Episode 649

Australian Air Date: 18th October 1990
Writer: Greg Millin
Director: Chris Martin-Jones

Bobby realises she has made a big mistake accepting Geoff’s proposal of marriage.

Extended Summary

Bobby looks at the ring that Geoff gave her. Fisher talks to her. Bobby doesn’t seem to like the idea that Geoff wants to get married with her.

Sophie and Blake sit in the graveyard and talks. They kiss.

Fisher phones Grant to check on how things are going. Grant says everything is ok. Fisher seem convinced something will go wrong.

Grant have to go around to every room to check again so no one have disappeared from their rooms since Fisher told Grant that he had to do it. Grant says ok and thinks it is pretty funny that Fisher can be so fussy.

Maz and Adam talks. Maz have missed one exam and think it is the end of the world. Adam talks to her and they end up arguing a bit.

Grant comes to Sophie and Karen’s room to check on things. Karen lies and says that he can’t come in since Sophie is already sleeping. Karen says Sophie weren’t feeling too good. Grant comes in anyway and notices that Sophie is gone. Grant gets annoyed and asks where Sophie and Blake are. Karen seems worried.

Blake and Sophie are making out at the cemetery. Blake seems a bit tense since he isn’t so experienced with this kind of thing. They talk about it. Sophie mistakenly think that he don’t really like her. Blake says that he really likes Sophie. He explains that he just isn’t so experienced with this. He gets embarrassed. Sophie says it doesn’t matter. They kiss some more. Grant comes to the graveyard since he found out that they are there somewhere. He looks around for them. (Tense music)

Grant walks up to them as they are kissing and they get very scared.

Grant takes them back to the sleeping place. Grant is angry with them and he feels very disappointed.

He won’t tell Fisher about it but. Sophie and Blake are grateful for that.

Bobby tells Ailsa about the wedding proposal and shows Ailsa the ring. Bobby has accepted the engagement with Geoff and they will get married. Ailsa are very happy for her. Pippa phones to the Diner and tell Bobby how happy she is for her.

Maz tell Adam that she won’t do any exams. Adam and Maz argue a bit about it again.

She will ask Alf if she can have her old working-hour’s back in Alf’s store. Adam think it is crazy of her to skip her exams since she put so much hard work in to get to this point.

The students on the excursion are getting ready to go home. Grant gets things organised.

Adam comes up with an idea and tell Maz that she is doing the right thing by giving the HSC a miss! He only talks to her in that way to make her feel like she has to prove that she can do the HSC after all. It didn’t work but. Adam feels it is hopeless.

Alf, Ailsa, Fisher and Bobby talks in the Diner about the good news about her engagement to Geoff.

They talk about the plans for the honeymoon and date for the wedding etc. Bobby gets annoyed after a while.

Ailsa talks to Bobby about what the problem is. Bobby doesn’t really want to talk about it.

They sort it out and Bobby apologises to Alf and Fisher for getting angry.

The school excursion students return to school. Fisher is happy to see them back. One student, Cameron, talks about when Grant caught Blake and Sophie at the cemetery. Fisher hears about it. Grant acts innocent so they won’t get into trouble. Grant explains what happened and that it just was a bet between some students about if Blake and Sophie could stay out in cemetery at night or not.

Fisher is angry with Sophie and Blake and yell at them in an empty classroom.

Fisher is a bit angry with Grant as well for trying to cover for Blake and Sophie. Fisher will write that in his file so things are looking pretty bad for Grant.

Maz comes to Alf and say she won’t do the exam. She asks if she can get her full-time working hours back at the store. Alf won’t let her miss the exam and practically drags her to school to do the exams!

Fisher tells Blake and Sophie that they will be banned from all further school excursions. They are worried. And they feel bad since Grant got into trouble over it as well.

Bobby talks to Grant on beach. He talks about his problem recently with Fisher. Bobby tells Grant about her problems with Geoff. She shows Grant the wedding ring from Geoff. Bobby say she have made the biggest mistake of her life. (Emotional music). Grant says, “Great day, isn’t it?”

Ola Carlsson, 2000

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