Episode 2548

Australian Air Date: 10th February 1999

Irene has renewed hope for Joey. Is Sam the cause of his mate’s death? James surprises Chloe.

Final episode. Died a horrific death after falling from the building while graffitiing.
Counsellor and former schizophrenia patient who helped Irene.
Surfing mate of Sam’s who held him up from meeting with Brian.

Extended Summary

Irene is baffled by Joey’s claims of him being Superman, so she rings someone for help, and arranges to meet her. She finds Maureen in the diner. Fortunately for Irene, Maureen understands Joey’s problems and claims that he may be suffering from schizophrenia. Maureen talks about the problems, helping Irene to understand the nature of this mental disease.

She asks Kaia to keep an eye on Joey. Kaia asks Joey to play the stereo without the headphones and goes for a shower. Irene returns and panics when she finds Joey has disappeared and blames Kaia for not keeping her eye on him. She points out to her that Joey is a danger to himself and others and he must have help soon. The phone rings; Irene tells Alf she is too busy. Alf only wants to let her know Joey’s at the Diner. At the Diner, Joey is hiding being a barricade of tables stacked up. Alf brings him a sandwich. Joey asks him as to its ingredients before yelling at him, demanding him to eat it. Alf refuses and lashes out at him as to why he ordered it if he wouldn’t eat it.

Chloe is still at the hospital. James pops in, and finds her asleep. He puts a blanket over her. He is interrupted by his pager, and is called away. James drops over again; he has his suit with him. He asks her whether she minds him going with another partner. She says it’s fine and tells him to enjoy it; he is looking forward to it. Chloe is tired and longs for company. James reappears at the hospital; he is wearing a black suit. He calls into Chloe. Chloe says she thought he’d be at the ball. James says that he couldn’t go while Chloe’s there alone. He says that if he can’t go to the ball, he can bring it. He brings in the food; he has ordered food from Paris to be flown.

Irene and Kaia rush there and are gobsmacked by what Joey has done. Joey says that they know of his powers. He also claims that Irene is ‘one of them’, with a radio and transmitters. Irene tries to talk to Joey, saying that he needs help. Joey begs to Irene: no hospitals. Kaia asks him does he trust her. Joey replies that he does. She then points out that there’s no ‘them’ and that Irene is not ‘one of them’. She manages to take Joey away from the tables.

Brian asks Sam in front of Hayley to come with him as he wants to go back to the same place to tag. Hayley tells him that he is an idiot as the place is to dangerous. Sam says no. Later on, when he arrives home, he makes a phone call to Brian to let him know that he will come and arranges to meet him; he couldn’t say yes in front of Hayley. Sam goes surfing after school. When he’s ready to go, his mate asks him to go back for a few more waves. Sam agrees; meanwhile, Brian is waiting for him. Brian starts his tag without Sam. He drops one of his spray cans, and falls. Sam is finished surfing, and finds a gathering at the place. He finds Brian on the ground. He returns home; he is greeted with a lecture from a furious, but worried, Fisher, who tells him of the latest news on the radio: a local boy has hurt himself after falling from a high building and has died on the way to the hospital…

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