Episode 645

Australian Air Date: 12th October 1990
Writer: Dave Worthington
Director: Sean Nash

Carly and Ben receive some devastating news about the boat shed. Steven’s relationship with Jennifer becomes one big headache.

Extended Summary

Steven and Jennifer talks about how young Steven is. She is angry since he lied to her. He tries to make her realise that age isn’t that important. She tells him to go home and not come back. (Emotional music).

Carly talks to Bobby. Carly says she will probably get the secretary job at school. Carly apologises to Bobby for being angry with her a while ago when Carly didn’t want to work in the Diner anymore. Carly won’t work in the Diner anymore even though she isn’t sure if she got the secretary job or not.

Ben comes in with Fred Owens, who still owns the boatshed. The contracts will be signed tomorrow so Ben and Carly will own the boatshed with Pippa as soon as the contracts are signed.

Ben and Carly jokes around in Pippa’s house while Sally are doing her homework. Sally gets annoyed.

Steven is home and is in a bad mood and is angry with Ben for telling Pippa about Jennifer. Steven tells Ben and Carly to rack off!

Alf talks to Bobby about how bad Jennifer acted lately (he means that it was bad of her to be getting involved with Steven). Bobby think it has only to do with Steven and Jennifer and that it is their own business. Alf still think it is wrong since Jennifer is so much older than Steven.

Ben talks to Steven about Jennifer. Steven is still upset. He think it is wrong that Jennifer doesn’t want to see him anymore just because of what people might think of it. (Emotional music).

Grant and Geoff come over to Fisher’s house for dinner with Bobby. Geoff gives Bobby flowers and gives her a kiss. Grant and Geoff talks and Fisher comes in too. The atmosphere seems a bit tense between everyone for some reason.

Sally talks to Steven about what is wrong since he is in a bad mood. Steven explains about why he is angry and why Pippa is so angry with him. Sally explains she is ok even though Steven’s girlfriend is a lot older than he is. Sally is still his friend, she says. Sally doesn’t like when anyone in the family fights. They talk about it. (Emotional music plays).

Carly and Ben and the rest who is in Fisher’s house at the moment, except Fisher, jokes around about Jennifer and Steven’s relationship. All will play a game (Pictionary) and they convince Fisher to be in it too.

Fisher tells Carly she might have a good chance to get the secretary job. Carly is happy.

Alf talks to Steven about Jennifer and his relationship with her. Alf is calm and talks understanding to Steven but he mean things can’t probably go on between him and Jennifer since pretty nasty gossip will spread around.

Fisher and the rest play Pictionary and have a good time. Grant and Bobby walk into the living room and talk about her relationship with Geoff. Grant suspect their relationship isn’t so good. He knows how it was for him and Jane earlier and the problems they had. Bobby says it isn’t a problem and says that she is getting on fine with Geoff.

At morning, Steven forgives Ben and Carly.

Alf talks to Jennifer at his house. She explains about how bad she feels about what happened.

Jennifer tells Alf she will leave Summer Bay to live somewhere where Daniel won’t find her.

Ben and Carly are getting ready to go to sign the boatshed contracts with Fred Owens. Fred comes around to Pippa’s house and tell them that another bloke offered him 10 000 dollars more for the boatshed than Ben and Carly can offer so he will sell to the other man instead! Carly and Ben get upset since they had a verbal agreement. Fred admits that but say he can’t turn down the extra 10 grand.

Steven comes over to Jennifer’s house. She tells him that she is leaving Summer Bay. He is upset. Ha wants to move with her. She says no and tells him to go home and go back to school. He is upset and hurt. Jennifer is sorry for that. Steven walks out. He is teary and sad. (Emotional music plays).

Just then, Daniel turns up and hits him from behind with a bat very hard! Steven is unconscious and Daniel leaves in a hurry. (Tense music).

Ola Carlsson, 2000

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