Episode 637

Australian Air Date: 2nd October 1990
Writer: Bruce Hancock
Director: Michael Ailwood

Bobby finally makes a decision about Geoff. Alan Stone reintroduces corporal punishment at Summer Bay High School.

Extended Summary

Blake, Karen, Alf and Ailsa eat breakfast. Blake is doing a school assignment before school and he is in the last minute to get it finished since it needs to be finished today. He is worried. He wants some help from Karen.

Maz is depressed and Grant tries to cheer her up. She is upset because of Adam. Grant try to convince her that Adam might be innocent and that he only talked with the girl just as Adam says. Maz is upset.

Matt tries to convince Adam to talk to Maz to sort everything out. Adam is upset since Matt got him into this trouble when he had Adam to help him to get the two girls over to the beach house.

Matt and Grant talk and wonder what to do with Adam and Maz’s problems.

Blake doesn’t have time to finish his schoolwork and is worried that Stone might “kill him”.

Karen will help him after a bit of persuasion from Blake.

Stone’s class starts. Blake is talking a bit to Sophie at start of a class. Blake said “you look hot today” and Stone get very annoyed and makes Blake tell the whole class what he said. Class laughs. Stone tell class that Fisher is away on conference for the day and that means Stone is the headmaster in charge there today and he warns the class not to cause any trouble or there will obviously be hell to pay!

Stone will leave class to work for themselves and they are doing a lot of work and he expect it all to be done in time and there must be no talking what so ever. He is very strict and seems to pick on Blake in particular.

Geoff’s mum comes to the Diner and talks to Bobby. Bobby think she is there to hassle her since she don’t want to be in a relationship with Geoff and she means that Bobby could at least let him know where he stands. Bobby doesn’t know what to do since she really cares for Geoff but doesn’t know if she really loves him.

Grant’s class starts. The class likes Grant as a teacher. They will rehearse Romeo and Juliet.

Bobby talks to Geoff’s mum. Bobby explains she don’t know how she feels for Geoff and that she think it is a good idea not to lead him on and pretend everything is ok and then might realise she doesn’t love him.

Bobby will let him know soon enough.

Stone interrupts Grant’s class and needs to speak to Karen and Blake alone. (Tense music). Stone seem angry.

Stone speaks to Blake and Karen. It is due to the math assignment. Stone say either of them cheated. They say they didn’t cheat and explains that Karen only showed him earlier how to do some of the math calculations. Stone say Blake cheated since they got almost same answers correct and Stone don’t think Blake is that good at maths. Blake will have to do another test later to see if he get the answers right without help from Karen.

Bobby talks to Pippa about Geoff. Geoff wants to be in a serious relationship with Bobby but Bobby still doesn’t know how she feels. Pippa and Bobby talks about it.

Blake and Karen tell Sophie that Blake has to do another math test again to prove he didn’t cheat. Blake is upset about it.

Maz writes a letter in school to Adam. (Emotional music).

At the same time Adam writes one to her too but gets interrupted by Matt! (Voice-overs of what’s written in the letters).

Blake does the test in school during lunch to prove he didn’t cheat. Stone will mark it and tell him how he did later on.

Maz goes to the beach house to leave her letter for Adam. At the same time he is on his way out to leave his letter to her!

They talk to each other in the beach house. And they realise they both have written letters to each other saying the want to make up and forgive each other and sort everything out. (Emotional music).

They are very happy. Maz cries too and she is very happy to be on good terms again with Adam.

Bobby talks to Geoff on beach. He is fishing. He has caught a few fish. She has made a decision regarding him. Bobby tells him she wants to give a relationship with him a go. He is very happy. They hug. She say she will give it a try but warns him that she can’t promise a long lasting relationship since she don’t really know how she feels for him. (Emotional music).

Alan Stone talks to class about how serious cheating is. He gives the whole class a lecture about it and talks about Blake as an example of cheating on his math test. Stone say that Blake failed his lunch test that was to prove if he cheated or not. Stone tell Blake to stand up. (Tense music).

Stone goes out of classroom and collects a cane to hit Blake on his hands with! Sophie and Blake look very worried. (Tense music).

Ola Carlsson, 2000

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