Episode 654

Australian Air Date: 25th October 1990
Writer: Morgan Smith
Director: Mark Piper

Bobby learns that her baby will be a boy. Blake is suspended from school.

Extended Summary

Sophie and Karen play pool with Blake and another guy called Mark. Blake talks about how bad Alan Stone is. Blake has to get back at Stone.

Sophie and Karen win the pool match and thereby won a bet about chips and a drink. Blake says there is no chips in the surf club. They say he have to go to a shop to buy them for them since the deal was that the winners get the chips and drinks.

Blake discusses with Mark how they will get back at Stone. Karen and Sophie think it is a bad idea since they reckon Blake will only get into more trouble.

Grant talks to Alan Stone in a classroom after teaching hours. Grant pretends and says he is ok with Stone’s severe punishments to Blake. Grant seems to agree with Stone for a reason. Grant and Stone seem to get on ok for the time being. Grant invites Alan over for dinner at his place! They go home to Grant.

Grant says he doesn’t have anything to drink. Alan says that he hardly drinks these days and he apologises for the time when he turned up dead drunk at the surf club. Grant asks Stone about his teaching books.

Blake and Mark turn up at Alf’s store and buy the drinks and chips. Mark will keep talking to Alf while Blake will sneak to the back in the store and take a jack tool that is used for cars. They will use it to arrange something to get back at Stone. Mark stalls Alf and tastes the chips and say they seem to be a bit old. Alf taste some and notice there isn’t anything wrong with them. Blake has managed to get the jack without Alf’s knowledge and they get out to return to the surf club.

Grant and Stone eat lunch and talks a lot. They talk about Blake and Karen as well. Grant explains that their mum died of cancer not long ago. Grant means that Stone should not come down so hard on Blake. Grant means that Blake will only cause more problems if he get picked on. Stone seem to understand and say that he will try it and do it Grant’s way. Grant is pleased.

Sophie and Karen play more pool. Blake and Mark comes back to surf club with the jack tool. Karen and Sophie wonder what they will use it for. Sophie gives Blake a lecture about not getting into any more trouble.

Sophie is angry with Blake.

Fisher, Ailsa and Bobby talks in the Diner. Bobby will find out by a doctor if her child is a boy or a girl. They talk about it. Fisher eats French Fries in the Diner. Bobby is looking forward to her baby.

Next day in class, Blake and Mark plans the rest of their revenge plan on Stone. Grant comes in and says that the class will watch a video today. Blake and Mark have to collect the VCR and television set for Grant.

They take advantage of the situation and sneaks out to Stone’s car and put their plan in action. They get the car up with the jack and puts bricks under the car. (Music plays)

Blake accidentally forgets his Romeo and Juliet script-book near car Stone’s car! They hurry inside the school again and collect the VCR and television set and goes back to the classroom.

Grant wonder why it took so long. And Blake and Mark forgot the extension cord that they were supposed to get along with the VCR and TV. Blake has to go and get it.

Bobby has been at the doctor for the ultra scan. She saw her baby and is excited about it of course. She tells Ailsa it is either a boy or a girl, she doesn’t say since she thinks it is funny to tease Ailsa a bit.

Stone acts nice to Blake. Stone and Fisher will go in the same car for something and they will take Stone’s car since Fisher’s car is low on petrol. Blake, Karen, Sophie and Mark watch them as they start the car. They drive but the car isn’t moving since it is standing up on bricks! The kids laugh!

After a while the car falls down from the bricks and they crash into Fisher’s car that is standing in front of Stone’s car! Grant, Fisher and Stone check it out. They notice it was a set-up with the bricks. Alan gets very upset and suspects Blake of course. Stone have a hard time since he promised Grant he would act nicer to Blake. Grant tells Stone not to jump to conclusions. Fisher’s car is a bit damaged as well as Alan’s car.

Grant finds Blake’s Romeo and Juliet script under the car and realise t must have been Blake that is involved in the brick incident. He tells Stone and Fisher about it. Fisher will sort Blake out and say he will pay for it severely.

Sophie, Blake and Karen and Mark talk in the Diner. Karen is worried that Blake will get caught for what he and Mark did. Blake isn’t worried.

Ailsa talks to Bobby about the baby. Bobby still jokes around about it and doesn’t tell Ailsa if it is a boy or a girl.

Fisher tells Alf about the trouble Blake caused. Fisher say Blake has gone too far this time.

Bobby tells Ailsa, Karen and Sophie that her baby is a boy. They all are very excited.

Alf phones the Diner and asks for Blake. Blake goes to Alf’s store and Fisher is waiting there along with Alf as backup to sort things out and gives Blake an earful.

Fisher gives Blake his script book. Blake says he lost it. Fisher says Grant found it under Stones car.

Blake owns up and say he was responsible for the bricks under Stone’s car. Fisher yell at him extremely loud and say he will pay for the damage to both his and Stone’s car and that he is suspended for rest of the week. (Tense music)

Ola Carlsson, 2000

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