Episode 655

Australian Air Date: 26th October 1990
Writer: Mary Dagmar Davies
Director: Mark Piper

Marilyn is instrumental in helping Steven pass his exams. What is the real reason behind Blake’s anti-social behaviour?

Extended Summary

Fisher talks to Grant about Blake’s punishment. Blake’s punishment is suspension for the rest of the week. Grant think it may be a bit too heavy since Blake also have to pay for the damage for both Fisher and Alan’s cars and it will take a long time before he can pay them off.

Alf are angry with Blake for what he have done and have a go at him. Blake helps Alf out at his store. Karen talks to Blake. Alf have Blake working in his store while Blake is suspended from school.

Grant talks to Karen about Blake getting into trouble all the time. Karen is annoyed at Grant for dobbing Blake in.

Bobby talks to Pippa about the ultra scan she did when she saw her baby. Pippa find out it is a boy. She is very happy for Bobby. Bobby wants to call her baby Tom. Pippa get emotionally touched. Bobby talks about why she want to call him Tom. Bobby feels that Tom was so important to her and treated her so well in the past. Pippa are honoured that she will call the kid Tom.

Maz talks to Steven about the exams. Maz are a bit worried if she will pass on them. Steven reckons she will do well. They talk on beach after being in the Diner. She wants to study with Steven. He says he won’t do any last minute studying. He mean that what he don’t know now he never will.

Grant talks to Karen about Blake’s punishment. He feels Blake deserved it. Karen doesn’t agree. Grant wants Karen to make sure that Blake doesn’t slack off from his schoolwork. Karen will try to make sure that won’t happen.

Grant asks Karen why Blake usually is in so much trouble. Karen get annoyed and say she don’t know the reason behind it or why.

Karen talks to Blake about keeping up the studying even though he is suspended. Blake isn’t interested and is very angry with Grant and says that he is as bad as Alan Stone!

Grant talks to Blake while Blake is doing a grocery delivery for Alf. Blake is very angry with Grant and say he doesn’t want anything to do with him.

Sally interviews Pippa about Alf for her school project.

Maz try to convince Steven to do some last minute studying before exam with her. Maz won’t take no for an answer. Steven has to study with Maz even though he didn’t really want to. Pippa and Sally hear it and think it was good of Maz to be able to persuade Steven into doing it.

Steven and Maz study in the beach house. They study some questions about Russia. Maz knows a lot about it apparently.

Grant talks to Alf about Blake. Alf agree with him that it could be some deeper problem for Blake since he get into so much trouble all the time.

Karen talks to Blake. They talk about something that Blake definitely won’t let Karen tell anyone.

At morning, Maz and Steven are sleeping at the kitchen table in the beach house!

Karen talks to Blake on beach. Blake has been out before the sun came up. Blake and Karen talk about their mum Margo that died in cancer a while ago and how much they miss her. Blake blames himself for her death. Karen says it wasn’t Blake’s fault but he won’t hear of it. It seems this could be one of the reasons why he is in so much strife all the time.

Steven wakes up and looks at the clock and wakes Maz up. They are late for an exam! They are very worried.

The exam is just about to start and Maz and Steven are still missing. (Tense music)

They turn up 10 minutes late but they can still be in the exam. Fisher is very annoyed. The exam starts and Steven obviously had some help from studying with Maz last night.

Pippa tell Alf that this is the first morning since Tom’s death that she has woken up without expecting to see Tom beside her. She also talks about Bobby and that she will call her baby Tom.

Alf talks to Blake about death etc. He thinks Blake has a hard time to come to terms with the loss of his and Karen’s mum. Blake gets very angry since he blames himself for Margo’s death. Alf don’t know about that. Blake tells Alf to shut up. (Tense music)

Ola Carlsson, 2000

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