Episode 636

Australian Air Date: 1st October 1990
Writer: Bruce Hancock
Director: Michael Ailwood

Blake and Karen give Alf a hard time. Bobby is confused about her feelings for Geoff.

Extended Summary

Bobby talks to Fisher about Geoff and what a great time she had with him today in the fun park.

Fisher likes Geoff and thinks he is good for Bobby. She makes it clear that she is a just friend with Geoff.

Ailsa try to cheer Alf up since he failed to get his drivers licence back. He feels people will laugh at him.

Grant trains Blake at beach. Karen watches Blake and talks. Blake is doing ok with the training.

Karen and Blake think Alf got his licence back. Grant act strange about it and say he can’t say anything so Karen and Blake guess something is wrong that he maybe not did get licence back.

Maz is worried if she will pass through exams or not and she is worried about the HSC. Adam offers to help her study! Maz is surprised. Maz is ok with that as long as it means only studying and “nothing else”.

Grant tells Blake and Karen that Alf didn’t get his licence back. Grant asks them not to say anything about that he told them. They think it is funny that Alf didn’t get the licence back.

Alf is reading about driving rules. Karen and Blake walk in and scare him. He gets embarrassed.

Alf was supposed to drive them to Yabbie Creek and he try to come up with excuses that he can’t drive them today since he have other things to do. Karen and Blake have fun over that he didn’t get his licence but they don’t tell him that they know about it.

Geoff is over at Fisher’s house to visit Bobby. She isn’t home since she is at work. Fisher offers him to wait. He has a beer at Fisher’s house. Fisher offered him. Fisher gets on well with Geoff.

Fisher likes that he is spending time with Bobby and it is obvious that he wants Bobby to be in a relationship with Geoff.

Ailsa heard that Karen and Blake know that Alf didn’t pass his test to get the licence back. Ailsa tell them to stop teasing Alf about it or there will be hell to pay!

Maz cooks dinner in Grant’s apartment and tell Grant that Adam will come over to help her study. Grant won’t be home and think it is good so Adam and Maz can be alone. Maz say that they will only be studying. Grant doesn’t really believe her. Adam turns up. Grant tells Adam that he is only there to study. Adam says he knows that. Grant goes on and Maz and Adam talks. (Emotional music). They kiss and cuddle.

Bobby tells Ailsa that Geoff wants to get serious and she doesn’t know what to do. Ailsa think Bobby should go with her feelings. They talk about it in the Diner. Bobby decides to go out to have some fun by herself.

Bobby asks Grant to go with her and see a movie and eat something on the way. He says ok since he can’t be home since Adam is home alone with Maz.

Maz and Adam are studying but he doesn’t really want to study. She gets a bit uptight and they have a slight argument. She says that maybe they should stop seeing each other until the exams are over. He gets annoyed and they argue a bit more. He thinks she wants to dump him. She try to convince him it isn’t like that.

Bobby comes home. Geoff and Fisher are there. Bobby say she have made other plans. Grant comes in. Fisher and Geoff are surprised. Bobby will go to a movie with Grant anyway. Grant invites Geoff too. He says no.

Matt sees a gorgeous girl in surf club and wants to invite her to the beach house. He talks Adam into asking the girl and her friend to come along as well since the girl won’t go alone. Adam has some doubts but will do it to help Matt.

Maz talks to Ailsa about her problems with Adam. She will find Adam to apologise to him.

She goes home and there is Matt making out with a girl and she see Adam and the other girl talking. Maz get upset and rushes out and think Adam was chatting the girl up.

Adam get worried and yelled after her that it is not what she thinks. Adam is annoyed at Matt for putting him in that situation in the first place.

Blake has taken Alf’s driving lessons book and Alf are looking for it. Ailsa see that Blake have it and calls in Alf and tell him that Blake has his book. Alf get embarrassed and is hurt and say “hope you all had a good laugh”. Blake and Karen feel bad. (Emotional music).

Bobby talks to Fisher about Geoff. Fisher says how hurt Geoff was. Bobby says she does her own decisions and doesn’t want to spend all her time with Geoff.

Grant comes home and see Maz is emotionally upset over the fight with Adam. They talk about it and that Maz found Adam with the girl (even though they were only talking). Maz cries. (Emotional music).

At morning, Maz walks on beach. Adam talks to her and apologises and tries to explain what happened. She won’t hear of it.

Blake and Karen apologise to Alf at morning. Blake is up early since he has to finish his math assignment.

They give Alf a present. It is a free offer for a driving lesson! Alf see the joke and Blake, Karen and Ailsa laughs.

Geoff talks to Bobby. He is upset and asks what is happening. He feel she is going out with another guy and it is really getting to him especially since she kissed him not so long ago.

He tells her to make up her mind how she feels about him. She says she doesn’t really know.

Ola Carlsson, 2000

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