Episode 648

Australian Air Date: 17th October 1990
Writer: Alister Webb
Director: Chris Martin-Jones

Blake and Sophie spend the night in a cemetery. Geoff forces Bobby into an awkward situation.

Extended Summary

Fisher talks to Grant about the school excursion. Fisher tells him to make sure that the group behaves and obey by the rules. Grant say it is ok and that he will have no problem with it.

Blake and Sophie talks about how much fun they will have on the school excursion tomorrow.

Geoff talks to Bobby in Diner. He say his mum, Hazel, have invited some relatives to dinner in their home and that they want to meet Bobby. Bobby doesn’t seem too keen on the idea. Bobby talks to Geoff. He think she might be losing interest in him but she say she likes him and that she definitely will give their relationship a fair try like she told Geoff awhile ago. Geoff say he have a surprise for Bobby.

Maz are having nightmares about the HSC with Fisher and her in the exam room.

She dreams that she is failing exam. She wakes up and Adam is up as well. Maz tell him about the nightmare about failing the exams. He tries to get her confidence back about the exams.

Bobby talks to Ailsa about Geoff’s surprise. Bobby suspects it could be a wedding proposal. Bobby seems worried. Ailsa thinks it is exciting.

The school excursion to the city is about to start. Grant and Fisher talks to the students before they are about to leave. Fisher say that all students have to do exactly as Grant says and that they shall not cause any trouble.

The bus with the students is on its way to the city for the excursion.

Marilyn tells Adam one hour before exam that she won’t do it since she feels she will fail the exams. Adam tries to talk her around and convince her that she should do the exams.

Adam comes to Fisher and tell him that Marilyn feel she can’t do the exams. Adam and Fisher talk to Maz (who is still in her nightgown!). Maz feels that her nightmare was an omen. Fisher tries to persuade Maz that she will do ok in exams. Maz is very worried. She won’t do the exams.

The students on the excursion are visiting a graveyard before they arrive where they will stay during the excursion. Grant leads the class around and check out the gravestones. Sophie bets a school guy (Gary) that she can come to the graveyard at night without being scared. He doesn’t think she can do it. They bet 20 dollars. Blake is in on the bet too and he will be in the graveyard at night with Sophie.

Geoff tells Bobby and Fisher in Diner that there’s been a disaster regarding the dinner tonight with his relatives that wants to meet Bobby. Geoff and his mum’s stove have broken down. Bobby seem to think it is good since she is worried about Geoff’s surprise in case it is a wedding proposal. Fisher says they can be at his house instead. Geoff is thrilled. Bobby seems worried but act as if it is a great idea.

The students arrive at where they will sleep during the excursion.

Geoff, his mum (Hazel Lime) and the relatives turn up at Fisher’s house. Fisher is there and Bobby too. Geoff introduces them all to Bobby and Fisher. They will soon start to eat dinner.

Sophie and Blake tell Karen about the graveyard bet. Karen is worried since they will be in serious trouble if Grant catches them for sneaking out at night.

Blake and Sophie come out to graveyard at night. Blake seems a bit scared.

Bobby and the rest eat dinner and talk a lot about each other. Geoff says he and his mum will be extending the farm by buying some property next door. And Geoff proposes to Bobby and shows her a ring!

Bobby feels troubled. (Tense music).

Ola Carlsson, 2000

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