Episode 640

Australian Air Date: 5th October 1990
Writer: Mary Dagmar Davies
Director: Michael Ailwood

Carly quits her job at the diner. Alan Stone witnesses an intimate moment between Jennifer and Steven.

Extended Summary

Steven spends some time with Jennifer at her house. She is about to do some painting today. She reckons she might use Steven as a model for a painting. Steven is excited about it.

Carly doesn’t want to keep on working in the Diner but realises she might have to. Bobby and Ailsa understand why Ben and Pippa wants her to continue to work in the Diner for the time being since it will mean a regular income for Ben and Carly until the boatshed business are going well.

Pippa talks to Ben about how bad Carly felt about the idea to keep on working in the Diner. Sally shows Ben and Pippa a blanket she has made for Bobby’s baby. Pippa and Ben are busy talking and hardly notice it. Sally gets annoyed after a while.

Carly comes home and talks to Ben about why she have to keep on working in the Diner. Ben make her realise it have to be this way for a while.

Maz goes over to the beach house to get a kitchen tool to cook a vegetarian quiche. Adam is using the kitchen tool. Maz insist to cook Adam a decent meal. Maz misses Adam.

Jennifer is doing some painting near the beach with Steven as model. They talk a lot and get on well.

Alan Stone is alone in his caravan and drinks more alcohol. (Tense music).

Sally gives Bobby the thing she has made for her baby. Bobby is very excited. Sally is happy to see that she appreciates it.

Grant talks to Ailsa and say that he thinks Maz really don’t want to live in his house. He reckons Maz really wants to live with Adam again. He says it is funny that she went over to the beach house to collect the kitchen tool for over 2 hours ago and haven’t come back yet.

Bobby shows Ailsa and Grant the present that Sally made for her baby. Grant jokes about it and say he can’t believe that Sally made it. Sally tries to persuade him that she really did make it. Grant believes her eventually! Sally also say that neither Ben or Pippa did have time to look at it since they only seem to care about the boatshed at the moment.

Ben and Carly talks about the boatshed business. Carly feels she is left out of the plans around it. Ben convinces her she isn’t. (Emotional music)

Adam and Maz go for a walk on the beach and talks. It seems as if Maz wants to move in together with Adam again. They talk about it and Maz will move back. Adam think it is a great idea and tell Maz not to listen to what other people think since that was the reason why she moved out in the first place.

Adam and Maz tell Grant she has to move back to the beach house. Grant understands. Maz pays him two week’s rent just to make up since she leaves him so soon without notice. Grant says he doesn’t want the money and really never saw Maz as a house tenant, only as a guest sort of.

Steven and Jennifer spend more time on beach while Jennifer is painting. He gets a bit tired to lie still on beach. They take a break. Steven wants to see what’s been done on the painting of him so far. She says definitely no to it but he takes a look at it anyway. He thinks he looks a bit too young on the painting. She says he is a bit young.

They go for a swim.

Sally talks to Pippa about how good everyone think the present is that she did for Bobby’s baby. Pippa are glad.

Ben thinks Carly will be ok to continue work in the Diner. Pippa are a bit worried about it all since Carly seem quite depressed about it.

Carly find out she has to do a shift at the evening in the Diner since Ailsa have to go out with Alf tonight. Alf and Ailsa will go out to see a movie. Carly and Bobby argues about it. Ailsa tell them to cool it.

Steven does a fun palm reading on Jennifer’s hand. They have fun together on the beach. After a while when they both lie down on beach, Steven kisses her. Alan Stone is a bit drunk and notice that he kissed her. Stone leaves. Jennifer get upset over what Steven did (Emotional music)

Jennifer and Steven talks. She says she only wants to be friends with him. She leaves. He goes after her.

Carly has a hard time working in the Diner today and is very tense and is in a bad mood to the customers too.

Bobby gets annoyed at her. Carly is very upset and say she won’t work there anymore.

Carly comes home and tells Ben that she is definitely won’t be working in the Diner anymore. Ben gets a bit upset and wants her to apologise to Bobby and ask for the job again. Carly says no and says she will find another job instead.

Steven talks to Jennifer. Steven apologises to her for the kiss. She tells him to go home.

Alan Stone are still a bit drunk (as always!) and goes into a phone booth and phones Jennifer’s ex-husband Daniel. Stone talks a lot to him. Stone talks about Jennifer’s new “boyfriend” and says that he is a 17-year old school kid. (Tense music).

Ola Carlsson, 2000

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