Episode 652

Australian Air Date: 23rd October 1990
Writer: Sean Nash
Director: Mark Piper

Matt decides to find alternative accommodation.

Extended Summary

Ailsa is alone in the Diner. She feels bored. She phones to the beach house to speak to Matt since he is due to do his shift in the Diner. Matt is still stuck in the shower! He is very annoyed and hears the phone ringing again! He feels very frustrated.

Ben and Pippa talks. She is angry with Ben for being so rude to Michael. He says he can’t help it – he just can’t work for someone who “stole” the boatshed from under his nose. Carly tells Ben she understands why he doesn’t want to take the job. They hug. (Emotional music)

Adam and Maz have been out to cinema. Adam gave her lift on motorbike. She feel her hair is ruined due to the helmet she had to wear. She carries on like it is the end of the world.

Matt explains to them that he is locked in the bathroom and he is very angry. Adam goes to bed before Maz will open the door for him since he know Matt is very angry at him for not fixing the door handle properly! Maz opens the door to Matt and he is nearly furious for being locked in the shower all night!

Grant and Bobby spend some time in the Diner and talks about her pregnancy. They have fun and get on well as friends.

Carly and Ben talk. They are a bit tense to each other.

Michael is working down at the boatshed. Carly comes down there and talks to him. She explains why Ben was so angry. He understands. She asks Michael if he can hold the job position (that he offered Ben earlier) open for a few days in case she manages to talk Ben around. Michael is ok with that. Carly tells him not to tell anyone that she was here.

Ben apologises to Pippa for being so angry with Michael. Pippa think he should apologise to Michael too but Ben says he can’t.

The next morning, Adam talks to Matt. Matt is still angry with Adam.

Marilyn has done a roster so everyone has to fill in all the phone calls each person makes in the beach house household.

Matt goes inside the bathroom to take a shower again. Adam makes a smart comment about it.

Adam say he have fixed the lock on the door. Matt goes in and slams the door shut and the handle falls off again!

Carly tells Pippa that she managed to get Michael to hold the job at the boatshed for a couple of days. Pippa get worried since Ben hates when Carly are “interfering”. Carly knows that but she hopes she can persuade Ben to ask Michael for the job.

Bobby talks to Ailsa. She is excited about the pregnancy since the baby has started to do some serious kicking.

Matt apologises to Bobby and Ailsa for not turning up to his shift at the Diner last night since he was locked in the bathroom. Bobby gives him another chance.

Ben and Carly talks on beach about their problems. They agree not to shout at each other anymore. (Emotional music).

Ben talks to Michael. He apologises to Michael. Michael accepts it. Michael finds out that Ben and Carly had nearly signed the contracts when Fred sold to him instead. Michael says he didn’t know anything about another buyer when he bought it. So Michael understand why Ben is upset. So the bad guy in the drama is Fred Owens. Ben thinks better of Michael now. Ben helps Michael with a boat engine that isn’t working properly.

Pippa is in the Diner with Christopher. Pippa speaks with Bobby. They talk about Bobby’s baby and have a look at some baby clothes Bobby get from Pippa that Pippa has no use for anymore.

Matt tells Marilyn and Adam that he will move out since it isn’t working out. Maz and Adam think he should stay in the beach house. Matt says he can’t handle all the problems anymore. They argue a bit about it.

Adam is worried how they will be able to pay the rent when he moves out. Matt feels that Adam is very selfish.

Ben fixes the boat engine. Michael notices he is a very good worker. Michael asks if he will start working for him. Ben is ok with that. They get on well. Ben apologises for acting so bad lately. Ben finds out by Michael accidentally that Carly was here earlier talking to Michael to see if he could hold the job for some days.

Ben takes it as if Michael only gave him the job because Carly begged for it! (Tense music)

Ben is very angry and talks to Carly about it. Ben is angry just because she talked to Michael about the job without telling Ben. He say she have made it impossible for him to work at Michael at the boatshed now. And he says: “Maybe you have made it impossible for me to ever trust you!” (Tense music)

Ola Carlsson, 2000

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