Episode 653

Australian Air Date: 24th October 1990
Writer: Morgan Smith
Director: Mark Piper

Sally chooses Alf to be the subject of her essay. Blake decides it’s time to strike back against Alan Stone.

Extended Summary

Grant is holding a class with Blake and Karen etc. They will do rehearsing of the Romeo and Juliet play at the surf club later on.

Sally comes to Fisher in school. She is doing a school project featuring an important person in Summer Bay and the project could be published in the local newspaper if it is good. Sally has selected Fisher for the person in her project. He is flattered but seem a bit worried since she has to hang around him a lot in order to do the project.

Fisher says no to be a part in Sally’s school project with the excuse that he is too busy. Sally is disappointed. Grant talks to her and they try to figure out another person that could be in her project. Grant suggests Alf. Sally asks Alf. Alf say no. Sally tries to persuade him into it but doesn’t succeed.

Grant continues to help Sally. She tells Ailsa what happened. Ailsa think Alf should help Sally by being interviewed for her project. Ailsa will talk to Alf and hopefully sort it out.

Blake accidentally runs into Alan Stone with a cup of coffee. Stone get very angry of course and say that Blake did it deliberately. Blake says it was an accident. Karen and Sophie think Stone is very unfair.

Ailsa and Sally talk to Alf. They try to talk him around into helping Sally by being the person in her school project. He is ok with it after a while. Sally is very excited.

Alan Stone have been home and changed his clothes. Now he is in for some serious yelling at Blake. Blake tells Karen and Sophie that he will get back at him. Blake has arranged something for the next chemistry class to get back at Stone. Sophie and Karen are curious to see what Blake has arranged for Stone.

Carly is still trying to find a job but can’t find any. She talks to Alf about it and how hopeless she feels that the situation is.

Alan Stone holds the chemistry class and will do a test experiment. The experiment goes wrong since Blake arranged it so that it would go wrong. The class laughs and Blake think it is very funny naturally. Fisher comes in and hears the noisy class. Stone realises that Blake is the one responsible for the experiment “disaster” and gives him detention.

Grant and his class turn up at the surf club to start the rehearsing of Romeo and Juliet. Blake isn’t there since he is on detention. Grant finds out about it.

Blake hates to be on detention. Blake tell Stone that he can’t really prove it was him who set the experiment up and he can’t send him to Fisher since Stone let Blake set up experiment by himself and you aren’t allowed to do that.

Stone will have Blake washing his car as detention and punishment instead of normal detention! Grant sees it and say it is very wrong and that he need Blake this afternoon for rehearsal of Romeo and Juliet. Grant tells Fisher about it. Fisher say Stone had a reason for punishing Blake and that he won’t do anything about it.

Grant returns to the rehearsal and say they have to cancel it since Blake are washing Stone’s car as punishment. Sophie and Karen get angry for what Stone does to Blake and that he constantly is picking on Blake.

Grant say he is sorry and they will have to do the rehearsal later on this week.

Blake is washing Stone’s car. Sophie and Karen talk to him. They want to inform Ailsa about what happened. He says no and say that no one should fight his battles for him.

Blake has finished washing Stone’s car and tells him that he is finished. Stone tell Blake that it was only the beginning for what he has in stall for him! Fisher hears it and sends Blake home. Fisher tells Stone that he is punishing Blake too hard and too personally.

Sally interviews Alf for her project. She ask him after a while what year he got his HSC. It looks as if Alf haven’t got it so he try to get out of that question. He realises he have to tell her the truth.

Sally is excited about the interview. Alf say he doesn’t have any more time for her now. Sally will get the interview questions more organised and maybe use a tape recorder for a later interview with Alf.

Grant talks to Blake, Karen and Sophie. Grant gives Blake the script of Romeo and Juliet. Grant tells him to stay out of trouble from now on with Alan Stone. Grant leaves. Blake tells Sophie and Karen that he will get back at Stone no matter what. (Tense music)

Ola Carlsson, 2000

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