Emmerdale Spoilers – Belle and Tom’s joint stag do ends in disaster

Next week on Emmerdale, it’s full steam ahead with the final preparations for Belle and Tom’s wedding, but things don’t appear to be going Tom’s way.

Belle (Eden Taylor-Draper) and Tom (James Chase) became engaged in the days after Christmas, after Belle managed to pull off a special proposal with the help of Tom’s idols, Torvill and Dean.


Tom had of course proposed to Belle back in October, but things turned dark after Belle turned him down. Frustrated, Tom pushed Belle away from him, leading her to fall over and hit her head on the coffee table. Although the incident shook Belle up, she soon decided to trust that it was a one-off.

From that moment on they’ve been on a good path,” Eden Taylor-Draper told EverySoap during filming for Belle’s proposal last year.

It was a sort of freak incident,” James Chase added. “I think it shows how good of a person Belle is, if she was able to forgive him for that. Obviously, it was a terrible thing that happened, but I think they just move on and forget about it.

Belle is somewhat put out when she realises that Tom seems to know more about the upcoming nuptials, set for 15th February, than she does, and demands to be kept in the loop about the arrangements.


The pair decide to organise a joint stag/hen do, or a ‘Sten do’ with the help of Suzy (Martelle Edinborough), but Tom is disappointed when uncle Jimmy (Nick Miles) turns down the offer to be Tom’s best man, what with everything going on with daughter Angelica (Rebecca Bakes) at the moment.

When Belle thinks about the pain that various villagers are going through at the moment, not least Chas’s (Lucy Pargeter) cancer diagnosis, and the death of Heath plunging both the Hopes and Kings into despair, the pair agree that they should scale down their plans somewhat.

With Tom and Belle subsequently announcing that they’re no longer planning to have any bridesmaids or groomsmen for their small affair, Mandy (Lisa Riley) appears to have other ideas…

As the day of their Sten do dawns, there’s a bit of a blunder when Tom walks into Suzy’s office and sees Belle’s wedding dress hanging up, which leaves Suzy mortified.

When he then learns that it’s already been arranged for Marlon (Mark Charnock) to create the wedding cake, it’s Tom’s turn to feel annoyed at being kept out of the loop. Suzy later has to admit to Belle that Tom has seen the dress, but will she be concerned about the age old superstition?


When the festivities begin at The Woolpack, Tom is unimpressed when Mandy handcuffs Belle and announces that she’s dragging her home for a ‘proper’ hen’s do.

Although allowing Mandy to hijack their plans, he immediately misses his fiancée.


Whilst Belle has the time of her life back at Wishing Well Cottage, with games involving a cardboard cutout of a ‘hunked up’ Tom, Tom is trying to put on a brave face as he knocks back the drinks.


Soon enough, Tom is drunkenly pouring his heart out to Suni (Brahmdeo Shannon Ramana).

When Belle returns to The Woolpack, she finds herself escorting a worse-for-wear Tom back home, as he professes his love for her.

Will the pair get their happily ever after? Or are things already doomed for failure?

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