Episode 646

Australian Air Date: 15th October 1990
Writer: Sean Nash
Director: Sean Nash

Daniel worms his way out of an assault charge. Steven decides to quit school.

Extended Summary

Ben is angry at Fred Owens for selling the boatshed to another guy instead since Carly and Ben can’t afford 10 thousand dollars more than what they were supposed to buy the boatshed for.

Daniel walks by and says hello to Ben. Daniel acts innocent even though he hit Steven unconscious with a bat a little while ago.

Carly and Ben talks to Pippa about how bad Fred acted regarding the boatshed.

Daniel comes to Alan Stone’s caravan. Daniel say that Stone must say that Daniel was here all night last night (to cover for Daniel). Alan doesn’t want to be involved. Daniel threatens Stone to cover for him otherwise Daniel can get him out of his job at school within a week if Daniel owns up to people that Stone is an alcoholic. Alan has to agree to Daniel’s terms.

Steven wakes up outdoors where Daniel hit him unconscious and is very badly hurt in his head. (Tense music).

Alf drives out to Jennifer’s house. She has packed and is ready to leave Summer Bay. Alf will give her lift.

Steven comes buy and falls down on the grass. Alf and Jennifer see that his head are very badly hurt and will take him to doctor. They drive to get Pippa and explain. Pippa will go with them to the hospital.

Daniel watches from Stone’s caravan and see that they take Steven away to get help.

The police speak to Jennifer and Alf at hospital if they suspect someone who is responsible for the attack on Steven. Ben talks to them as well. Alf reckon Daniel could have attacked Steven. Ben find out who Jennifer’s husband are. Ben says he saw Daniel earlier this morning.

The police speak to Daniel in Stone’s caravan. Daniel say he is innocent acts pretty convincing. He say he has been in this caravan since last night and that Alan Stone can back that up. After a while Daniel admits he was out this morning when Ben saw him. Daniel says he was just out to the shower blocks and that Ben saw him on his way back to the caravan.

Steven is getting x-rayed at the hospital. Pippa, Ben, Carly and the rest are worried. A doctor tell Pippa that the x-ray is ok but Steven will be kept overnight just to make sure that he will be ok. The doctor says that Steven insists on speaking to Jennifer. Jennifer gets worried and can’t face Steven even though Pippa think she should speak to Steven. Jennifer leaves.

Ben sees Daniel in the Caravan Park and is angry with him. Daniel denies being responsible for Steven’s injury.

And Daniel says there is no proof either.

Pippa goes in and talks to Steven. Steven doesn’t remember getting hit in his head until the doctor told him. Pippa say Jennifer couldn’t face Steven and say that she is gone and that she aren’t coming back. (Emotional music).

Alf talks to Jennifer at his house. She feels very bad over everything that’s been going wrong.

Daniel and Stone are in the Diner. Stone feels very bad covering for Daniel. Daniel says he didn’t hurt Steven but Stone know he is lying about it. Ben is in the Diner too and is a bit hostile to Daniel.

Pippa tell Ben to stay out of this business with Daniel and leave it to the police. Carly agrees.

Jennifer finds out that Steven won’t have any permanent damage. Jennifer and Alf are very glad for that.

She still can’t face Steven. Alf and Jennifer talks about this and her relationship with Steven.

The police speak to Steven in hospital. Steven doesn’t know anything about what happened.

Steven tells Pippa he won’t do any exams since he feels nothing matters anymore. Pippa get a bit upset. (Emotional music).

Pippa feels bad and talks to Ben and Carly about it and doesn’t know how to get through to Steven since he feel so depressed about everything.

Ola Carlsson, 2000

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