Dave Worthington

Script Editor: 1988
Series Story Editor: 1989
Series Story Consultant: 1990; 1991

Dave Worthington first entered the scriptwriting business in the mid 1970s when he started writing for a theatre restaurant in Brisbane. He was offered a job on Prisoner: Cell Block H in 1979 and took it up, uprooting his life and moving to Melbourne. After four years, he moved to Sydney and worked in the drama department for the Nine Network before becoming a freelance writer.

As a freelancer, Dave wrote scripts for both Neighbours and A Country Practice. From early on in the series, Dave also wrote episodes for Home and Away. He worked his way through the ranks, from writer to script editor and eventually got promoted to story editor.

Dave’s first episode in the position aired on 10th April 1989 (Ep#281) and his final episode aired on 13th October 1989 (Ep#415). Over his six month tenure, Dave was responsible for such storylines as the rise and fall of Morag Bellingham, the demise of Bobby and Frank’s marriage and the introduction of Emma Jackson.

After leaving the position to John Hugginson, Dave remained on as a frequent writer, but began writing for shows such as Family and Friends and The Flying Doctors.

In the early 1990s, he was employed at the Grundy Organisation in the drama department when Neighbours’ ratings began to slip dramatically. Alongside Margaret Slarke, the two became to co-series producers and were able to steer the show in the right direction through 1992 and into 1993.

He then left Neighbours but remained at Grundy until the drama department moved offshore. He went freelance again and worked once again as a writer on Home and Away. He also wrote for Breakers, Water Rats and, in its final years, Blue Heelers.


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