Episode 638

Australian Air Date: 3rd October 1990
Writer: Ray Harding
Director: Michael Ailwood

Alf thinks Alan Stone is victimising Blake.

Extended Summary

Stone explains to Blake and rest of class that he will deal with a person that cheats by caning the student. Blake says he isn’t allowed to cane him. Stone say since Fisher isn’t in school for the time being it is Stone that is the standing headmaster and thereby dealing with things in his way.

He hits Blake on left and right hands one at a time with the cane. Class is shocked and especially Sophie and Karen.

After a class, Karen and Sophie speak to Blake about it. Blake is very upset and tells them to leave him alone.

Stone walks in corridor and Sophie calls him a creep behind his back. He hears it.

Grant finds out that Blake was caned by Stone. He talks to Stone and hates what Stone did and say there haven’t been a cane in this school for a lot of time. Stone agrees and reads out “4 years and 3 months to be precise”. Stone say he is in his legal rights to cane Blake since Fisher is away at conference.

Blake and Sophie talk to Ailsa in Diner. They are in a bad mood. Ailsa wonder what is up. Karen tells Ailsa that Stone caned Blake and called him a cheat. Karen explained that Blake didn’t cheat and that she only showed him how to do the mathematical calculations that he had trouble with and that Blake worked out the answers himself.

Ailsa is upset over the caning and goes to talk to Fisher.

Grant speaks to Fisher about what Stone did. Fisher says he won’t judge Alan until he has heard the story from both sides.

Ailsa arrives and is upset and talks to Fisher. Ailsa said that Karen think that Stone set Blake up with the second test and knew he would fail just to get an excuse to punish Blake. Fisher will talk to Stone today to sort it out.

Blake and Sophie talk on the beach. Blake’s hands are still very sore and he also think Stone did the caning to get back at Karen as well since Stone knows Karen would be upset if he hurt Blake.

Fisher speaks to Alan Stone. Fisher says he would never use the cane and would have wanted Stone to wait with the punishment until Fisher came back. Stone justifies his punishment of Blake and say the information he got was unclear on what punishments to “hand out”.

Steven’s back is still not back to normal. Steven will speak to a specialist tomorrow. Steven speaks to Pip about it.

Sophie comes home and is upset over what Stone did. She talks to Pip about it. Sophie says she will organise a student strike against Stone. Pip thinks it is a very bad idea.

Ailsa and Karen talk to Alf during dinner at Alf’s house about what happened today with Stone.

Karen suspects that Stone did it to Blake to get back at her as well for when she was right and Stone was wrong when he had corrected her test paper wrong a while ago. Blake comes home and say he is not hungry. Blake is still upset.

Alan Stone is at the Diner to eat and Grant comes in to eat as well. Stone ask him to join him at his table. Grant says no and can’t get along with Stone because of what he did to Blake.

Blake talks to Alf about the caning and that Stone did it in front of the whole class. Blake is upset. Alf want to sort it out with Stone. Blake tells him not to interfere and have a go at Alf.

Alf comes to Fisher office and Stone is in there too. Alf talks to Fisher and Stone. And Alf say the caning isn’t allowed in front of the whole class. Fisher seems to agree. Stone justifies his actions anyway and says it served as a warning to other students.

Blake says he won’t go back to school. Karen and Sophie say he can’t do that. Blake says he won’t go back to school as long as Stone is there.

Alf talks to Grant about the problems with Stone. Karen and Sophie tell Alf, Ailsa and Grant that Blake won’t go back to school as long as Stone is there. Grant offers Alf and Ailsa that he can talk to Blake to try to sort the problems out.

Grant speaks to Blake. Grant persuades Blake into going back to school anyway. Grant succeeded with that by telling Blake that he need to be tough to win Iron Man comps etc and that a guy who let the cane bring him down won’t succeed in that.

Grant and Blake are in school. Stone talks to Blake and says he is late and has a go at Grant too.

Fisher hears the problems and is thinking a lot about what happened with Stone and Blake etc.

Grant’s class starts (debate class with discussions). Class wants to discuss whether caning should be allowed or not. Grant is ok with discussing that subject. Fisher hears it and talks to Grant outside classroom. Fisher agrees with Grant and says it is good for students to decide the topic themselves.

And Fisher tells Grant that caning won’t be allowed any more in Summer Bay at any circumstances.

Grant is very pleased and surprised!

Ola Carlsson, 2000

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