Episode 647

Australian Air Date: 16th October 1990
Writer: Alister Webb
Director: Chris Martin-Jones

Ben comes face to face with the dangerous Daniel Atkinson. Jennifer persuades Steven to return to school for his final exams.

Final episode.
Final episode.

Extended Summary

Pippa comes to Alf’s house and talks to Jennifer, Alf and Ailsa. Pippa speaks alone to Jennifer as well.

Pippa ask her to do a favour for her to try to talk with Steven to make him interested in his school work again since he don’t want to do his HSC anymore. Jennifer thinks it is a bad idea that she should speak to him. Pippa say she might owe it to Steven.

Ben and Carly talks about Daniel. Ben is convinced he is guilty and that Stone is covering for Daniel. Carly says he needs proof and suggests that Ben should leave it to the police.

Sally brings in the mail and Carly gets a letter from High School. Carly reckon she didn’t get the secretary job at the school since she suspect that if she would have got the job then the school would have told her in person instead of sending a letter. Sally opens it. Carly didn’t get the job.

Sally find out that Steven is in hospital and how it happened. She is worried. Ben and Carly say he will be ok.

Ben tries to come up with a way to get Daniel for what he did. Ben comes to Stone’s caravan and talks to him. Stone are arrogant to Ben and are annoyed. Ben says he knows that Stone are just lying to cover Daniel. Stone denies it. Ben is angry with Alan. Alan tells him to leave.

Pippa try to persuade Jennifer to talk to Steven but Jennifer won’t do that. They have an argument about it.

Sally wants a lift to the hospital to see Steven. Ben was supposed to give her lift but now Stone comes over to clear the air with Ben. Ben says he will try to track Daniel down. Carly thinks Ben is behaving stupidly.

Pippa talks to Ben about Steven’s relationship with Jennifer and how miserable Steven are feeling.

Carly comes to the school and talks to Grant. She explains about Ben and Daniel and that Ben is on the warpath.

Jennifer sits on beach and is thinking. (Emotional music). She sees a couple playing around on the beach and they are kissing.

Sally visits Steven in hospital. She talks to Steven and asks him why he isn’t interested in his schoolwork anymore. He doesn’t want to talk about it. Jennifer turns up in hospital. Sally asks who she is. She says it is Jennifer. Sally is very surprised when she realise that Jennifer was Steven’s girlfriend. Sally thinks she is way too old. (Emotional music plays). Jennifer and Steven talk alone.

Carly and Grant looks around for Ben to try to stop him from doing anything stupid if he find Daniel.

Daniel is out at Jennifer’s house and is looking through a photo album. Ben turns up. (Tense music).

Steven and Jennifer talks. She tries to make him realise that she doesn’t feel the same way as he feels for her.

She asks him to go back to his exams to get the HSC. He realise Pippa must have asked Jennifer to talk to him.

Steven asks if Jennifer loved him once. She says no.

Ben is out at Jennifer’s house and fights with Daniel. Daniel is very scared and say he didn’t hit Steven. Ben knows he did it and fights with Daniel. Ben offers Daniel a piece of wood to fight back but Daniel won’t since he is a gutless coward. Ben will fight him no matter what.

Grant and Carly turn up as Ben and Daniel are fighting. Ben is practically getting in every hit on Daniel.

Grant interrupts them and holds Ben to the ground and Grant and Carly tell Ben to leave it to the police.

Daniel say that the police will be after Ben and that Grant and Carly saw Ben hit him. Grant and Carly say they didn’t see a thing and say, “who do you think the police will believe? You or us?”

Daniel is worried.

Jennifer says goodbye to Steven in hospital. She will take a bus and leave Summer Bay to get on with her life.

She tries to convince him once more to go back to school and do the HSC. He won’t do that. She talks to him about it and she think he should do the HSC since it is important.

She gives him a light kiss on the cheek to say goodbye. He wants to keep in touch with her. She doesn’t think it is a good idea. He will do the HSC after all. She says she will send him a Christmas card. (Emotional music).

Ben talks to Pippa in hospital. Ben says that Daniel has been charged with assault of Steven. Pippa feels good about that.

Jennifer talks to Pippa. She says Steven agreed to do his HSC. Pippa thanks her a lot. (Emotional music).

Alf drops Jennifer off at the bus stop. She admit to him that even though she said to Steven that she never loved him, she say she felt more for Steven than she ever did with Daniel. Alf and Jennifer say goodbye.

Steven comes home from hospital in the car with Pippa and Ben. Sally, Carly and Ben are very happy about Steven being home. Steven talks to Ben alone. Ben knows he is hurt over Jennifer. They talk about it. Steven apologises to Ben for giving him a hard time lately. Steven will try to cheer up. (Emotional scene with music)

Ola Carlsson, 2000

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