Episode 2543

Australian Air Date: 3rd February 1999

Tom is picked up by an older woman. Has Rebecca joined high society or is she just a fish out of water? Is Fisher going blind?

First episode. Member of the Wednesday Club who helped introduce Rebecca.
Bodacious reporter from the Yabbie Creek Examiner. Took an instant liking to Tom following his cricket success.
Pompous Wednesday Club member who offered Rebecca food.

Extended Summary

Fisher is fined and returns home, telling Marilyn of the news. He hands her a ticket, saying that it’s for $150. Marilyn read at it and points out that it’s only for $80. She is shocked about Joel’s treatment of her husband, and suggests that she go to the police station to lodge a complaint against Joel. At the Diner, she sees Travis and Rebecca; she goes to Travis, complaining of Joel’s treatment of Fisher. At home, Fisher’s eyes are still blurring his vision. Marilyn asks him for his opinion on which material she should use; Fisher tells her, pointing to the wrong one. She is surprised by this, but ignores this. Marilyn takes the matter into her hands when she calls into the police station to lodge a complaint. Fisher tells her the truth about his eyes; he also tells her he has made an appointment with an optometrist. Marilyn asks her why he hasn’t told her. His reply is one of embarrassment.

As Tom is now the hero of Summer Bay, he has many admirers after him. He is talking to a number of girls, and flirting with them. Justine is staring at Tom non-stop. Tiegan asks her what’s up with her, especially as she was not interested in him while he was after her before; oddly, she is now interested in him. Justine says she is just watching how the girls throw themselves at Tom. Tiegan does not believe her, and comments on how Tom reminds Justine of Vinnie, because of the way Vinnie flirted with girls. Justine tells her this is not true.

Marilyn finds Geraldine, a chairperson of the Wednesday Club, in the Diner. Hoping she would invite her to the club, Marilyn tries to impress her, but to no avail when Geraldine tells her that her reason for looking for her is to arrange a facial. Geraldine is waiting for Rebecca, and meets her and Travis. Geraldine invites her to the afternoon tea at her house. Marilyn hears of the news, and offers to dress Rebecca up. Rebecca tells her there’s no need; being determined to get into the club, Marilyn insists that Rebecca let her dress her up. Rebecca is now dressed up, and feels silly. Marilyn insists she is OK. Even Travis remarks on her suit. Rebecca calls to Geraldine’s, and is introduced to the other ladies. She feels quite uncomfortable, especially when the ladies ask her awkward questions. She feels she is in a spot…

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