Emmerdale Spoilers – Kerry’s lies threaten Matty and Amy’s wedding

Next week on Emmerdale, the big day finally arrives for Amy and Matty, but will the couple’s trust in Amy’s mum Kerry be their downfall?

Kerry (Laura Norton) made an unexpected return to the village last month in the back of PC Swirling’s police car, after she was accused of stealing from her fiancé on the cruise ship she’d been working on as a Cher impersonator.


It didn’t take long for the viewers to discover there may have been some truth to the claims, when we saw Kerry remove numerous wads of cash and items of jewellery from about her person once alone in her room.

With Amy (Natalie Ann Jamieson) angry at her mum for being away when her family had been going through some tough times, Kerry saw an opportunity to further win back her daughter’s affections by offering to pay for the upcoming wedding.


Whilst it was a nice idea in theory, with the couple enlisting Take a Vow to organise the proceedings, there’s been a spanner thrown in the works as Kerry has struggled to get her hands on sufficient funds.

Wedding organisers Suzy (Martelle Edinborough) and Leyla (Roxy Shahidi) have been chasing Kerry for the cash now that the wedding is only a matter of days away, with pressure coming from Home Farm owner Kim (Claire King) who has agreed to let them use her home as the venue as long as the money is paid upfront.


Next week, Kerry is doing her best to avoid Suzy whilst she attempts to get a second opinion on a sale price for a beloved diamond necklace she has in her possession.

Her attempts to hide are soon thwarted however, with Suzy insisting that Kerry has one last chance to pay for the wedding before it gets called off.

Whilst Leyla and Suzy make preparations at Home Farm the following day, in advance of the wedding rehearsal, Kerry prays that she’ll be able to get a decent price for the necklace and salvage her daughter’s big day.


When Matty (Ash Palmisciano) and Amy later arrive at Home Farm, Kim takes Suzy and Leyla to one side and demands full payment.

Although there’s still no word from Kerry, the pair manage to placate Kim and buy more time. But back in the village, Kerry is finally beat, having only managed to get a measly sum for the necklace she believed would be their saviour.

Eric is stunned when Kerry subsequently admits that she won’t be able to pay for the wedding, but with only 24 hours to go, Kerry can’t bring herself to tell Matty and Amy the truth.

As the day of the wedding dawns, everyone’s dressed in their finery as Amy excitedly gets herself ready. Kerry knows the time has come, as she’s forced to admit to her daughter that she can’t afford to pay for the wedding after all.


Amy grew up in care and Kerry wasn’t really there for her,” Natalie Ann Jamieson told EverySoap earlier this week. “When they got back together there’s been times where Kerry has really proven herself, and then all of a sudden she’d just drop the ball.

It’s a very Kerry pattern, and this one is a big ball to drop,” Natalie continues. “Amy just gets round to putting her trust back in her after she’s been gone for all this time, and then just like that, it happens again. So Amy’s quite upset and I think it may take a little while to get over this!

Laura [Norton] played it amazingly as well,” Ash Palmisciano adds. “You sort of feel for her. Kerry wants to help but she messes it up completely, and obviously that has a huge impact on these two.

Matty is gobsmacked when a devastated Amy breaks the news that their long-awaited wedding is off.

But as it seems all hope is lost, Leyla receives a mystery phone call and just like that, the wedding can go ahead as planned! Who has been the mysterious saviour?




Eric is proud as punch as he walks Amy down the aisle towards a beaming Matty, and the two are finally able to exchange their heartfelt vows in front of their loved ones.




The ceremony marks the end of a rollercoaster journey for Amy and Matty over the past few weeks.

The pair had originally looked to the church hall as their venue, but came under the wrath of god-fearing Claudette (Flo Wilson) after she discovered that Matty was a trans man.

Thankfully Claudette eventually saw the error of her ways and Matty was able to forgive her, but it did shake things up somewhat in the village that Matty has regarded as a safe space.

I think sometimes we have this great bubble in Emmerdale where everyone’s super accepting of Matty and who he is, and actually in real life that’s not always the case,” Ash explains. “So to play that was brilliant. It felt really authentic, and Flo did a great job.


So Amy and Matty got through all that and were getting their dream wedding. Getting married at the poshest house in the village, who’d have thought it! And then that final stumbling block happens and it’s not good. There’s a lot of emotion in this wedding, so when it does finally come together it means a lot.

As a trans man himself, Ash tells us that he feels incredibly proud to be part of the soap’s first transgender wedding, after making his debut on the show in 2018 as the character previously known as Hannah.

As a young kid growing up watching TV, I remember watching Brookside with the first lesbian kiss or whatever, and how iconic that was and what an impact that had on society.

“Slowly but surely that became seen everywhere and became quite normal. Although we’ve still got a long way to go and there’ll always be prejudice, seeing these things in everyday culture make monumental change.


But for me, growing up, there was no one on TV that was trans. And if there was, it probably wasn’t the best image of a trans person.

“We weren’t seeing like an everyday person that had a normal job and had a lovely relationship. So to me this has been a dream come true, to be able to grow up and become the person I needed to see and play such a positive representation.

The unusual qualities of Matty and Amy’s relationship haven’t been lost on the actors either, as they talk about the ever-complicated Emmerdale family tree.


It’s really interesting because Amy’s son Kyle is also Matty’s stepbrother,” Ash laughs. “My stepdad Cain has been with my fiancée so that’s a bit of a thing, but we’ve moved past it!

And my ex was cheating on me with your mam…” Natalie interjects, referring to Nate’s (Jurell Carter) dalliance with stepmum Moira (Natalie J Robb).

Oh yeah… yeah she’s been with quite a few unfortunately!” Ash quips. “But Kyle and Matty have got this lovely relationship now, a bit step-parent, a bit big brother. I’ve done some lovely stuff with him, and it’s been nice to see them as a young family finding their feet. Maybe there’s more of that to come.


So do the pair see Amy and Matty as endgame?

The wedding opens up a really exciting future together,” Ash teases. “Obviously, like all good soaps, it’s not always plain sailing. So, we’ll have to wait and see what’s around the corner without giving too much away.


I’d love to see them go the distance,” Natalie reveals. “It is soap and things are going to happen, but that can make people stronger.

“Not every huge event rips couples apart, so hopefully when things are thrown at them they’ll be able to come out the other side of it… as it’s quite fun working with Ash!

Matty and Amy’s wedding airs on Wednesday 17th April at 7:30pm on ITV1.