Episode 642

Australian Air Date: 9th October 1990
Writer: Greg Haddrick
Director: Sean Nash

Blake, Karen and Sophie destroy Alf’s kitchen. Jennifer’s violent husband arrives in Summer Bay.

First episode. Jennifer’s violent husband who managed to locate her whereabouts in the Bay.

Extended Summary

Sally was watching television but got bored. Steven is about to go out. She asks if she can go with him. He says no. Sally give him a hard time and tries to get him to change his mind but he say he has to study and that she can’t follow him around.

A guy turns up (Jennifer’s ex-husband Daniel) at the caravan park and asks for Alan Stone.

Daniel meets Alan and they talk in his caravan. Alan tries to make Daniel forget about his phone call when he told Daniel about Steven and Jennifer. Daniel wants to see Jennifer.

Steven is out at Jennifer’s house and talks to her. (Emotional music). He wants her to forget what happened the other day when he kissed her. She seems to be ok now and will continue with the painting of Steven.

Blake, Sophie and Karen ask Ailsa if they can make their Lamingtons in the Diner. Ailsa say no.

They start making the Lamingtons at Alf’s house instead but they are worried since it will probably take forever to make so many Lamingtons since they got heaps of buyers for them.

Blake wants to get out of some work but they won’t let him. He says he will come up with an idea so they can get them done a lot sooner.

Steven talks more to Jennifer and she continues to paint with Steven as portrait.

Alan Stone and Daniel sneak around her house and watch them. (Tense music)

Daniel wants to talk to her alone somehow.

Daniel talks to Stone in his caravan and drinks. He talks a lot about Jennifer.

Steven tries to persuade Jennifer to put out some of her paintings in an art gallery. Jennifer isn’t really interested and says she doesn’t have something really good to hang out. She also can’t do it since she is hiding from Daniel. They talk about it. (Emotional music)

Blake, Karen and Sophie are doing more Lamingtons. Blake’s idea to save time is to make smaller Lamingtons. Karen is worried since people might feel ripped off. Blake says it is nothing to worry about.

Sally comes by to spend some time with them since she is bored. Sally doesn’t think the Lamingtons will turn out ok. She says they are too small and aren’t cooked properly.

Blake, Sophie and Karen notice that the Lamingtons don’t turn out ok so Sally was right.

Alan Stone and Daniel turn up at the Diner. Alan says hello to Steven. Steven leaves after a while.

Daniel will go and speak with Jennifer now when she is alone.

Karen, Sophie and Blake have made one perfect Lamington and have an extreme amount of Lamingtons yet to make. Blake wants to taste the one that is ready. Karen and Sophie don’t agree and they all three start a full-scale food fight with ingredients from the Lamingtons! (Funny Scene)

Steven talks to Jennifer at beach. He has got food for them both.

She explains why she can’t have a relationship with Steven. She say other people wouldn’t be able to accept their relationship and thereby causing their relationship not to last long and also that it is a bad time for her since it wasn’t long ago she left Daniel and she had very bad experiences with him. (Emotional music).

Daniel turns up at Jennifer’s house and knocks. No one is home. The door is open and he walks in. (Tense music) He notices that no one is home. He calls out Jennifer’s name but no one answers. He looks at her paintings and her belongings.

Blake, Karen and Sophie continue the food fight! Alf comes home. They get worried. Blake try to keep him out of the kitchen since it is a mess. Alf wants to check out the kitchen. He notices the kitchen is a mess. (Bluesy music plays). Blake asks Alf if he wants a lamington. Alf are angry.

Jennifer and Steven talk more on beach. She talks about Daniel and what an extreme bad temper he have and that he can’t stand criticism etc.

Meanwhile, Daniel looks at a rather obscure painting that Jennifer has made around the time she was splitting up with Daniel.

He seems to turn psycho. (Tense music plays).

Ola Carlsson, 2000

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