Episode 651

Australian Air Date: 22nd October 1990
UK Air Date: 22nd August 1991
Writer: Sean Nash
Director: Mark Piper

Bobby gets a kick out of being pregnant. Ben makes an enemy of the new boatshed owner.

First episode. Cynthia’s ex-husband. Haydn’s father. New owner of the Boat Shed who fell for Pippa.

Extended Summary

Ben talks to Pippa. He feels very bad since he and Carly missed out on the boatshed since Fred Owens sold it to another owner a while ago. Ben can’t find another job either.

Carly asks Matt if she can share the job at the Diner with him or something since she is desperate for a job. Matt says no. Carly comes home and says that she didn’t get the job back in the Diner. Ben is worried. Ben and Carly argues.

Grant has been out surfing and after that he talks to Bobby on the beach. She talks about Geoff and how bad she feels. Grant cheers her up. He asks her if they should eat dinner together. Bobby say ok to that.

Ben is working out in the surf club. Carly is there and talks to him. She says they need to sort their problems out.

Michael Ross appears in Summer Bay and comes into Alf’s store and shops.

Steven is in there and talks to Alf. He asks Alf how Jennifer is. Alf say she is pretty ok.

Steven gets the painting that Jennifer did (with Steven as the model). Jennifer had left it for Steven on top of the things that Alf will send to Jennifer in the city to her new place.

Michael talks to Alf in his store. Michael says he is the one who has just bought Fred Owens’s boatshed. Michael will open up an account in Alf’s store. Ben meet Michael in Alf’s store and finds out that he is the one who bought the boatshed. Ben get angry at him and say: “Blokes like you should be run out of town!”

Ben talks to Grant about how bad Michael is, even though it isn’t exactly Michael’s fault that Ben and Carly missed out on the boatshed. The bad guy is Fred who sold the boatshed to Michael even though Ben and Carly had a verbal agreement with Fred about buying the boatshed.

Michael and Alf are down at the boatshed. Alf have Michael’s order with him. They talk about Ben. Alf explains why Ben was angry. Michael understands. Alf say that Ben is a good bloke anyway and that he is a good worker.

Michael offers Alf a beer. Alf take him up on the offer.

Adam and Marilyn talks. They will go out to the movies together. They decide what movie the will see.

Adam tells Matt about a very expensive phone bill of 242 dollars. They don’t know why it is so high. And Matt haven’t been able to phone his parents for about two months since they are travelling in Europe so there’s no reason why it should be so high. Matt and Adam have a light argument about money.

Steven is over at Grant’s place while Grant is cooking dinner for him and Bobby.

Steven talks to Grant and explains that he was lying about the back injury he faked in the surf club a while ago. Grant is very surprised.

Steven explain to Grant why he did it (Steven did it since Jennifer would be in school when she did her art speech for the students, so he faked the back injury so he wouldn’t have to go to school that day in case she would notice that Steven was a High School student and not as old as he said he were). Grant is ok with it after all.

Matt has taken a shower and when he is about to leave the bathroom, the handle on the door breaks! Adam hasn’t fixed the lock and handle properly.

Michael Ross turns up at Pippa’s house and wants to speak to Ben. Pippa say he can come in and wait since Ben isn’t home yet. Carly is puzzled why he is there. She knows Michael is the one who bought the boatshed.

Bobby talks to Ben in the Diner. Bobby say she can’t fire Matt just to get Carly her old job back. Ben understands.

Matt is locked-in inside the bathroom. He opens the window and try to get out but it doesn’t work.

The phone rings as well! Matt is very angry and tries to bust the door with his arm but get hurt instead! (Light music plays)

Bobby is over at Grant’s place and they eat dinner. They have fun.

Bobby feels that her baby is kicking for the first time. She is very excited. Grant feels it too.

Michael gets to know Pippa a bit. They get on well. Michael explains about his son Haydn.

Ben comes home. Michael speaks to him. Ben acts tense to him.

Michael offers Ben a job in the boatshed! Carly gets very happy. Ben says he will never work for a man he doesn’t respect. Ben talks bad about Michael. (Tense music)

Ola Carlsson, 2000