Emmerdale Spoilers for Next Week – Monday 4th to Friday 8th March

Next week on Emmerdale, Kerry returns to the village, but not everyone is happy to see her. Elsewhere, Rhona realises that Gus has been lying to her about plans to co-parent Ivy.

Kerry Wyatt (Laura Norton) finally makes an explosive return to Emmerdale next week, but just what has she been up to?

It’s been over 15 months since Kerry was last in the village, after she accepted a job to work as a singer on a cruise ship.


Kerry had learned that her late fiancé Al Chapman (Michael Wildman) had been cheating on her at the time of his death, and was planning to run away with his lover, though she wasn’t aware of the identity of the person in question.

It was that very lady, Chas (Lucy Pargeter), who encouraged Kerry to go for the opportunity, and she set sail in November 2023 leaving daughters Amy (Natalie Ann Jamieson) and Chloe (Jessie Elland) behind.


Although Kerry didn’t make it back to the village as promised for the birth of Chloe’s baby, Reuben, she has appeared on-screen via two video calls in April and August of last year.

With Chloe now having departed the village in dramatic circumstances herself, Amy has just had fiancé Matty (Ash Palmisciano) to lean on, and it’s as the two are finally setting a date for their nuptials that Kerry rocks up in dramatic fashion.

As a police car pulls up on Main Street, PC Swirling (Andy Moore) emerges, and with him is Kerry who is unmistakeably dressed as Cher!


She’s been on a cruise ship as a Cher impersonator and she has been a naughty girl,” Laura Norton laughed as she spoke to EverySoap and other media during a press call last month. “She’s been accused of stealing jewellery on the ship. She is arrested and taken off the ship and brought back to Emmerdale.

Kerry explains to Amy that she’s been falsely accused of stealing by a new fiancé, and whilst she protests her innocence, Amy isn’t sure what to believe as she tries to take the situation in.

Kerry being Kerry, manages to explain everything to the greatest detail that she can,” Laura explains. “She pulls Amy in and tells her not to worry about anything, that she’s absolutely telling the truth and would never do that. They’ve made a huge mistake.”

The pair end up in a heated argument, with Amy also embittered by the fact that Kerry has remained away for so long.


Amy’s wounded because she feels like Kerry should have come back a lot sooner.” Laura continues. “There’s been way too much going on for all of them for Kerry to just have stayed on the ship. And the way she comes back, Amy’s just like, ‘Are you joking?!‘”

Kerry’s rocking out of a police car just when Amy’s got lots of lovely things happening in her life. I think she’s just flummoxed and deep down is probably happy that she’s back. But there’s always that trepidation isn’t there, ‘God, why is she back? What has she done?’

After the pair settle down, Amy is left hopeful that Kerry is telling the truth and that she’s returned to be a good matriarch to the family.

However there’s certainly going to be some unfinished business for Kerry to take care of with the Dingles, having been kept abreast of all the latest developments. Not only was Chas later revealed as Al’s secret lover, but the dramatic end to the love triangle between Chloe, Mackenzie (Lawrence Robb) and Charity (Emma Atkins) caused Chloe to move away.


Kerry will be desperate to have it out with them and to say her piece,” Laura teases. “She’s devastated that Chloe’s not here after everything that’s gone on, and that she wasn’t there to help her at the time. Kerry is fiercely protective of her children, even if she doesn’t quite step up to the mark at times. I think this’ll be her way of making up for that, there’ll be some ructions along the line definitely!

Meanwhile, Mack is relieved when Charity tells him that no charges are being laid against her, after she accidentally stabbed him during a night terror. With her mental health still in a fragile state, Charity has been isolating herself from her family, and flinches when Mack attempts to hug her.


When Charity later texts him to say he can bring the kids round, Mack is hopeful that some sense of normality is on the horizon. Charity soon realises she’s overwhelmed but puts on a brave front for the sake of her children.

Although she hesitates in opening up to Mack over how she’s feeling, there’s a sense of understanding between the pair.

But will any progress Charity has made coming crashing down when she’s faced with Kerry’s wrath…?

Elsewhere in the village, recent returnee Vanessa (Michelle Hardwick) makes a further attempt to win back ex-girlfriend Suzy (Martelle Edinborough) at The Woolpack’s karaoke evening.

The pair had called time on their relationship just as Vanessa headed off to Canada in November 2022, and whilst Vanessa has been hoping for reconciliation, she isn’t the only one who’s had their eye on Suzy.


Mary (Louise Jameson) has also come to realise that she is attracted to Suzy, and although the pair have shared a few charged moments, neither of them have acted upon them.

Unsure of how Suzy feels about her, Mary is also reluctant to open herself up to more hurt, after her last love interest Faye (Jane Gurnett) was exposed as a con woman.

After Gail kicks off the night’s proceedings at The Woolpack with a particularly stirring performance, Vanessa takes the mic and uses her choice of song as an opportunity to serenade Suzy as she sits at the bar.


Mary is clearly uncomfortable, and is heartbroken when she later spots Vanessa and Suzy sharing another kiss.


Has Mary lost her chance to be with Suzy?


Also next week, Rhona’s (Zoe Henry) brought back down to earth with a bump after believing she was making headway with Gus (Alan McKenna) and the battle over baby Ivy.

After things came to a head when Gus learnt that Rhona was pleading not guilty to kidnapping Ivy, Gus approached Rhona with a proposition.


With Gus facing charges of fraud, he asked Rhona to change her story, to say that his late wife Lucy had been the one to steal her passport, and therefore was the one responsible for committing the crime.

In return, Gus would drop the charges against her, cancel his move to France, and the two of them could work out a way to co-parent Ivy.



But Rhona is devastated next week when she realises that Gus has been lying to her in an attempt to wriggle out of his charges and likely take off with Ivy as he originally planned.

Even though perhaps in her heart of hearts she didn’t believe Gus was being truthful, she was willing to hang everything on it,” Zoe Henry told us, though Marlon (Mark Charnock) was rightfully wary.

His only reaction to it was complete distrust,” Mark Charnock explained. “He didn’t buy it at all.


With the truth out, Rhona is left more determined than ever to fight Gus for custody of her biological daughter.

Plus, with her days of freedom numbered, as she awaits a likely custodial sentence in a secure children’s home for causing death by dangerous driving, Angelica (Rebecca Bakes) resolves to make the most of her time with mum Nicola (Nicola Wheeler).