Episode 644

Australian Air Date: 11th October 1990
Writer: Dave Worthington
Director: Sean Nash

Geoff takes Bobby to an ante-natal lecture. Steven has made Jennifer feel degraded.

Extended Summary

Ailsa works in Diner and are very, very tired due to the demanding Lamington baking last night. Bobby talks to her about it.

Geoff comes to the Diner and talks to Bobby. He wants to go out with her and see a movie. She says she is very busy. Ailsa say it is ok and that Bobby will have time for the movie. Geoff says the movie idea is a surprise for Bobby

Pippa talks to Carly about Steven being in a relationship with Jennifer. Pippa are angry and think it is bad of Jennifer to spend time with Steven especially since he is so young and that it is so close to his HSC.

Jennifer and Steven talk in her house. He asks her out on a picnic. She says no. Jennifer talks to him. She want him to leave but realise she is scared so she wants Steven to hang around anyway.

She feels a bit embarrassed about what happened between them last night. She enjoyed it but say once again it can’t happen again.

Daniel comes into Alf’s store and talks to Maz while shopping. Daniel talks about Jennifer. Maz knows her. Alf hear him talking about Jennifer. Alf get angry with him for what he has done to Jennifer. He admits he treated her badly but he say he really loves her and that he wants to apologise. Daniel wants her back. He says he will give it a try. He persuades Alf into asking Jennifer if Daniel can have a talk to Jennifer. Alf say ok to it as long as they meet Alf’s place so he can make sure Daniel isn’t hurting her. Daniel is ok with that.

Pippa and Carly talks about Steven. Carly convinced Pippa to let Steven work it out for himself that he is in the wrong with Jennifer.

Alf comes out to Jennifer’s house and tell her that Daniel wants to talk to her later. Alf is surprised to see Steven out there. Jennifer acts innocent. Jennifer agrees to talk to Daniel. Steven doesn’t think it is a good idea. Jennifer will try to sort it out with Daniel once and for all so he realise she don’t want anything to do with him anymore.

Bobby and Geoff go out to see the movie. Bobby soon realise it is a documentary film for pregnant women about giving birth. Bobby feels a bit embarrassed and says she doesn’t need this. Bobby doesn’t really want to go in to watch it but Geoff talks her into it.

Alf and Jennifer are at Alf’s house with. Daniel turns up and talks to Jennifer. Alf is out in kitchen since he will hang around if anything goes wrong.

Daniel talks to her and say he misses her and wants her to come home. She is very angry and won’t come back with him. He denies wrecking her paintings and say that he isn’t jealous of her paintings. She says she knows it was him who ripped the paintings. She stands up to him and say she won’t come back to him. He is a bit upset and talks about her new “toy boy” Steven. She says she won’t talk anymore with Daniel except through a solicitor. Alf will give her a lift home.

Bobby and Geoff and the rest of the group with soon-to-be parents have watched the film about giving birth. Geoff is impressed. Bobby is a bit annoyed since she doesn’t want to be there. Geoff talks to another couple and the teacher of the group as if he is married to Bobby. Bobby gets very annoyed at Geoff.

Jennifer is in Alf’s store and is talking to Alf. Pippa comes in and yell at Jennifer for leading her young boy astray. Jennifer finds out that she is talking about Steven and that he is only 17! She gets very embarrassed and leaves Alf’s store in a hurry. She is shocked since she honestly thought that Steven was older.

Pippa talks to Carly about what happened. Pippa realise Steven must have lied about his age and she realise Jennifer feels betrayed since Steven lied to her about his age. Steven comes home and act innocent and say that he have only been at Paul’s house and that they were studying.

Geoff and Bobby have a slight argument at Fisher ‘s house. She say she don’t want anything that serious such as marriage.

Pippa talks to Steven and say that she knows he was out at Jennifer’s and what has been going on. Pippa are angry with Steven. Steven explains about her crazy husband Daniel etc and that Jennifer needs Steven. Steven says he will be all right with his HSC and everything anyway. He say he have to go against Pippa’s orders if she forces him too. Pippa cries after a while.

Steven comes out to Jennifer’s house. She gets very angry with him for lying to her. (Tense music).

Ola Carlsson, 2000

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