Episode 650

Australian Air Date: 19th October 1990
Writer: John Hugginson
Director: Chris Martin-Jones

Carly has lost her job at the diner and Bobby gives Geoff the elbow.

Final episode. Was dumped by Bobby after a brief engagement.

Extended Summary

Maz did her exam with thanks to Alf since he persuaded her into doing it when she thought it was hopeless. She is very grateful to Alf. Alf is very busy since he is doing his accounts and have lost 50 dollars in it somehow. Maz talks a lot to him and he has enough of it and wants her to leave. He kindly kicks her out!

Karen and Blake comes home and Alf need to speak to them. He is a bit angry with Blake for the graveyard incident with Sophie.

Grant and Bobby talk more on the beach about Geoff. She says she really likes him but she’s not really in love with him.

Alf yell at Blake and Karen for the graveyard incident. Alf is also very angry with them since Grant also got into trouble over this.

Karen and Blake talks to Fisher to try to get Grant out of trouble. Fisher won’t hear of it.

Carly hasn’t managed to find any job she wants. She talks to Pippa and Sally about it.

Bobby talks to Fisher. She wants to be alone with Geoff later on today. She explains that she will break off the engagement with Geoff. Fisher is very shocked. She explain she have made a mistake. They talk about it. (Emotional music)

Grant talks to Fisher. He wants to make sure there is no hard feelings. They talk about Bobby and that she will break up the engagement with Geoff. Fisher find out that Bobby talked to Grant about it and Fisher are convinced it is Grant that talked Bobby out of the engagement! Grant tries to make him understand it wasn’t like that at all. Fisher won’t hear of it!

Carly has been in the Diner to collect some cake tins for Pippa. Bobby asked if she wants her old job back in the Diner. Carly said no. Pippa think that was a bad move. They talk about it. Pippa think the thing isn’t that Carly don’t want the job back at Diner, Pippa suspect Carly feels too proud to go back to the Diner since she did quit the job herself.

Carly asks Bobby if she can get the job back. It is too late since Bobby has already given the job to Matt! Carly feels bad.

Geoff comes over to Fisher’s house and talks to Bobby. He wants to plan the honeymoon etc. She can’t get a word in edgeways. She says she is breaking off the engagement. Geoff is shocked.

Fisher talks to Pippa about Bobby breaking off the engagement. He can’t understand it. Pippa say that Bobby can make up her own mind.

Geoff is very hurt and Bobby explains she made a mistake. He can’t understand why she changed her mind all of a sudden. He wants an explanation. She explains she doesn’t really love him. She gives him the ring back. He is very hurt. (Very emotional scene with music)

Fisher comes home and talks to Bobby. She explains how things went with Geoff. Bobby feels very bad.

She get angry with Fisher and tell him to butt out when he wants to talk about it with her.

Grant found out that Blake and Karen talked to Fisher to try to fix things up between him and Fisher. He is grateful.

Blake is angry with Grant for some reason. Blake is out on beach and Grant talks to him. Grant wants to know what the problem is. Blake feel that Grant made him look like a jerk out at the cemetery when Grant scared him and Sophie when they were kissing. Grant say he was only doing what he had to do as a teacher when he found out they had gone out at night since they weren’t allowed to go out at that time. Blake realises that and they are friends again.

Bobby comes home. Fisher tries to talk to her but she is still upset. He talks to her anyway. They have a long talk about Geoff. Bobby explains she tried to love him and that she wanted that so badly but she just couldn’t. She is very emotionally hurt. They talk a lot about it. Bobby cries and Fisher hugs her (Emotional scene with music).

Ola Carlsson, 2000

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