Episode 2547

Australian Air Date: 9th February 1999

Joey thinks he’s Superman. Has James found another woman? Is Vinnie up to his old tricks?

Helped prepare Olivia’s operation.
Informed Chloe of the successful operation on Olivia.

Extended Summary

James calls over to Irene’s. Joey asks Irene what James is doing there; he thinks he has come to take him away to hospital. James tells him he wants to see Irene. Joey leaves, and James hands Irene some pamphlets. Later on, Joey asks James to do some reading on neurosurgery; he has a radio inside his brain and asks James to operate on him to have it removed. James says he cannot do this; he’s not qualified to do this. Joey is relieved to find that James is not ‘one of them’, or is he? Irene is mystified by his utter nonsense. In his room, Joey is talking to Kaia about the changes; he thinks he’s the one making them. He then accuses her for making the changes; she is responsible for them. Kaia, being hurt by his comments, shouts at him to stop; she reminds him she is his friend, she wouldn’t harm him. Joey apologises to her.

Vinnie is still doing his horoscope article and is up to his usual tricks. He overhears everyone’s conversations and notes them down. The mail has arrived and Vinnie finds a letter for Sally from the tax office. Sally sees the mail in Vinnie’s hands, asking him is there any for her. He lies to her and puts notes into his article.

Joey and Kaia come to the Diner. Ailsa asks him how he’s doing. Joey says he wants a coffee; Kaia asks for two OJs. Alf asks Ailsa if she’ll be alright; he warns her Joey may turn violent. Ailsa says there’s no need for fretting; she suggests he talk to Joey to put his mind at rest. Joey tells Kaia they shouldn’t have come to the Diner as his mind is being read by everyone; he even says that the jukebox is playing his thoughts! She reassures that no one can read his mind; only he can. Alf asks Joey how’s he doing – Joey is being repetitive to Alf and talks nonsense about Alf being unable to read his mind. Kaia excuses herself; Joey dips his finger in the drink and thinks Ailsa’s trying to poison him. He loses his control, shouting at Ailsa and smashing a glass. Angrily, Ailsa tells him to get out. A furious Alf says that should he enter the Diner again, he’ll call the police. Ailsa points out that he is ill; Alf says that he should be in a hospital instead of terrifying people.

James is desperate and dateless for the ball; he invites Ailsa. Ailsa turns it down as she is going to the city. Chloe is at the hospital with Olivia. James assures Chloe that Olivia will be alright. Chloe points out that they said the same thing during Lachie’s operation. James is talking to one of his colleagues. Chloe asks him is she going to the ball. His reply is that he is not sure. He asks Chloe whether she minds him going to the ball on his own. Chloe says it’s OK. He is called away, so he could not be with her. Olivia is taken to the operating theatre. Chloe rings home, filling in the details to Irene. Irene asks her how she and Olivia is. Irene says that she should be there with Chloe; she cries, she thinks she is not doing things properly when she says she is not there for everyone. Chloe reassures her that it’s not Irene’s fault. James asks his colleague to let Chloe know that he’ll be back as soon as he can.

Kaia runs after Joey – he is on the edge of a cliff; his arms up in the air. He runs home to tell Irene that he has fantastic news. A beaming Irene has her ears ready. Joey has discovered his powers; he claims to be Superman! Irene is gets more baffled when Joey says that no one must know of this; Irene’s life would be in danger if she breaks her promise. He goes on to say that everyone cannot go near him now…

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