Episode 2544

Australian Air Date: 4th February 1999

Is Rebecca bending school rules? Gypsy gets tipsy and storms out of Fisher’s class. Things are looking up for Chloe and James.

Wednesday Club member who discussed fashions at the function.
Geraldine’s snobby Wednesday Club friend who dined at the Diner.

Extended Summary

Rebecca is feeling out of place. Geraldine asks her to do a favour. The favour is to organise a musical night. To ensure Rebecca would say yes, she points out that it is a charity fundraising event. Reluctantly, Rebecca agrees. Travis, after having a meal, tells her it’s time for their movie. She tells him she has to give it a miss as she has a lot of organising to do. He points out that she should be dropping everything, just because she has been asked to do something. He asks her what would the club do if she has not come along.

Irene comes back after a fruitless search in Yabbie Creek for Joey. Chloe offers to look, but Irene says there’s little point as she has looked high and low everywhere. At the Diner, Chloe has returned from the shops and thanks James for looking after Olivia. He suggests they go to an antique fair. Chloe tells him she would love to go. Back at home, she persuades Irene to come with them. Irene refuses her offer, as she feels she’d be imposing on them. James calls over, being informed by Chloe of her idea that Irene should tag along with them. James manages to convince her to come. After the fair, Irene is glad she has gone with them, as it helped her take her mind off Joey. The phone rings with Joey at the other end. Irene pleads to him to tell her of his whereabouts and not to hang up the phone. Despite her pleading, he hangs up without leaving any clue of his whereabouts.

At the Diner, Chloe is talking to Irene about James. Chloe says that there is no spark she feels for James as she did for Lachie, but says it’s not important as she likes him. Irene finds it hard to believe that when she says that you do not always have to have a spark in every relationship. Meanwhile, Jesse asks James how is his love life with Chloe going. They both have a conversation about Chloe. James says he may be misreading Chloe’s signals. Jesse tells him that Chloe does like James, and he’s not misreading her signals.

Will and Gypsy are ready to go to school. Travis offers them a lift, but they decline his offer. After he leaves, she takes him to the pantry, showing him a bottle of orangey liquid. She sniffs it, telling him it smells like straight vodka; they have some before school. Upon arrival into the classroom, they find that their class is left without a teacher – Rebecca. There is disorder in her class when students cause an uproar with their commotion. Gypsy and Will are so smashed; they talk ridiculously and laugh hard. Fisher walks into the classroom, asking questions. Later, she sees Rebecca who turns up eventually. Gypsy stand up; Fisher questions her. She comments that it’s such a beautiful day, and asks him what they are doing in the class on such a day. She asks Will is he coming with her. He refuses; she storms out of the classroom…

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