

Wendy deals with the aftermath of being busted.

JJ plays unwilling third wheel to Dex and Nell.

Toadie is faced with a hard decision.

Susan tries to romance a clueless Karl.

Monday 22nd July (Episode 9080 / 177)

Wendy’s lies come back to bite her.

A chasm opens between JJ and Dex.

Toadie struggles to move on from the past.

Susan finds herself in a compromising position.

Tuesday 23rd July (Episode 9081 / 178)

Wendy and Cara face the fallout of their lies.

Krista flirts with catastrophe.

Nicolette is offered an olive branch.

Wednesday 24th July (Episode 9082 / 179)

Leo is given hope for the future.

Krista buckles under the pressure.

Mackenzie’s success tests her loyalties.

Thursday 25th July (Episode 9083 / 180)

Byron is crushed by the consequences of his actions.

Krista has a breakthrough with Tess.

Nicolette finally speaks her truth.

Toadie continues to feel off-kilter.

Jane decides to break up with Mike

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