Episode 641

Australian Air Date: 8th October 1990
Writer: Greg Haddrick
Director: Sean Nash

There are clouds on the domestic horizon for Matt, Adam and Marilyn. Meanwhile, Blake and Karen organise a lamington drive.

Extended Summary

Carly talks to Pippa in her kitchen. Carly is looking through some newspaper since she is looking for work. Pippa think she should have stayed on at the Diner at least until she have found some other job.

Alan Stone asks Pippa if it is OK that a friend of him will be staying in his caravan for some days. He says his friend will be coming to visit him. Pippa say it is OK.

Fisher talks to Bobby in Diner about problems he has to find a secretary. Sophie is in Diner too and buys milkshakes.

Grant talks to Fisher that he will take year 10 for a Romeo and Juliette show in the city as a school excursion. They will go there by bus. Fisher is OK with it. Blake, Sophie and Karen are excited since it is a lot more fun than being at school.

Maz are a bit worried about the HSC. She talks to Matt about it.

Maz have moved back in with Adam and Matt in the beach house. Matt and Adam are very happy about that.

Blake and Karen ask Alf for some money for the school excursion. He will pay a bit of it but they have to come up with 20 dollars each.

Stone talks to Alf. He apologises for earlier when he accused Blake (without proof) of wrecking his caravan. Alf says it is OK now.

Matt, Adam and Maz decide to do a new roster to get a bit more organisation around the beach house.

Matt will go out for a pizza but Adam wants Fish and Chips. Adam persuades Maz and Matt into buying Fish and Chips instead even though Matt wanted pizza.

Blake and Sophie talk about the school excursion. They reckon it will be great especially since they will be a long way from Alf, Ailsa and Pippa so Blake and Sophie can have some “fun” alone.

Carly is looking for work but she can’t find any. Sophie tells her that Fisher is looking for a secretary. Carly is interested. Carly will apply for the job as secretary.

Sophie tells Pippa about the overnight excursion with the Shakespeare play. Pippa are a bit worried since it is overnight and that Blake will be there as well. Pippa is worried about what Blake and Sophie might get up to.

Carly talks to Fisher to apply for the job as secretary. It seems Carly would be great for the job since she know a fair bit about computers etc.

Sophie, Blake and Karen will make Lamingtons and sell them to make money to be able to go on the school excursion. Blake manages to get Fisher on the list of buyers as well!

They go around to find persons that will buy their homemade Lamingtons. Maz is interested in their Lamingtons too.

Pippa talks to Grant about how worried she is that he will take a whole group of 15-year-olds to an overnight excursion and is worried what might happen. Grant say nothing will happen since he will have them on constant and strict supervision.

Blake, Karen and Sophie put up ads for their Lamingtons. They put up ads in the Diner and Alf’s store etc.

At morning, Matt get angry at Adam since it was Adam’s turn to do the laundry and he have only done his and Maz’s laundry and not Matt’s.

Matt collects Maz from the shower. She explains that it was she who did hers and Adam’s laundry. Adam didn’t do any laundry at all! Matt is upset at Adam since he was supposed to do it.

Bobby shows Sophie a list that she has collected on persons interested to buy their Lamingtons.

Alf show Karen a long list too so things seem to go great for them.

Karen, Blake and Sophie discuss the Lamington business and realise they have got so many orders that they will have to make Lamingtons for the next 30 hours! They are worried…

Ola Carlsson, 2000

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