Episode 643

Australian Air Date: 10th October 1990
Writer: Dave Worthington
Director: Sean Nash

Matt discovers a new side to Marilyn. Steven and Jennifer spend the night together.

Extended Summary

Daniel starts hitting the wicked painting and is very angry.

Blake and Karen clean Alf’s kitchen. Alf was very angry earlier but are gone now.

Ailsa phones and ask how it is going and say that they shouldn’t make a too big mess. Blake says they won’t!

Jennifer and Steven come back to her house and find a lot of her paintings ruined. Jennifer realise Daniel have been there and destroyed them. She gets very scared. Steven makes her calm down and say he will protect her so nothing can happen to her.

Ailsa comes home and find out that Blake, Karen and Sophie have only made about a dozen lamingtons yet and they have an awful lot more to do before they are ready. Ailsa find some chocolate on a clock in the kitchen! Blake and Karen try to act innocent.

Maz and Adam are sitting in the sofa at the beach house. Matt comes home with a girl and wants to be alone with her. The girl is a real babe and seems interested in Adam too. Adam walks upstairs instead. (Bluesy music plays).

Ailsa will help Blake and Karen to make the rest of the Lamingtons in the Diner instead since they will get it done a lot sooner by using the Diner. Grant will help them too.

Jennifer talks to Steven. Jennifer doesn’t feel like eating. She is very worried about Daniel. (Tense music).

She feels that Daniel is only waiting for the right moment to strike when she is alone. Steven say he will stay with her and say Daniel won’t hurt her as long as he is around. He kisses her. And she kisses him back. (Emotional music).

Ailsa, Grant, Blake and Karen cook Lamingtons all evening and they are still making Lamingtons late in the night too since Ailsa wants them to be finished once and for all.

Matt and the girl (Sue) are kissing in the beach house. Maz comes down and turns down music. They get annoyed at Maz. Adam and Maz get annoyed at Matt and Sure too.

At morning, Jennifer and Steven wake up. It seems as if they might have slept together.

Jennifer is still very scared about Daniel. Steven tells her to forget about him and start to think about their relationship instead. It seems as if Jennifer wants to be in a relationship with Steven now.

Pippa are worried since Steven didn’t come home last night. She thought he might have been over at Paul’s but he wasn’t. She talks to Ben about it. He will ask around if someone have seen Steven. Ben also mentions that Steven is nearly 18 and is nearly an adult. Pippa agrees but reckon Steven could at least have phoned to let her know.

Matt wakes up and is angry with Adam for getting annoyed at Sue and him last night.

Maz are about to take a shower and takes off all clothes. Matt thought the bathroom was empty so he walks in and sees Marilyn naked! She screams heaps. Adam walks in and realises Matt saw her naked. Adam gets angry. Matt says he didn’t do it on purpose.

Steven is out chopping some wood to make Jennifer a fire since she is cold. Ben comes by and talks to Steven. Ben is a bit tense at him for not letting Pippa know he was ok and where he was. Steven gets annoyed and says he can look after himself now and that Jennifer needs him. Ben leaves.

Marilyn talks to Adam. She knows Matt didn’t walk in on purpose when she was naked. Adam isn’t so sure about that. Maz say the reason why it happened was due to the lock on the bathroom door have been broken for quite some time now.

Blake, Ailsa, Grant and Matt have got all Lamingtons done but had to work nearly all night! Now they are ready to be delivered to the customers who will buy them.

Adam fixes the bathroom lock. Matt comes home again. Maz wants Adam to apologise to Matt for yelling at him. Adam talks to Matt and apologises a lot. Matt forgives him after a while.

Jennifer tells Steven that what happened last night between them can’t happen again. She say she was very alone and scared and he was there for her and that it was great but it mustn’t happen again. Steven says it is ok since he accepts everything she says sort of.

Pippa talks to Ben about Steven. Ben lies and says he hasn’t seen Steven. Pippa realise that Ben is lying. Ben tells her the truth. Ben says that Steven is involved with Alf’s cousin Jennifer. Pippa are shocked. (Tense music)

Ola Carlsson, 2000

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