Episode 456

Australian Air Date: 18th January 1990
UK Air Date: 16th November 1990
Writer: Dave Worthington
Director: Michael Ailwood

Adam resolves to end his relationship with Carly. Fisher and Steven put their plan to convince Tom of Pippa’s innocence into action.

Extended Summary

Bobby berates Fisher for not helping Tom and Pippa but Fisher insists it’s their business and he’s not going to intervene without Pippa’s permission. At that moment, however, Pippa and Steven turn up. Pippa tells them Tom’s spending the night in a caravan and it’s time to call in the experts…but after a long time thinking, they’re no closer to coming up with a plan. Thinking over what they’ve already decided, Steven suggests bugging Pippa to record what Zac says to her but admits it’s never worked when he’s tried it before. He then suggests they arrange for Tom to overhear Zac talking to her. Pippa and Fisher aren’t convinced since it will require split second timing or else Tom will just have his suspicions confirmed but Steven points out that they haven’t thought of a better plan and Bobby agrees.

At the Stewart house, Emma asks Adam why he kissed her. He says he’s always liked her and it’s not a bet this time. Emma asks about Carly and he says they’d broken up and just fell back into a relationship. He promises to break up with her and Emma makes it clear she’s not going to share him.

Next morning, Bobby and Carly drop by a garage for petrol. Zac is talking to a mechanic, Paul, about getting his car fixed and Paul says it will be finished before lunch. Bobby asks to speak to Paul and asks him for a favour. After Zac has exchanged insults with Carly, Paul tells him one of his workers has just phoned in sick and the car won’t be ready until late afternoon. Carly wonders what it was about but Bobby doesn’t tell her. Meanwhile, Tom and Steven are having breakfast while Pippa calls out for Sally. Tom can’t resist making a few more snide remarks. Fisher arrives and tells Tom the town want to present him and Adam with cheques for catching the shark that afternoon. Steven encourages him to do it then answers the phone. It’s Bobby at the Diner, giving him an update. At a nearby table, Adam chats with Matt about breaking up with Carly. Matt warns him she can be clingy. After Matt has gone, Adam tries to talk to Carly about breaking up but she thinks he’s talking about Zac breaking up Tom and Pippa. Bobby calls her away before he can put her straight.

Pippa tells Tom she’s going shopping and he awkwardly reminds her that she won’t need to buy any food for him. He says he doesn’t blame her since he can’t give her what she needs but won’t listen to her protests of innocence. Steven is walking by the beach and hears Matt over a loudspeaker reminding swimmers which parts of the beach are patrolled. He heads to the surf club, where Matt is giving the instructions into a microphone, and asks him if he can use the club that afternoon, implying he wants to be alone with Viv. Matt offers him his flat but Steven says it needs to be more impromptu so Matt agrees to leave the place empty.

At the Diner, Steven, Bobby and Fisher confer. Fisher still isn’t certain, asking Bobby what will happen if Zac doesn’t come to the Diner, but Bobby assures him he will. Steven slips away to have a word with Viv at the counter, warning her she might get some smart remarks from Matt and he’ll explain later. Viv asks Carly if she’s spoken to Adam, thinking he’s broken up with her, but Carly again gets the wrong end of the stick and Viv realises he hasn’t. On the beach, Adam tells Emma he tried to tell Carly but she wouldn’t listen. Emma says they’ll never get to go out then and points out Carly could find out from someone else. Adam realises she’s right and kisses her again.

Pippa is pacing back and forth at Fisher’s place. She’s not sure she can be convincing and Fisher tells her she needs to make Zac think she’s changed her mind. Steven arrives and says Tom’s told him he wants to talk to him and Sally after the presentation. At the Diner, Zac arrives and Carly refuses to serve him, telling him to get out, but Bobby cuts in, saying Zac’s money’s as good as anyone’s and telling him to take a seat. She then rings Fisher and tells him Zac’s there. After she’s hung up, Pippa calls back and Bobby asks a customer, Bruce, to answer it. He tells Zac it’s for him and Pippa asks Zac to meet her at the surf club at 2.30.

At the surf club, Steven tells Pippa he’s going to hide in the office so he can see the beach and tell her when Tom and Fisher on are there. Pippa isn’t certain she can keep Zac talking for long or get him to keep his hands off her. At the house, Tom is packing when Fisher arrives to take him to the presentation. Tom says he can’t see the point of it and, when Fisher says it’ll mean a lot to the kids, says he’ll have to tell them he’s leaving straight afterwards. Acting as though he’s never heard it before, Fisher tries to encourage him to talk to Pippa but Tom decides to go to the presentation instead. Zac is walking by the beach and Steven sees him, alerting Pippa. Zac comes in and wonders why they’re meeting there. Pippa flirtatiously says she couldn’t invite him to the house with Tom there.

Adam and Carly are walking on the beach. Adam makes several attempts to cut in and tell Carly he wants to break up but she’s too busy complaining about Bobby’s attitude towards Zac to notice. They see Tom and Fisher nearby. Tom thinks they’re there for the presentation but quickly realises they know nothing about it. Inside the surf club, Pippa continues to flirt with Zac while Steven looks out the window. Tom realises he’s been set up. Fisher tries to convince him to talk to Pippa but he says their plan’s backfired and storms off.

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