Episode 455

Australian Air Date: 17th January 1990
UK Air Date: 15th November 1990
Writer: Lynette Jacob
Director: Michael Sergi

Tom makes a decision which throws the Fletchers into turmoil. Emma’s plans to throw a party in Morag’s house are foiled.

Extended Summary

At the Diner, Fisher is trying to get to the bottom of what happened between Zac and Pippa. Tom must have seen them kissing, but Bobby says Zac tried the same thing with Carly. Fisher says Tom is obviously a man who believes what he sees so they will have to contrive something that negates what he thinks he saw before!

Adam, Viv and Emma are discussing the party by candlelight at Morag’s old house. They want to keep it secret so can’t tell Steven. Viv says in that case no girlfriends either and Adam says Carly isn’t much fun at the moment anyway. He asks them why they chose him to help and Emma flirtatiously says he seems like the kind of guy who likes a wild time. Adam says they are two of a kind.

Fisher is awkwardly talking to Pippa at Summer Bay House the next morning and says he’s been talking to Steven and Bobby. Pippa is annoyed about her private feeling like a circus sideshow and asks Fisher to instil some sense in Bobby and Steven.

Celia is reading her horoscope at the store which advises being wary in business matters and avoiding the colour red. Viv and Emma come in and make her jump. Emma looks at the paper and asks if the stars are making her jumpy. She says Adam told them about the suspected ghost last night and Celia says it was probably just the wind but Emma tries to make her believe otherwise. As they walk down the street, Viv teases Emma about Adam but Emma claims she’s not interested in a ball and chain.

At the Diner, Steven wonders where Fisher has got to. Matt and Adam come in and Carly wants to know where Adam was last night. He claims he went to the movies with Matt but Carly clearly isn’t buying it and goes to empty the garbage instead of taking their order. Fisher returns and tells Steven and Bobby he’s never been so embarrassed. He forbids them both to meddle any further or they will push Tom and Pippa to the brink of divorce.

Viv and Emma have arrived at the Diner and Adam has told Matt what they’re up to. Carly watches on miserably as Emma laughs and jokes with Adam. She takes Adam and Matt’s milkshakes over and sits down in the booth with them. Matt asks the girls if they want to go to the beach and they leave (wasting a milkshake). Carly kisses Adam and tells him to go too; she doesn’t want to spoil his fun. Carly asks Bobby if she thinks she can trust Emma.

Tom is buying a paper at the store and Celia asks him if he reads the horoscopes. She asks if he’s heard the rumours about this man, referring to the murder at the mansion, but Tom thinks she’s talking about Zac! He slams the paper back down and takes his money back, saying he’s sick of people gossiping.

Adam, Matt, Viv and Emma are back at the empty mansion, discussing the “spooks and spirits” party. Matt tells Emma that if she puts her punk gear back on she’ll look just like Morticia! They volunteer Adam to go and get lunch as he can get a good deal from Carly at the Diner. Adam leaves and Matt teases Emma for not going with him to hold his hand. Viv doesn’t think Adam would have minded but Matt says Carly has a tight grip on him.

Steven comes home for lunch and Pippa asks him if he knows how Celia found out. Steven says it wasn’t him. Pippa thinks if people mind their own business then when Zac leaves town everything will go back to normal; she has confidence in the strength of her marriage. Steven promises to butt out from now on.

Adam comes into the Diner and Carly asks him if Emma enjoyed the movie last night as she’s checked and she knows he wasn’t with Matt. Adam offers to show Carly where he was last night. Back at the mansion, Matt is trying to explain to the girls what Adam sees in Carly; she’s fun when she’s not whingeing! Adam returns with lunch… and Carly, which Emma isn’t happy about.

Andrew comes into the store and overhears Celia on the phone putting off a house inspection. She explains to Andrew that it’s because of her horoscope. She tells Andrew about the voices and chains she heard so Andrew asks her to accompany him to the house so he can put her mind at ease. Celia agrees, on the condition that he takes off his awful red t-shirt!

Emma sees Andrew and Celia coming so Matt, Adam, Viv, Carly and Emma quickly gather everything up and hide. Celia sees blood on the floor but Andrew says it’s tomato sauce. They go upstairs and the others make a quick exit.

Tom comes into the house and says he and Pippa need to talk. Pippa is pleased until Tom announces he’s decided to move out.

Carly and Adam return to the Diner, having made up. Viv and Emma walk down the road and Emma is being pessimistic. Viv thinks the party can go ahead if they scare Celia. She thinks Emma is down about Adam and Carly. Emma claims Carly just gets up her nose. Viv thinks Adam feels the same but doesn’t know how to tell Carly. Emma comments Adam had lipstick on his shirt after hiding in the cupboard with Carly.

Steven finds Pippa with her head in her hands and asks what’s wrong. Pippa tells him that Tom is leaving and she can’t change his mind. She agrees to try Steven’s plan after all.

Adam comes to see Emma at the Stewart house and tells her that he and Carly weren’t kissing in the cupboard. He kisses Emma.

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