Episode 639

Australian Air Date: 4th October 1990
Writer: Ray Harding
Director: Michael Ailwood

Steven trashes Alan Stone’s caravan in a jealous rage. Carly is upset about Ben and Pippa’s plans for the boatshed.

Extended Summary

Jennifer talks to Fisher at her house while he helps her to pack paintings in car. She will do the art speech at school today. She tells Fisher about the “young man” that did come round to her a lot and that he has a crush on her. Fisher doesn’t know it is Steven she is talking about.

Grant meets Alan in a corridor and acts arrogant to him. Stone see Jennifer in school corridor and they are very surprised to see each other. They know each other since he knows her ex-husband Daniel. She explains that they are separated now. Stone say he has separated from his wife Vivian.

Stone insist on taking Jennifer out to lunch. She says ok if Fisher joins them too and Fisher is ok with joining them for lunch.

Ben talked to a bank and Carly and him got the loan from the bank to buy the boatshed now when they can afford it since they got money from Pip too since she will be business partner in the boatshed with them.

Ben acted as if they didn’t get the loan at first just to joke with Carly. They are very happy about getting the loan.

Alf have managed to get his drivers licence back. He tells Carly and Ben about it. They congratulate him.

Alan Stone eats lunch with Jennifer in Diner. Fisher is there too and talks to Bobby as well.

Stone talks about Jennifer’s ex Daniel. Stone reckon Jennifer was too good for Daniel. Alan offers Jennifer a lift home.

Ben and Carly talks to the owner of the boatshed (Fred Owens) and have a look around the place. Carly is very excited. Carly wants to open a cafe outside the boatshed. Ben says they probably can’t afford something like that, not at the moment anyway.

Grant talks to Pip. Steven has been at a specialist due to his back pains and the specialist couldn’t found any serious damage with Steven’s back. He thought it was a strain so Steven got muscle-relaxing tablets to take.

Grant and Pippa talk about it. Grant feels a bit bad due to what happened. Steven says it isn’t Grant’s fault.

Steven won’t go back to school today. He says he wants to go out for a walk instead.

Steven hurries out to Jennifer’s house. Ben and Carly see him.

Alan has given Jennifer a lift home and is in her house and talks. And he says he has stayed away from his drinking for a long time now. He seems to be interested in Jennifer. He kisses her. She doesn’t want to.

Steven sees them kissing from outside her window. Jennifer is upset and talks to Alan about what happened.

He apologises. He say he have always liked Jennifer. She tells him to go after a while.

Steven is very upset and goes crazy in Alan’s caravan and messes all the things up in it. (Tense music).

Carly talks to Bobby about the good news of the loan for the boatshed which came through.

Carly acts as if it will feel good to stop working in Diner. Bobby gets annoyed since Carly make it sound as if it is the pits to work in the Diner.

Ben talks to Pippa about the boatshed plans. Pippa suggest Carly stays working in the Diner for the time being so they have a regular income coming in.

Pippa will help Ben and Carly out when they need her. Ben appreciates it. And Ben has to talk to Carly about her staying on at the Diner for the time being. They don’t think Carly will like the idea so much.

Jennifer talks to Steven on beach. He is upset since she kissed Stone. She try to explain that she isn’t interested in Stone and that he was kissing her and not other way around. She explains everything about Stone being a friend with her ex-husband etc. Steven admits he was jealous.

Steven talks to Jennifer on beach and she still says there can only be friendship between them. He seems to take it badly but say he can handle it. They get on better now and talks. (Emotional music).

Stone finds his caravan trashed but notices that the booze bottle is intact (it seem as if that was the only thing important to him!)

Stone tell Pippa about what happened. Stone is upset. Pippa is shocked and said nothing like that has ever happened before. Ben hears about it.

Stone suspect it wasn’t a theft operation. He thinks it is some revenge from Blake. Stone is upset and talks to Alf. They yell at each other since Alf takes Blake’s side and that Alf know that Blake is innocent.

Alf tell Stone to get out of his house before he throws him out!

Ben helps Sally with some work for school at home. Sally got to borrow Steven’s pencils earlier since her pencils are in school.

Ben talks to Steven about why he still keeps seeing Jennifer. Ben thinks it was a fake with the back problem just to keep out of school when Jennifer was to be in school for her art speech. He means Steven faked the back pains so Jennifer wouldn’t notice he is only in High School and that he are much younger than she thinks he is. Steven sort of admits it.

Pippa talks to Carly and Bobby in the Diner. Ben haven’t talked to Carly yet and Pippa tell Carly that she might have to stay on working in Diner for the time being since the boatshed income might not support them both for the time being. Carly seems depressed. Bobby thinks it all is quite funny since Carly couldn’t wait to stop working in the Diner!

Ola Carlsson, 2000

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