Episode 2542

Australian Air Date: 2nd February 1999

Tom becomes the local hero. Has Vinnie finally got a real job? Sam overcomes his fears. Fisher runs foul of the law.

Captain of the Summer Bay Cricket team. Coached Tom.
Inspired Vinnie’s writing exploits.

Extended Summary

As soon as Sally leaves the house, Vinnie contacts Summer Bay Courier, the newspaper. He complains to the editor that there is no horoscope in the paper. He puts his idea to her, that he would do the horoscope for their paper and gives her a false name! She suggests he submit the article, and he’ll get the job if she likes it. He takes out an astrology book from the shelves. He does not let Sally know what he’s doing, and asks for her birthday book. Before she pops out for some milk, he suggests she get some women’s magazines. He carries out his survey on the locals, asking them for the dates of their birthdays. Sally is getting restless while Vinnie’s working on his article on her computer. Vinnie tells her she should have a hobby.

Sam goes back to Kemp Road bridge, and decides to go further than Brian by doing his tag under his. Hayley is suspicious of Sam when he acts mysteriously. She thinks he may have done the tag, and Sam boasts of his tag being further down than Brian’s.

During the match, Tom keeps looking at the crowd for Justine. She hasn’t appeared. Tiegan finds her lying on the sofa at home. Justine’s excuse is that she has been doing some thinking. Tom is encouraged by the crowds. During half time in the match, he gets congratulations for hitting the wicket and scoring for Summer Bay. Later on, Joel has an argument with the captain about why Tom isn’t playing after the break. Summer Bay eventually wins the match, with Tom being Summer Bay’s best player. Gypsy and Will keep score, but have a few drinks. Tom and Gypsy are arguing about how many runs he has scored. He smells Gypsy’s breath and realises that she has been drinking. Natalie walks in during their argument, asking what they are fighting about. They do not tell her.

Fisher’s eyes are failing when he misses the action during the cricket match. His eyes get blurred while he is driving. Joel takes off after him and stops him. Fisher defends himself saying he never speeds. Joel is letting him off with a warning, but Fisher thinks that he’s right. He makes a smart comment and Joel asks for his licence…

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