Episode 2546

Australian Air Date: 8th February 1999

Geraldine sobers up and reverts to her nasty self. Is Olivia’s life in danger? Joey has found comfort in the arms of a woman.

First episode. Trippy girl Joey befriended during his disappearance. Brought her back with him to Irene’s and helped Joey undergo treatment.
Confirmed James’ suspicions to Chloe regarding Olivia’s condition.
Dodgy car repairman who tried to con Joel out of more money.
Dave’s dodgy mate who acted in a dodgy fashion.

Extended Summary

Geraldine apologises for her behaviour. Everyone is relieved when she finishes her life story. She decides to go to the bathroom, to freshen up. She arranges to call for a taxi, but Natalie suggests that Joel give her a lift home. Joel says there are problems with the car. Rebecca then offers to take her home.

Will calls to the Nashes to see Gypsy. Gypsy asks him has he taken his breakfast. Will replies he hasn’t; she suggests they have something she’s looking forward to: a champagne breakfast. Joel takes the car to Dave’s garage. Dave asks Joel about the problems with the car. Natalie is out for a jog on the road, when she passes a car, and is surprised to find Joel driving it. Natalie asks him where their car is. Joel tells her he had to leave it at the garage, as there is a problem with the diff, saying that the job would cost $800. Natalie and Rebecca head to the garage. Natalie asks them about the diff. Dave says that it has already been removed. She finds that he is lying, after discovering that the diff is not removed. She suggests that there may be a problem with the wheel bearing. Joel learns of Natalie’s actions at the garage.

Irene goes home and finds a lady’s bag on the table. She goes to find the owner and heads for the bathroom. She discovers that Joey is back – but he’s with a lady in the bathroom. The lady introduces herself as Kaia. Kaia tells Irene Joey has told her a lot about her. Irene, fearing that Joey told her bad things of her, mentions that she hopes they are all good. She is relieved that Joey hasn’t told her any bad things. Chloe persuades Irene to ring the police to tell them of Joey’s return. Irene refuses to, fearing that they’ll take him away. Being worried, Chloe warns her that he’ll never be OK until he gets help; he could harm someone in the house next. Will returns home with Gypsy, both drunken, but no-one notices this. He is glad to find Joey has returned home, and pats him hard on his shoulder. both Kaia and Joey are watching TV. Joey freaks out, saying that they have a satellite on him – Irene is baffled by his behaviour; she feels hurt when Kaia says that he won’t be harmed while he’s with her.

Chloe has an appointment at the hospital for 10am. Irene tells her she can leave her shopping to go with her. Chloe tells her she need not drop her plans; James will be there. Olivia is seen by a cardiology unit. The doctor fills her in of Olivia’s problems; she is told that Olivia’s heart has a narrow aorta which is not giving her the blood flow her heart needs, consequently, she may need to be operated on. Chloe is worried about the news, and stays with her at the hospital. Being really desperate, she prays for help, begging that Olivia be taken care of as God was not there for Lachie; Olivia is all she has got…

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