Episode 2545

Australian Air Date: 5th February 1999

Joel worries – is Gypsy losing it? Geraldine’s facade is finally broken. Sam puts himself in great danger. Chloe is concerned for Olivia’s health.

Brian’s dad. Busted Sam and Brian trying a dangerous tag.

Extended Summary

Gypsy goes to the Diner and is not feeling well. Joel drops into the Diner for Gypsy, saying that he has received a call from Fisher. He tells Travis that she should have stuck with her counselling. Travis points out that it is Gypsy’s choice. Natalie talks to Gypsy, but Gypsy does not tell her mother about the drink.

Chloe is working in the Diner when she gets a phone call from Irene about baby Olivia. Olivia is having problems when she grizzlies. Ailsa tells Chloe she can leave early. Chloe suggests to Irene that she call a different doctor. Irene tells her she should call James. Rather than imposing on James, she visits the doctor. James later find out that Chloe called another doctor, and Chloe tells him her reason that she does not want to impose on him. James asks to check Olivia. Chloe asks him what’s up with the Frasers – do they think they’re perfect doctors. He thinks there is a problem with Olivia when he hears a faint murmur in her heart. Being on the safe side, he tells Chloe she should have Olivia checked by a specialist. He’ll arrange an appointment with the specialist first thing in the morning. Chloe is starting to worry about Olivia. Irene tries to tell her that Olivia will be alright. She mentions that if it’s a serious problem, he would have sent her off to hospital.

Brian, being determined to join in the tagging gang up the coast, tells Sam that their next tag would have to be large. Sam is not really interested. Brian sees his lack of enthusiasm, asking him what’s the matter. Sam’s reason is that Hayley will be spewing about him tagging. Brian convinces Sam to come with him to tag a tower. Being scared by the thought of falling over the tower, Sam is reluctant to do any tagging. Brian persuades Sam to hold his ankles, warning him not to let him go. Both Brian and Sam are caught by Brian’s father. Sam is taken home by him. Marilyn is very angry with him. He persuades her to tell Fisher, otherwise he’ll go ballistic. Sam tries to tell her that he was actually trying to talk Brian out of it when they were caught. Marilyn says that if that it is the truth, she would promise not to tell her husband.

Geraldine calls Rebecca to see how she’s doing with her arrangements. She states that she likes to be kept informed of the events. She asks could she call over at six tonight. Being unsure, Rebecca says it’s OK. Geraldine asks her if they are having dinner, and practically invites herself. Travis is informed of another guest for dinner, and complains. She gets dressed, as does Travis. Unfortunately for Travis, he is not dressed properly, so Rebecca persuades him to wear a suit. She meets Marilyn at the school, asking her for a lend of a casserole dish. Marilyn is told that Geraldine is coming to dinner at the Nashes. She offers to do catering for Rebecca, hoping to get an invite. Rebecca tells her there’s no need, but Marilyn insists. Both Travis and Rebecca have the meal with Joel, Natalie and Gypsy, as well as Geraldine. The meal with does not well. Geraldine tells of her life story about her husband leaving her, and how her sons have turned against her. She warns that Gypsy may become like them and tells them to watch out for themselves. She breaks down, saying that if her family doesn’t care, why would the Nashes care, and starts sobbing…

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