Episode 457

Australian Air Date: 22nd January 1990
UK Air Date: 19th November 1990
Writer: Dave Worthington
Director: Michael Ailwood

Tom comes face to face with Zac’s treachery. Carly drops a bombshell on Adam.

Extended Summary

Pippa continues leading Zac on at the surf club, telling him she’s been married for 16 years and never been unfaithful. She says he just came on too fast. In the office, Steven turns on the public address system so Tom outside hears Zac saying he thought if he gave everyone the impression they were having a fling Pippa would give in. Tom marches inside and tells Steven and Pippa to get out.

Outside, lots of crashing is heard and Pippa worries that Tom is going to end up back in hospital. Zac emerges, holding his head, and Tom appears with a grazed elbow. At the Diner, Bobby says Zac got what he deserved. Carly isn’t happy that she was kept in the dark about the plan. Pippa nurses Tom’s elbow back at the house and Tom apologises for not believing her. Pippa tells him she’s never had two men fighting over her before. Tom was her knight in shining armour.

Celia comes to talk to Alf at home about Morag’s house as she’s finding it difficult to keep showing buyers around. Alf couldn’t care less if the place crumbled to the ground! He suggests an open day but Emma says nobody will want a house that’s haunted.

Viv and Steven climb in through the window of Morag’s mansion in the dark and Viv says she and Emma have been coming here for a while. She lets slip that Adam has been too and has to make an excuse as to why.

Sally arrives home asks if she has to keep going to Kim’s until Tom and Pippa get a divorce. Pippa says they’re not getting a divorce and Tom says it was a misunderstanding and it’s all sorted out now. They all hug.

Steven is telling Viv about Tom fighting Zac when Emma climbs in the window. Viv asks if Adam has “told her”. Emma says it doesn’t matter but Steven wants to know if it’s something to do with Carly. Emma announces Celia is having an open day tomorrow so they’re going to have to scare her again.

Bobby and Carly are closing up the Diner. Adam is waiting for Carly who has forgotten she promised to help clean the ovens. Adam wants to talk to Carly but she tells him it will have to wait for the morning.

At the mansion, Emma, Viv and Steven are trying to think of ways to scare Celia. Steven goes upstairs to get some inspiration. Adam comes through the window Emma asks him if he’s told Carly but Steven comes downstairs. Viv asks Steven to walk her home and they leave. Adam tells Emma he tried to tell Carly but she had to work late. Emma tells Adam she’s off limits until he’s had the guts to break up with Carly.

Tom is having a beer at Alf’s and doesn’t know how he could have been so stupid. Alf remembers Tom taking Sam Barlow apart but didn’t think he had it in him to take on Zac. Tom confesses everyone’s got it wrong; the punches he threw barely touched Zac. Zac tripped and fell into the door! He tried to tell Pippa but she’s treating him like a hero. Alf tells him he is a hero and his secret is safe.

Steven is at home looking for an axe, claiming it’s for show and tell. Carly arrives home and moans about cleaning the ovens; she felt like shoving Bobby into one of them! Steven asks how things are with Adam. Carly thinks Steven knows something and asks if Adam is planning to dump her. Steven says he doesn’t know; it’s just something Viv and Emma were saying. Carly pretends not to care as she was going to dump Adam anyway.

Steven has found the axe the following morning and Tom tells him to be careful with it. Carly is leaving for work early because she’s got something to do first. Bobby is shocked to arrive at the Diner and find Carly already there. Adam arrives and Carly tells him she doesn’t think they should go out with each other any more because it’s starting to get boring. She asks Adam what he wanted to talk about and Adam looks relieved.

Celia is leaving the store when Pippa comes in. Celia digs for information about Tom but Pippa simply says everyone’s fine and Alf reminds Celia she’s in a hurry. Celia leaves and Alf apologises to Pippa. He tells her that Tom is a dark horse; he wouldn’t want to take him on!

Back at the Diner, Adam tells Viv he can’t believe Carly dumped him. Viv reminds him he was going to dump her anyway. They go to leave and Emma asks if Carly would mind if she went out with Adam. Carly says no; at least then he won’t have time to mope about her dumping him. Bobby asks Carly if it doesn’t bother her but Carly says she will get Adam back one way or another.

Celia hangs balloons for the open house. Viv and Emma are hiding behind a bush and radio Steven and Adam inside to let them know Celia is on her way in. Emma says Celia is in for one hell of a party!

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